Okay so…lets get this show on the road.

Pride has got to be my favourite JDrama personally, and also probably my favourite over any drama I have seen. I found this drama alot more down to earth than some dramas I have laid eyes on. Okay, so maybe seeing an ‘ice goddess’ is perhaps far fetched and a Japanese man helping his team win 7 games in a row BUT I found those things the only things that were over the top and they were only small matters (in my opinion).

This drama entails a love relationship that starts off as a game to both the main characters. Halu proposes the idea to Aki which she agrees to reluctantly after waiting for too long for her love that she hasn’t seen in 3 years. Thus begins the long and winding road for true love, as time passes and these two people spend time together they fall for each other without realizing it and this creates problems when Aki’s boyfriend suddenly reappears. Halu begins to think less and less of his favorite past time and replaces it with Aki in his heart without thinking about it, when things begin to crash down for them realization hits them both. Together they have to cross the bridge stood before them, with the help of their close friends.

Halu played by Takuya Kimura seemed like a very mysterious character and I had excitement in trying to figure him out (not to mention really good looking for a middle aged man) because most actors and their parts can be read like a book. I loved his acting and thats how I came to know of how famous Takuya Kimura actually was in Japan. His acting I found superb and he looked very into the character he was portraying. Aki played by Yuko Takuechi a very convincing actress in her part and also she seemed to fit well with Takuya Kimura (in a plain sort of way). So the two main protagonists acted really well and both of them gave off a really good vibe from my point of view.


The drama itself, I found I had to watch it in a huge marathon and all at once. I kept needing to feed my addiction. The two main characters worked really well with eachother, even though their personalities were altogether totally different, Halu mellowed down and became much more open to other peoples feelings. Aki became less of a woman that you can walk all over and stood up for herself. So both characters developed and changed as the series went on. In some parts I left myself feeling really sorry for Halu and his situation with Aki. For Aki I did sympathise with to an extent but at on point at the end of one episode my feelings turned due to such a cliffhanger and left me wanting to poke her eyes out. Since there always has to be a climax in anything otherwise you wouldn’t get a satisfying storyline. The love story at first just a game became something really meaningful to the two of them, and without realising it they became attached. Which I find is really cute, not at all sappy but definately cute, since the two obviously are oblivious but the supporting roles get exactly what is going on. I liked how it wasn’t completely centered over Aki and Halu but there were side stories of other people. Like extra stories on Halu’s behalf and Aki’s, including the supporting roles where they had their own problems and feelings to tend do.

Different parts of the drama I found myself nail biting, which I hardly EVER do, so that has to count for something. Even though this isn’t a thriller I think the emotional tension in this drama left me almost cringing. I cried and I felt like I was actually there watching it, I felt for the characters and put myself into their shoes. I felt that for some people in reality this type of love story could actually happen. Maybe without the hockey and ‘ice goddess’ parts but the idea of the love story seems as though it could just be true for maybe a few.

SO altogether I found this absolutely fantastic, it wouldn’t be my favourite drama if it was any less. The story did have quite a satisfying ending though I wish I could have seen more. I absolutely adored the main actor and actress, and at the end I found myself overwhelmed on a whole. So I greatly recommend this drama to anyone, if you like an odd romance (: