I watched Mars last year during a holiday as I was new and fresh to watching asian drama, it was one of the first and one of the most memorable. I rewatched it again after Iljimae in my easter holidays, as I kept hearing the soundtrack anywhere I went (must have been telling me something :D) So I rewatched it, I even had to replay sections that I absolutely adored. Which is quite..sad. After that I have now bought the DVD as over the internet you never know if its going to stay there for long. So as the drama is still very fresh in my mind. Review time!

I loved all of the tension in the drama, I was on edge literally all of the time. It is a dark, brooding and psycological drama, it is quite complex due to the dark pasts that the two main characters had was really intriguing to watch as it unfolded before me. Since the huge burst of Taiwanese dramas, Mars is definately one of the best ones that has been released since and much better than Meteor Garden, in my opinion. It is much more emotionally deep, as I watched it, it seemed very dream like but at the same time serious and seemed as though this sort of thing could indeed happen. This drama is not for the light heartened, it  has complexity, even with the love story it runs along it also portrays the lives of what people do have to live sometimes, it doesn’t just focus on the two main characters love story, but of other supporting roles. Even in the first episode, I was glued to the screen, in my opinion the first episode set the scene really well, it didn’t give away too much all at once and it wasn’t at all predictable, I found that created the basis of a brilliant drama.

I absolutely loved, the chemistry build up between the two charachters, the two main actors completely took over the roles with flying colours. Ling (Vic Zhou) a carefree, dare devil, playboy with a deep dark past that he seems to keep upon his shoulers and doesn’t recollect much of it. Qi Luo (Barbie Xiu) a withdrawn, shy and traumatised with a past that haunts her as well as Ling’s. Together they heal eachother in this quite astounding love story of their ups and downs and them slowly picking up the pieces for one another. I loved the mix of characters in the drama, the different types of people they come across from their past and people in the future. I even loved how the two main characters are completely opposite yet they attract each other like magnets, learning to heal each other and their weaknesses to make each other a better person and a changed person at that. Ling’s violent temper cools down, his playboy attitude wiped clean to make a nice and kind boy with a protection over the girl he loves.  Qi Luo breaks out of her shell and becomes a lot more sociable she gets used to the others around her and begins to voice how she feels rather than bottle it within herself.


I liked how both characters were in one way or another talented, for instance Qi Luo was amazing at art, the paintings were really breathtaking (especially the one of ling) and Ling a motorbike rider and to be honest..when he went under that truck I fell in love with the actor (LOL even if it was a stunt double?). Immense driving if you ask me. I like how they are both hurting inside, and they pick each other out of all the others, at first Qi Luo hates men and is more scared of Ling due to his playboy attitude. It’s really sweet how Ling picks her out all due to a photo of something she couldn’t have, and began to ease her from her pain as she did to him. I nearly cried at some points as they were so touching.

This drama is an adaptation of a manga series called MARS, I read parts and found that in fact it followed it quite closely, which is pleasing as some dramas just completely abandon the real point of the manga/drama, and that is quite a shame. Whereas this one did please me. From start to finish I thoroughly enjoyed it, even with the supporting roles with their own little stories I enjoyed them just as much. There wasn’t just straight forward love story, all fine a bubbly, it was a sensitive and very pure love. Not just that emotion, but violence and emotional rollercoasters, made this drama a great success. Half of the time I wished I could be in there, or felt I actually was a part of it, it just felt realistic to me.

So, in the end I quite honestly adored this drama, I was intrigued and interesting from the moment I pressed the play button. I fell in love with the storyline and the characters at that. Everything fit together perfectly well, the producer and director really pulled off a fascinating Taiwanese drama. It hurtled two of the most popular actors of Taiwan today to the top. So, I greatly recommend this drama to anyone up for mixed emotions and a psycological rollercoaster (: