Okay, I may be young but not too long ago I felt a sudden urge to read Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. I began to get curious about her work a while ago as my mum (random I know) said about them and I also remember in the middle of Tescos (LOL) seeing the DVD. So while I was moving into my new room I found Pride & Prejudice in a box full of books so I took it out and just sat down and read. To be quite honest…I was blown away.

The book is a very traditional and old romance novel, nothing sexual or rude at all, just true love in its purest form. No physical contact, apart from the dancing BUT don’t be put off by it. The attraction is absolutely mind blowing. I found it really intriguing how just by dancing and a few moments together true love takes its course, unlike today when everything is rushed and over in split seconds. This book actually savors and goes into detail the feelings and emotions of these well loved characters. I also love anything that shows a hate relationship that becomes a love relationship. Pride & Prejudice to my great satisfaction was one of those that spurred from a great huge mishap from the very beginning on both sides. It is about a family of 5 young women with a absolute nutcracker of a mother and a very mellow and quiet father. Their mother is trying to marry them off, (as back in those days women didn’t have equality to men) otherwise if their father had died they would no longer have a place to live as neither of the 5 daughters were to inherit their little estate. It shows mainly the love story between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, which I call a ‘beautiful mistake’ 🙂 Their attraction to each other is obvious at the very start, and it is almost frustrating at some points during the book as their dislike for each other that spurs from tales from other people gets too far out of hand. Aside from Elizabeth and Darcy’s love story, it tells of Lizzy’s sister Jane and Mr. Bingley, whom takes a liking to Jane and thus begins a side relationship between these two characters, though due to Lizzy’s and Mr. Darcy’s odd hate towards each other creates problems for this cute couple as the story goes on.


During the book these two take on a number of problems, Lizzy who takes a liking to Mr. Wickham, at the beginning of the book doesn’t turn out too well as through Mr. Darcy, she realizes just what type of man he really is. Mr. Darcy has to attend to his fiery and very independent aunt (Catherine de Bourgh) who has a small disliking to Lizzy due to her being very opinionated and outspoken for a young lady which she shouldn’t be. Lydia; Lizzy’s younger sister and youngest in the family runs into trouble of her own, yet as these problems surface for these two, this is what brings them closer and closer together. Lizzy’s visit at Pemberley; Mr. Darcy’s home was a great impact for her and she soon comes to realize how she feels for the man.

The characters in the book, I have to admit I absolutely loved. Mr. Darcy a cold and pretty arrogant man along side a warm and very independent Elizabeth really impacted the both of them. Their chemistry was amazing, their stupid petty arguments really made me giggle and then sometimes made me bite my nails as the story began to unravel, I have to admit I was frustrated with both of their stupidness as they were so oblivious >.> Two completely different characters, attracted without even realizing it became completely drawn to one another, they both changed from learning about each other and made them to be honest a perfect couple. I liked how Mr. Darcy a handsome and rich young man with back in those days a really good wage falls for a pure, fiery and plain girl because of her personality and not for her appearance, I think that was really nice and teaches the reader a lot about what searching for a loved one should entail rather than looking for a great looking person instead of their lovely personality.

So, altogether this book left me breathless, now I know why Jane Austen’s books are still around today, I love them so much I am currently reading another of her books; Emma. Which I will post a review after I have done, but I have other drama’s to rewatch so I can write reviews on them and some movies I wish to review aswell. Anyway, Pride & Prejudice, if you like love/hate relationship and a complex story from old and traditional times then I highly recommend it. Even if your young, I’m 15 years of age and I coped and I absolutely love the book, so give it a try 🙂