Okay so, I have currently finished up to episode 4, so far of Jiro Wang (Mars) I do have a good impression of him but he could tone down some of his acting as in parts it does go a bit over border, not much but I could see it. It seems to me quite a typical love/hate relationship with a typical boy meets girl storyline, with the twist of superstar meets an agorophobic girl. When I watched it I saw a mix of DBY and Smiling Pasta; a warm feeling, a slow flowering romance with a slight love triangle (Smiling Pasta feel) and then with the problems that stands in the two’s way to get happiness and the protectiveness over eachother (a DBY feeling). Rainie (Momo) played a completely different character from her last drama (Miss No Good) and she seems quite versatile with the ability to change into each different characters shoes. I found Jiro (Mars) quite entertaining as he pulled off the pompous popstar really well (some of the costumes Mars (Jiro) has to wear I found really amusing, especially the skinnies as they were like a second skin and in bright bold colours, I’m surprised they didn’t tear or anything during filming LOL).


Already there is a small understanding between the two, and an obvious liking for eachother, just as usual absolutely oblivious to it. To me the rivalry and the love triangle is a bit weak as it is clear on who the victor is but all the same there is going to be some rivalry which I can’t wait for. Obstacles are eagerly awaiting the two which I can see all the way from the start of the drama, as he is a star he’s bound to land himself in something. Again, complete opposite characters to eachother yet they compliment eachother in the weirdest of ways, personally a very typical romantic/comedy drama, but all the same it is indeed enjoyable. In the drama, the stubborn side of Mars is getting mellowed even in the beginning, he isn’t as rash as before due to the influence of Momo, even if the love relationship is taking the short course the changes in the people is evident. A very slow paced story, which I like especially in this case otherwise it wouldn’t make much of  a storyline of it was all in an instant there wouldn’t be any other story to go on and I’d find it boring.

Between the two main characters the humour is really entertaining for me to watch, as I really do find it funny between them. They both wind eachother up without realising, but yet they expect encouragement and only eachothers insults or meaningful words affect them which is obvious as its a love story but still its amusing to watch. Jia Sen (George Hu) I’m afraid he has already gotten on my nerves, yes I understand that he has to play the part of a boy with a mental disability but he is just way too protective and selfish of Momo’s attention which is obviously going to irritate me as I root for Momo & Mars. The supporting roles so far also are keeping me quite amused especially Yi Zhi (Jin Qin) he’s just funny as a person which is reassuring for the rest of the drama. I will update and keep everyone up to date.