This is the new airing drama that stars Yang Cheng Lin (Rainie). I have seen quite a few of her dramas, and I must say she is a nice actress to watch, this is the first drama I have ever seen Jiro Wang in so I hope he makes a good first impression. Anyway, I was keeping my eye on ToGetHer and since now there is around 10 episodes updated I will watch, usually I prefer to watch a completed drama but this one I can’t wait for and I will put up a few posts until I finish reviewing. This drama I will take a bit more slowly and not watch them like a marathon. My first impressions of this drama is on a level, I like the fact she has abnormal behaviour and is different from other girls, and Mars (Jiro Wang) at first doesn’t like the idea at all but warms to her and stops being such a stuck up pompous ass. So on with the first episode (: