Right, I am back and have watched to episode…6, yes slow sorryy! anyway, things have started to get a little bit more on track between Momo and Mars :O and I know this is a little bit late into the review..I love the opening song as well as the whole opening its really light and fluffy..anyway… they are now acknowledging their feelings for eachother but still are uncertain whether they really like eachother or if its just a fleeting moment. As I watched I saw the rivalry between Jia Sen and Mars quite funny, it was more or less childs play than actual love rivals (in the supermarket) I just laughed. I like the relationship between Mars and Yi Zhi (especially when they went shopping I couldn’t stop giggling). In these two episodes I wondered why Momo’s sister just left her…WHY WHY WHY? I know due to financial difficulties but still, couldn’t she take her with her or stick by her instead of run off to let Momo fend for herself?! I felt so sorry for Momo going through that, and then her sister comes back at the WRONG time, when they were about to kiss. Grrr…anyway, the acting from Jiro has definately improved, and I love it when he played his guitar…only if he had sung! Rainie has fit into her role as Momo really well and it is definately hotting up its absolutely blatent, but they are too embarassed to mention it to one another incase of rejection 😦 therefore, so far I have to admit I’m enjoying it for what it is, a cute romantic comedy drama, and it is really nice and gives me the warm fuzzy feelings (: