May 2009

Oh My Days, I couldn’t wait to review this, I was on the edge of my chair writing my notes and watching! So, I have now got time to review a full account. Due to my last review being really mismatched and completely random, due to my notes being fully skew whiff, I made a detailed account so I could remember. So, here goes..

As I watched this drama, I noticed that the other characters are very acceptable for their supporting roles, they gave me a really eery feeling, which fit really well with the drama’s plotline. In the previous review, I forgot to mention about Chief Cheng (I think)..he is so suspicious, from the previous episode. I’m beginning to dislike him, and I feel a bit sorry for the duo as they are trying so hard in their case.

The comedy and the way Vic (Pi Zi) portrays it is so funny (his car boot with a bag full of guns) he is so dense and naive, it makes it all the more funny, even though the jokes are cracked at the wrong moment, it just seems to fit in with the personalities of the characters. On from that note, Pi Zi, is becoming more and more into his status of a policeman, and he actually does something on his own for once, in a way it shows that he can be independant if needs be..but I wouldn’t put any money on him, he’s as clumsy as anything..but it’s cute (unfortunately as always it goes wrong, as usual..but oh my god, Hero knows how to sweet talk when he wants ;)!)

I still found it absolutely hilarious between the two, when they try and do something together and be a team and they go about them in the strangest of ways (putting Chen Lin’s phone in the bin?!). Their personalities completely compliment eachother really well, as sometimes opposites do attract (but by god, Pi Zi has huge erratic mood changes, he can turn them on and off at his will, he just broke out crying for the information off the..’supposed’ murderer of Lin Ke Le). I also.. like the logic in the drama, as usually I don’t watch these types of dramas but I find that this drama is making me think whereas usually the plot of a drama, to obvious when I’ve watched the first 2 episodes. The action goes really well and it’s not at all over the top like some dramas, the special effects seem quite minimal which is good for the viewer as it isn’t at all tacky in my personal opinion, as some dramas I have seen has been like that.

Okay, so Chen Lin likes Hero AND Pi Zi? Oh My God!@!. I still find the relationship square so compliated and I can’t even work it out, the assumption I made last time seems feasable, but jeez it’s getting even more out of hand. Ughh and it’s actually frustrating me a bit.

vic zhou

BUT! The plot is thickening , and I still can’t figure out where Chief Lin and Chief Cheng? comes into this storyline as it is obvious that San Lian Organization has a huge link to the story plt, but Chief Lin and Chief Cheng are really suspicious but I can’t find a link. I loved actually finding out who the Chairman of San Lian was but he was in the kitching? Feeding Pi Zi and Hero? I thought he was a mega nice gentleman to be honest, but first impressions can sometimes be decieving (but LOL at Pi Zi’s smug face when leaving the Chairman’s kitchen). For obvious reasons, I feel like Vic’s past is definately related to the Chairman and that organization..and OMG..the man at the hotdog stand was Da Ya in Mars! I can’t belive that hotdog man :L has something to do with this, like killing Lin Ke Le, he had that tattoo on his arm!

So, I am still suspicious of  the two Chiefs’ as they seem scared by what Pi Zi and Hero are digging up, and their expressions are hiding something, as I have now reviewed this I’m beginning to watch ToGetHer, so to catch up on those reviews as the drama is finished now! Oh dear! Better get my skates on, watch out for the new review of Black & White episodes coming in the next few days and ToGetHer!


Well, I am fully up to date with Black & White, to be honest my eyes were glued to it and I could hardly write any notes at all! Well here’s the recent review of episodes 5-6!

Pi Zi definately does have a past, just he can’t fully remember what he actually got himself into, he just remembers that one girl that helped him, the occasional flashback is the only lead he has on knowing exactly who he is, but what I can’t get over is he got a new face?! Hero Wu, is slowly becoming accustomed to his new partner and they are beginning to understand eachother, but the little arguments they get into still make me laugh, due to being complete and utter opposites. The plot that involves both policeman is thickening and making things much more mysterious and exciting, and the start blew me away as it started with a bang and it isn’t giving me any disappointment at all. Chen Lin’s character is becoming more and more obvious as to her background; a good girl in a family with a bad reputation, is what it is coming across as. The action in the film, is quite awesome and along side a humour that fits it in the most awkward of times makes it all the better. To be honest, the actors fully take the characters and make it their own. I am still amazed at how well Mark is acting for his first drama, he isn’t wooden at all in his acting but flows perfectly into character, and Vic takes it as he goes and it just makes the show fully click into place.

The love triangle, has become a love SQUARE?! It is so muddled though, as each person sees it differently and gets the wrong impression, funnily enough Pi Zi is completely oblivious as always as to what is going on while the others can feel the acute emotions. What I don’t understand is, why Hero Wu lied to Chen Lin about the piggyback ride? That makes the love square even more confusing for me. I love the chemistry between Pi Zi and Chen Lin, it is definately something for me to keep my eye on, as it develops, they are both attracted to eachother, like magnets. The relationship between Hero and Chen Lin is going to create annoyance problems for me, but the one between him and Lan Xi Ying, I’m not as sure on as Pi Zi and Chen Lin, but it seems to be moving somewhere. Pi Zi and Lan Xi Ying? It better not happen >.<!



Basically, I think… Hero likes Lan Xi Ying, but he thinks she likes Pi Zi, but she doesn’t she actually does like Hero, Pi Zi is slowly being drawn into liking Chen Lin, but he thinks Chen Lin likes Hero but she doesn’t she is slowly being attracted to Pi Zi. Lan Xi Ying also thinks Chen Lin likes Hero, and Chen Lin also thinks Lan Xi Ying likes Pi Zi. See how confusing this love square is?! AND Chen Lin likes Hero a bit too, oh and Pi Zi does like Lan Xi Ying a bit. OMG I’m totally confused.


Okay, sorry my reviews for this have been so slow, but I have been busy recently with moch exams :(. Anyhow, currently have watched to episode 8! Yes! I am getting there! Hehe! On with the review…

To me, it’s blatent Momo and Mars LIKE eachother, but even if Mars is a bold person, it’s obvious he’s shy and Momo’s characteristic is that she is shy. Mars’ feelings towards Momo are right in front of Momo’s eyes but she does seem a bit dense to notice it, she is slowly catching on as she feels the same way too so she notices more as to whats around her. I have to admit the chemistry between the two main characters are awesome and I love how they are becoming more and more like their character and actually putting more hard work into it. Unfortunately guys, Rainie’s wig is beginning to irritate me like it did in Miss No Good (BLXH). As, I much prefer her natural hair, but I admit the hairstyle for the character suits, it’s just a bit annoying.

As I watch this drama, I begin to get more and more irritant of Jia Sen…I understand he has to act that way and with the mental problem, but all I can say is that he is doing a good job in the department of annoying me at the good acting, but in relation to the drama, he is so stuck on Momo and protective, it’s like she’s constantly having to watch him, like his actual mother should be doing. He’s FULL of jealousy and the way he reacts to this is so immature, I mean some eight year old children can have some self control =.= I have to admit on the other hand…his ideas are so cute and his confession at that BUT can’t seem to put it out there properly and as he can see the attraction between the two he should learn to let go, since love isn’t just about getting the person you like it is also sacrificing for that person, being unrequited or not. The personality clash between the two love rivals, definately make me laugh to watch the two trying so hard, and Momo is having to cope with two lovestruck men, and tries not to encourage either in their antics. When they both compete against eachother doing the sporting activities, made me see them both as childish, I couldn’t help it but they really were, but I guess when one is lovestruck they are willing to do anything.

Anyway, off of the lovey dovey bit, and onto the relationship between Mars and his mum, I have to admit it was cute, but very emotional. The way Mars always had to proove his worth to her made me feel a bit odd, since most mothers are proud with anything their child does well, but I guess she’s just pushing him to excel in life. When she left, the letter almost made me cry 😦 the way the characters acted, showed me it was a heart felt moment, and his memories even if he was pushed to work hard they were mega cute and showed me a great love between mother and son as usually, it’s between daughter or mother or father and son or daughter and father in the dramas I see, so it was a slight change for me. Continuing, I absolutely LOVE Mumu, it’s such a cute doll, and when he was holding it, I saw a cute and cuddly side to Mars’ personality which made me smile, and it adds to the humour how protective he is of that teddy (:

At the end of the day, I feel Momo is being forced to do things she really shouldn’t have to do, and because of Jia Sen’s mum, I’m frustrated that Momo can’t voice her own feelings and leaves Mars all confused and pulled around everywhere. The new girl, played by Tiffany Xu, sorry but I already don’t like her :s I know it’s judgemental but whenever a new girl is brought in it’s a love square or a love obstacle :/ I feel we’re in for a windy road!