Well, I am fully up to date with Black & White, to be honest my eyes were glued to it and I could hardly write any notes at all! Well here’s the recent review of episodes 5-6!

Pi Zi definately does have a past, just he can’t fully remember what he actually got himself into, he just remembers that one girl that helped him, the occasional flashback is the only lead he has on knowing exactly who he is, but what I can’t get over is he got a new face?! Hero Wu, is slowly becoming accustomed to his new partner and they are beginning to understand eachother, but the little arguments they get into still make me laugh, due to being complete and utter opposites. The plot that involves both policeman is thickening and making things much more mysterious and exciting, and the start blew me away as it started with a bang and it isn’t giving me any disappointment at all. Chen Lin’s character is becoming more and more obvious as to her background; a good girl in a family with a bad reputation, is what it is coming across as. The action in the film, is quite awesome and along side a humour that fits it in the most awkward of times makes it all the better. To be honest, the actors fully take the characters and make it their own. I am still amazed at how well Mark is acting for his first drama, he isn’t wooden at all in his acting but flows perfectly into character, and Vic takes it as he goes and it just makes the show fully click into place.

The love triangle, has become a love SQUARE?! It is so muddled though, as each person sees it differently and gets the wrong impression, funnily enough Pi Zi is completely oblivious as always as to what is going on while the others can feel the acute emotions. What I don’t understand is, why Hero Wu lied to Chen Lin about the piggyback ride? That makes the love square even more confusing for me. I love the chemistry between Pi Zi and Chen Lin, it is definately something for me to keep my eye on, as it develops, they are both attracted to eachother, like magnets. The relationship between Hero and Chen Lin is going to create annoyance problems for me, but the one between him and Lan Xi Ying, I’m not as sure on as Pi Zi and Chen Lin, but it seems to be moving somewhere. Pi Zi and Lan Xi Ying? It better not happen >.<!



Basically, I think… Hero likes Lan Xi Ying, but he thinks she likes Pi Zi, but she doesn’t she actually does like Hero, Pi Zi is slowly being drawn into liking Chen Lin, but he thinks Chen Lin likes Hero but she doesn’t she is slowly being attracted to Pi Zi. Lan Xi Ying also thinks Chen Lin likes Hero, and Chen Lin also thinks Lan Xi Ying likes Pi Zi. See how confusing this love square is?! AND Chen Lin likes Hero a bit too, oh and Pi Zi does like Lan Xi Ying a bit. OMG I’m totally confused.