Okay, sorry my reviews for this have been so slow, but I have been busy recently with moch exams :(. Anyhow, currently have watched to episode 8! Yes! I am getting there! Hehe! On with the review…

To me, it’s blatent Momo and Mars LIKE eachother, but even if Mars is a bold person, it’s obvious he’s shy and Momo’s characteristic is that she is shy. Mars’ feelings towards Momo are right in front of Momo’s eyes but she does seem a bit dense to notice it, she is slowly catching on as she feels the same way too so she notices more as to whats around her. I have to admit the chemistry between the two main characters are awesome and I love how they are becoming more and more like their character and actually putting more hard work into it. Unfortunately guys, Rainie’s wig is beginning to irritate me like it did in Miss No Good (BLXH). As, I much prefer her natural hair, but I admit the hairstyle for the character suits, it’s just a bit annoying.

As I watch this drama, I begin to get more and more irritant of Jia Sen…I understand he has to act that way and with the mental problem, but all I can say is that he is doing a good job in the department of annoying me at the good acting, but in relation to the drama, he is so stuck on Momo and protective, it’s like she’s constantly having to watch him, like his actual mother should be doing. He’s FULL of jealousy and the way he reacts to this is so immature, I mean some eight year old children can have some self control =.= I have to admit on the other hand…his ideas are so cute and his confession at that BUT can’t seem to put it out there properly and as he can see the attraction between the two he should learn to let go, since love isn’t just about getting the person you like it is also sacrificing for that person, being unrequited or not. The personality clash between the two love rivals, definately make me laugh to watch the two trying so hard, and Momo is having to cope with two lovestruck men, and tries not to encourage either in their antics. When they both compete against eachother doing the sporting activities, made me see them both as childish, I couldn’t help it but they really were, but I guess when one is lovestruck they are willing to do anything.

Anyway, off of the lovey dovey bit, and onto the relationship between Mars and his mum, I have to admit it was cute, but very emotional. The way Mars always had to proove his worth to her made me feel a bit odd, since most mothers are proud with anything their child does well, but I guess she’s just pushing him to excel in life. When she left, the letter almost made me cry 😦 the way the characters acted, showed me it was a heart felt moment, and his memories even if he was pushed to work hard they were mega cute and showed me a great love between mother and son as usually, it’s between daughter or mother or father and son or daughter and father in the dramas I see, so it was a slight change for me. Continuing, I absolutely LOVE Mumu, it’s such a cute doll, and when he was holding it, I saw a cute and cuddly side to Mars’ personality which made me smile, and it adds to the humour how protective he is of that teddy (:

At the end of the day, I feel Momo is being forced to do things she really shouldn’t have to do, and because of Jia Sen’s mum, I’m frustrated that Momo can’t voice her own feelings and leaves Mars all confused and pulled around everywhere. The new girl, played by Tiffany Xu, sorry but I already don’t like her :s I know it’s judgemental but whenever a new girl is brought in it’s a love square or a love obstacle :/ I feel we’re in for a windy road!