August 2009

Okay, what I’m planning on doing with this drama is splitting it into two sections, not two by two episodes, but bigger chunks. I have so far completed three episodes of reviews on this drama, and I will do another five or more in the next chunk, rather than go into detail I will give in brackets references on the episodes I talk about and briefly talk on it so that you don’t have too many spoilers as I can indeed get carried away with myself and so then you also know what episodes I’m speaking of and in sense look forward to that certain episode and that scene, without too much knowing. So, on we go…

The beginning of this drama was a bit confusing, as it jumped straight in without a kind of background behind anything as before some dramas actually do have the first part of the starting episode with actually getting to know each character individually THEN they stumble into eachother, where as this one started off with both of them clashing in the first part of the drama I’d say. I’d grasped that the 80 year old grandad was taken to hospital after an accident and the rest of the family are so greedy and heartless after their way of upbringing, which can only blamed upon himself. Now they want the inheritance of a huge company and either of the sons being the successor of this huge company.

The dramas opening, I liked – Chen Qiao En (Joe Chen) has got a lot prettier I think and Blue Lan…is just yummy. The acting is satisfying so far it’s just they need to get into the shoes of their characters a little bit more to really hit it off, Blue’s acting sets off really well, the cold demeanor, his appearance and how he presents himself is very convincing and how he acts and plays his part very well for a newish actor. The parents of Yan Yang (the characters) I find are already irritating me, their movements, their lines and the ways they present themselves are so blatantly over the top that it looks as though their acting is forced, but it is amusing in that respect.


I can’t believe whilst at the hospital (referring to Ep 1) the grandfather is in there almost on his death bed, and can hear the family outside, being so greedy and wanted his inheritance over caring for a family member that is so close to death, I think that’s really shameful. I think it’s really nice and caring of Fu An, to go in there and help the grandfather with her herbal medicines as she thinks it’s cold hearted and that no one deserves to die. In the beginning there is also a vague link between the older generation of characters, which seems quite interesting, as whilst she is helping him (referring to Ep 1) the memory of Chun Xiang is a spitting image of Fu An, which is Pi Dan and Fu An’s grandmother. I find the past between the two interesting in a way. I love how courageous she is for standing up to the family, not caring about the social status of the family. At least there is an intriguing story with a base to work with. I think it’s nice of the old man, he seems rather cheerful towards Fu An, and how he’s bent on repaying a debt to Chun Xiang, I understand the link between the two a little better now, just ironic how they’re both splitting images of the two main characters, probably to make it seem as though the past is repeating itself. Anthony (the dog) is so cute, and Fu An’s brother Pi Dan awww chubby and cute :L Chun Xiang the grandmother is also the grandmother from Fated to Love You. Aww she has cancer 😦 I think thats really harsh for such a poor family, though in a way it’s kind of predictable, yet very intriguing.

I find it so lovely of Fu An, to be keeping the bell that Wang Cai gave to Chun Xiang, to preserve his memory for her grandma. The kiss in the memory is cute I think πŸ™‚ and I love the backing song :O I can’t believe that one of the memories of Wang Cai; the watch she wants to pawn, but I think Chun Xiang realizes it’s as though the watch is part of her so it’d be too hard to sell, and Fu An is so optimistic, I had hoped they’d meet each other before she was overcome by the cancer. They way she had raised Fu An and Pi Dan, I thought was really good, I loved her teachings and with nothing she raised them to realize they had everything; a family and love. The link between the two grandparents becomes a lot clearer when you understand the grandpas side, and I can’t believe what he did to Chun Xiang, how he used her for his own personal gain, what an ass to play with a young females emotions. At least he’s beginning to repent for the wrong he did by her, but I can’t get over that his own daughter wants to see the back of him, and her husband too – he’s also the uncle from My Lucky Star!


Eugh, Da Feng’s girlfriend is such a cow, and a total gold digger, what’s even weirder is he knows it just as much as she does. What an odd but evil pair, but he can definitely kiss. Oh god, I can’t believe his girlfriend told that poor lottery man, that she’s going to have that money…seriously she thinks so much of herself.Da Feng’s girlfriend, really just loves making everything worse, she’s a conniving cow and obsessed with money. She seems like she just can’t let go of something but she’s the sort that full of evil, deceit and revenge. Haha, it’s funny when Fu An and Da Feng notice each other and I love the fact he’s completely clueless about her. Both of the actors can play their characters really well and I’ve become interested by the chemistry and the acting itself is of good quality, yet a bit more heart into it and it will be a superb drama. Haha I do love the prank she pulls though (referring to Ep 1) just ironic how they both end up in the mud pool. The humor in this drama has definitely kept me amused though, I find it funny how she babbles about everything because she’s embarrassed. I can’t believe Da Feng is such a spoil sport, whilst watching this though I still wondered how they’d get themselves out of that mud pool. Haha, he swears and gets some kind of gunge in his mouth eughhh. This is one reason why I love Romantic/Comedy dramas with the love/hate relationship between the two main characters. :O He kisses her! Oh my days πŸ˜‰ Now that is what I call a kiss.


Omg, for that stupid ginseng they literally break in and cause a ruckus, I find it so sweet when Pi Dan and Anthony try to stop it, but the fire…I can’t believe it that is so cruel and that family definitely don’t deserve that. Fu An finally gets pulled out of that mud pool and then gets the bad news that fully changes her lifes direction. I was amazed that Da Feng actually ran after her, and holds her back to prevent her hurting herself, I must admit that Qiao En could really act, she has got real potential. I actually felt sorry for Da Feng because it was giving him recurring memories from his own past. He was so kind hearted but was turned sour 😦 I actually cried for her grandma, dear of her 😦 It looks like, Da Feng actually doesn’t want to leave her, and he realizes it is all his fault, but in all honesty I blame his bitch of a girlfriend. He actually goes over to her, but it’s still again ironic; both like grandfather like grandson give away their watches just under different circumstances.

She actually whilst in the hospital, realizes her grandmother had cancer, that must be horrible and an awful shock, poor Fu An and Pi Dan 😦 I do love the grandma’s letter though and it made me cry again 😦 It’s so sad and bittersweet. This episode is such a sad one 😦 At least the grandpa can think for his actions and Da Feng for that matter, all of that money and someones life in exchange for some bark. At least he realizes it was his doing and that he was in some part responsible; all for inheritance and succession of the company. One thing, from the past of the two grandparents I do like, is the story behind the tung flowers, it’s so lovely and romantic. In a way I do feel sorry for the grandpa, yet he’s not very loving or caring towards his grandchildren using the word ‘wolves’ to describe them.Β  Oo, the bike repair guy :L is the butler from Romantic Princess, and GINO is the Lawyer?!

The grandpa’s family are such pretenders, I actually have a pet hate for fakers, Yan Yang though actually seems to care. yet the company’s inheritor was a huge bombshell to drop on the family and on recorded by press :L such priceless expressions! I love the fact the name is wrong; it’s Xie Fu An not Xie Hu Lan, and it’s right under their noses as to who it is, well more Da Feng’s because he’s already met her and become acquainted to her and still it doesn’t click to him. The fact they gave the fake photo (referring to Ep 2) is just so funny.

Roy Qiu finally appears (referring to Ep 3) and he plays Han Dong Jie. I can’t believe Da Feng would actually go to all of those lengths for that 80 billion not caring who he stands on in order to get it. The first appearance of Dong Jie, is when being ganged up on by a mob, what a cool way to make your entrance. I still love how the arrogant and mean guy is the lead guy and this personality wins over the lead female that is kind hearted and wouldn’t hurt a fly and the real good guys of the drama who are always there for the lead female to cry on and to help her through the hard times don’t even get the chance with her, that’s why I love these dramas, no matter how predictable it’s fun to watch in what weird and wonderful way they make the same basic storyline into something completely it’s own. I love Dong Jie’s strong will and his blunt, direct personality (he is the guy from Invincible Shan Bao Mei). I like how their friendship develops straight away, I love when she treats his cut he yells with such emphasis I couldn’t stop laughing (referring to Ep 3) even with his personality he has a very kind and pure heart as does she so it’s a sure fire friendship. I find it ironic how she ‘accidentally’ leaves the posters and the tin box there. omg… I love his tattoo too!


I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw Ah Bao with that mark slap bang between his eyes, I do like though how there are two stories in this drama involving inheritance on two different scales, and…a a bit drastic? Also, a bit harsh calling your own child a mistake; referring to Ah Bao and how he favorites Dong Jie over Ah Bao…to be honest no wonder Ah Bao is like he is.It’s sweet that Dong Jie holds his own burdens, but going through her private belongings is a bit strange and rude as well in order to find her to return a debt due to the rules of the company. Haha, I love how he tries so hard to be able to do something in return for Fu An, and he can cook, Fu An watches him like an amazed child (referring Ep 3)Β  and he’s a proper dabb hand at the most random things ever, and (referring Ep 3) he says Ah Jie Shi…isn’t that like a korean?

Xie Pi Dan gets a fever 😦 and the only person she knows she can try to contact is none other that Da Feng. I don’t get Da Feng and his girlfriend because they hardly even love eachother and he even knows exactly why she is with him, it’s just such a weird relationship, but she has a past of her own but she is so immature about it as she can’t let it go and move on in her life instead she became a heartless and money driven fool.

One thing I do notice is that Da Feng is very hard skinned but the truth is he has a soft heart that he holds huge walls up to because of how his grandfather treated him. Even at a push, in the end he does help Fu An, because the taxi guy frames him ahhahaha, but at least he’s honest about himself. All for the sakes of reputation he helps her, which I guess isn’t all bad, to be honest basically, he’s one difficult person to get along with, but he does do something good as he stays when she rushes out to get the tin box and tries to help Pi Dan . One thing I thought funny though is the theory about Fu An and Hu Lan being..the same hit him, and the fact that it’s true and all for the sake of a photo he had as proof from two people he doesn’t even know stops him from realizing. I think it’s sweet of Fu An to want to try and be some kind of family for Da Feng, for such a mean guy that’s a proper kind thing to do towards him. I guess this is where he begins to change, by the looks of the preview he gets touched by their sincerity and kindness which is a different feeling from his family’s coldness.

Sorry, this was late and also very long. This is the start of my review, they will be a lot shorter in the next lot as I packed way too much information in here but due to it being the start of a new drama it always does have a lot of information in to set the scene, so the next reviews won’t be as jam packed and have better layouts. Watch out for the next review of Easy Fortune, Happy Life!


I have only seen one other drama very similar to this but that was Orange Days, a japanese drama. I have never seen a drama of Wallace Huo’s or Ruby Lin’s. I was very intrigued by this drama but never took my time to actually watch it, as I was judging it by sight. I know from research whilst watching this drama, that it was actually from a Korean illustration. I now have an urge to find this and look at it for myself. I recently wrote myself a list of dramas to rewatch and of new ones to see and so far I have rewatched half of Love Contract. I have also seen two dramas for the first time; Love Storm and Love Queen. I didn’t feel an urge to publish or write a review on either of the two dramas. I was going to watch Silence but Sound of Colours seemed to stick in my mind.

So I began watching it, I was instantly compelled by it. I have so far finished episode 7, and will do episodes 8+ later but as I don’t buy my dramas, only a few that I really enjoyed from start to finish, I must wait patiently for the uploaders (I think this is going to be a special drama to be bought). Anyway, I found the drama spilling with chemistry from the very start – Wallace isn’t an actor for nothing, he truly surprised me as some can be judgemental toward his acting and he is also of an older generation of actors as is Ruby Lin. Wallace is very attractive and his acting just made me want to watch more, he had a soft complexion and I found he had very feminine features but because of the drama being rather a soft romantic, I thought it fit amazingly. Ruby to be able to pull off an acting performance of a blind woman and make it seem so authentic for me to think it was real, I thought it was outstanding, because if you think about human nature and for people with sight, we tend to – by habit; turn and look at the people we are speaking to knowing exactly where they are and when we need something we search with out eyes only using our hands as an aid to get what we want, she was unable to do that. When she was spoken to or had to find something she had to put herself in the shoes of a blind person. The support acting was very convincing, I liked how it all clicked together and their links to eachother. Usually a story plot of the drama isn’t brought together in the beginning but at the end, for instance when you watch a drama you know who the main characters are but without too much research you don’t discover their link to one another or how they end up unless you watch the whole drama from start to finish, but in this one the links and the plot was as clear as daylight, since at the start the links were put into place and within the first two episodes you are thrown into a whirlwind of a drama. They get together on a whim and only based on minor feelings in the beginning. They take a leap of faith with eachother. Through some twisted fate they are brought together from a brief meeting in their past, and this meeting from then changes her life forever. He hides the past and the fact he was the person who deprived her of regaining her sight, with knowing he is to blame, and through her radio station she has he apologises to her with so much sincerity it makes her cry, before that kindly offering his umbrella, without knowing it is her. He is fascinated by her, knowing later that she is the girl from his part and not revealing the truth, as of yet, he takes it upon himself to understand her. From the giving of that umbrella he begins a manga project on a story based upon her. He suddenly wants to be her boyfriend, very early on and even thought, usually I find a drama with that plotline a complete mess this drama was nothing of the sort. He falls for her very fast and she grows feelings quickly towards him in order to reciprocate what he feels. Even though she is blind, she is so kind hearted so you can understand why not just Lu Xiang likes her, she is also indeed very pretty, and I have said before; plain women are much more attractive than women who try so hard with cosmetics. Less is more basically.


The chemistry between the actors is astounding, I felt as though I could feel their emotions I wanted to understand their feelings, which is rare for me to find in a drama, when I review a drama only in some situations I feel a compelling need to watch the drama and want to understand the character and this is only subtle, but in this drama from when I began watching to when I physically had to stop myself, I felt a strong urge. The acting was so natural and free flowing, you didn’t see any cringeworthy pieces of acting or anything that would seem as if it was a forced piece of acing to portray the character and none of it seemed over the top and none of it was as if the actor or actresses were trying to hard on their behalfs either.

One thing I did notice, was the voice dubs, I noticed this and found it strange in the beginning then I understood that their real voices had been dubbed over which was a shame and minorly spoiled the beautiful acting as some voices didn’t fit the character, it would have fit the drama better if it was the actor and actresses real voices. So, so far I am extremely satisfied with this drama and very happy I decided to take the time and watch it.

Okay, this is the final installment to the ToGetHer drama starring, Rainie Yang and Jiro Wang. Shame, I actually enjoyed the cute fluff of this movie 😦 So I will miss reviewing it, so the final installments, on we go πŸ™‚

Well, the two final episodes are definately overwhelming and full of loads of mixed emotions, I must say :L Episode 11 is one of the episodes I became bery frustrated over, I cannot believe…Chen Momo’s sister? She had such a big mouth, and Mars did so much for her, she wouldn’t have a roof over her head if it wasn’t for him and Chen Momo wouldn’t have gotten through her situations in previous episodes if it wasn’t for him. She just had to be quiet for 24hrs, Tony Ge is too money hungry, and I just hope he doesn’t do anything and drive a wedge between the two of them 😦 At least Mars is fighting for his love, I find it slightly amusing how fans hate it when their idols find someone to love or to be with as they expect them to stay unattached just for the fans in their career, it’s surprising how selfish fans can actually become.

Aww! Mars and Momo hug, that is so cute and even without kissing there is so much my own opinion it’s really hard to choose between Jiro and Mike He now 😦 but, I own devil beside you on dvd, so it just gives me a greater urge to watch it :L It’s very mature of Mars to forgive Yi Zhi, you can see how he changed through the drama, but also Best Friends do sometimes make you angry, by just going overboard, yet they wouldn’t be our best friends if they couldn’t do the opposite, and make you happy and if they didn’t care for us. Hmm I wonder what the TV was saying that had Chu Chu so worked up? OH it’s to do with Mars’ disappearance, and internet sites with information about Momo and how the fans feel cheated – fans irritate me sometimes >.<

OMG Jia Sen’s english just left me amazed (I may just have to recalculate haha). I thought it sweet of Jia Sen to greet Momo on Valentines day, it makes you understand how torn Momo is between the two as in her life they’re both precious with great memories between the two, but it’s obvious who the winner is clearly. I love the jump he made too! Typical, fans writing hate mail >.> After many replay of that scene with the ferris wheel, I noticed Devil Beside You, Love or Bread, It started with a Kiss and Why Why Love – maybe even more, were shot in that place :o!

Okay, I’m ABSOLUTELY devastated about the hit and run, but it was inevitable as a romance drama, yet the hospital scene was so CUTE between Rainie and Jiro, but there was definately needed humour thanks to Yi Zhi he performed πŸ™‚ Tony Ge and Yi Zhi, just made me laugh, it was rather amusing :L Okay then Tony Ge just made any shred of respect I had for him evaporate, how could he do that to the two?! It’s obviously fate between these two, Jia Sen’s mum if I had a handbag I’d have whacked her :L and the way she wanted to talk to his fans but she couldn’t 😦 Go Mars, own them on that stage πŸ˜‰ I love how Yi Zhi tries to comfort Momo in the car, that’s really cute at least he’s encouraging her.

YAY Mars is on the mend with his recuperation, and just shows how determined he is to get to where he wants to be, it’s so cute of her to tell him the Casaba story, I love his imagination, and Rainie’s pink hair, the bankground is a bit weird, since shouldn’t they be on Earth? Jia Sen’s mum, I still just don’t understand why she has to push Momo into so much, just because it’s her son, she should think as you can’t force love or liking onto anyone. Momo tries so hard for Jia Sen, after she declines going to England, him being the kid he is tries to ignore her, that’s really harsh :/ When Jia Sen gave her that lollipop, I expected him to at least be grown up about it, but you know thats not true when Mars tries it and it’s spicy >.>


Omg, it is so cute when Momo sees him walk, and he jumps, seriously but that part to me didn’t seem like acting, there was so much meaning and chemistry and the hug looked so cute as if they truly were a real couple, there didn’t seem to be any effort at all, I actually cried 😦 Since now he can do the concert, I find it nice of, Tony Ge to actually say something nice to him and Momo for that matter, I think I’ll slowly give him back a shred of respect. As Momo watches his recuperation, I felt really sad, as Momo became a shadow and all she could do was watch from the outside like before, the way she drained that coffee or whatever was in that flask as she thought of the memories to get her the shred of happiness with Mars, to her seemed to be wasting away and I wanted to cry with her when she cried, because she didn’t feel needed anymore 😦 When she kissed him as if to say goodbye, and he was none the wiser to it.

Her sister, as bouncy as always like a nut in the chair, his voice was really nice, he has definately improved a lot, and Tony Ge dancing LOLOLOLOL. Then outcomes Mars’ speech of Momo, and the memories of them together, I’m getting excited for the finale! πŸ˜€ Omg he says he loves her to everyone, and Tony faints LMFAO! Omg that’s the best thing Tony has done for the whole drama LOLOLOL. Aww the way he’s standing there when she opens the door, and he picked a great song to sing to her tbh, aww such a cute way to announce your feelings, I actually cried with happiness. How he takes her and sings to her on the way to the stage, seriously that is like any girls dream 😦 Wow they actually accept her, they finally see the love. That’s too cute 😦 Lol, Momo gives him the house rules :L Okay…paparazzi girls clutching the fence nice way to end the drama.

Final thoughts, okay quite honestly, I was kind of wondering if I really wanted to watch this drama or not as at first glance it wasn’t something I really wanted to watch, then I put my mind to it and watched, and quite honestly, you should never judge a book by it’s cover because I found it a joy to watch. It made me laugh, smile and cry. It really was a heart warming drama to watch, and I do recommend it if you like cute and very cliche romance dramas. The acting was nice to watch, they got a bit getting used to, but they did well as they went through the episodes. Rainie’s acting was on form and Jiro’s was really good, as it was the first drama I had seen him in. Thankyou all for bearing with me during this drama, I got there in the end. Sorry for the wait, but I hope you enjoy my finale review.

Okay, just to let you know I am beginning to review this new drama, starring Lan Cheng Long and Chen Qiao En. I will finish ToGetHer, the last two episode I need to review to completely finish that drama review, before I begin this one, so look out for the beginning review of this new drama and the final review on ToGetHer πŸ™‚


Okay this is the next part of Black & White, episodes…9 and 10, sorry about taking ages away as I have been literally busy and now it’s summer I have all the time in the world but I am also working, so just bare with me and also I’m trying to list all of the new drama’s I want to watch, and as I have seen most of Takuya Kimura’s works, I feel the need to watch his new drama, and also there are many others, thanks to DramaWiki I can keep up with them.

Anyway,Β quite honestly everything seems to always go wrong for the two, but Pi Zi makes a stupid joke out of it, so i just can’t not laugh! LOL the man with just a coat on, I couldn’t stop laughing at the start of an episode and it’s already funny. I really like how Pi Zi does that for Hero so that everything is okay again between the two, kind of pushing the girl I suppose he kind of likes away so that she can be happy. Ooft, there is definately chemistry between these two characters, they really pull off their parts well, but I am really confused STILL by the plot of this story, they definately blatently like eachother BUT there is little tiny plots of the whole main story that is really confusing, but I still hate how its kind of forbidden for the two 😦 (by the looks of it). Omg when Pi Zi sees that girl by that table my heart almost stopped and its that girl from last time! but kind of depressing and yet I feel sorry for him that she doesn’t realise that she is actually quite special to him 😦 That was kind of scary, but it also shows that his memories are coming back slowly, and he’ll finally understand who he is and what actually happened to him, even myself as the viewer understands what happened but I still can’t work out why and the link between him and the Company. The plot of the story is definately heating up, as I find little by little they are slowly unravelling the threads for the answer to the whole storyline, and I like it as I don’t have a chance to guess the outcome as things are always changing.

I love the song for the drama, ‘perfect stranger’ the song is great and actually fits with the drama storyline πŸ™‚ I also was yelling at the screen when Pi Zi says to Chen Lin, ‘your start is not with me’. He’s such a good frend to have said that, however, her start may not be with him yet the ending maybe πŸ˜€ So I shall wait until that moment when I can smile and grin like a cheshire cat πŸ™‚ One thing that irritated me beyond belief in episode 9 was those three girls that Pi Zi had to interview, well ‘Tian Mi Mi’ was the only one, her voice seriously annoyed me, and I don’t understand, maybe I missed the joke or what was happening, but WHY is it that their facial expressions change and its funny when they check her ID? Is she a man or something? Anyway, I still love how Pi Zi and Hero were shoved together, yet the way they act and do things is on either side of the scale. I still smile at it now.

What I found was cute was how he really wants to improve things with the girl, from his past, that he keeps her in it as she is so important to him and his life and trying so persistently to catch her attention, or make her realise. Personally, I think the ‘investigation department’ is a little fishy and it doesn’t fit right, and odd how they blame Xi Ying. I love his persistence (back to the girl again) as he finall succeeds and spends time with the girl from his past, but he just seems to want to hurl on that ride LOL and his expressions was priceless when he saw the other ride. I think it is rather adorable, and I think it sweet how he gives her the credit for his life changes and the promise they make about being family and not leaving eachother πŸ™‚

Chen Lin is so utterly drunk and she loses her shoes LOL and runs into the fountain?! She’s crazy when she’s cold. Okay it’s cute that Hero comforts her, but, I want her with Pi Zi! Okay, Hero is a little irritating, I want him with Xi Ying not Chen Lin. she’s meant to end up with Pi Zi! Though it’s good he apologised, and very mature of her to accept in those terms. I know it’s biased but I want Chen Lin with Pi Zi…hooded figure, so basically he’s the assasin? OMG :O


Holy, she dies O.O and Pi Zi was just getting a grasp, and could finally understand something.
Pi Zi, just breaks down 😦 I wonder if they killed Ke Le and Xiao mei, because they are emotionally connected to Pi Zi, if it’s true this story is definately going to get much more interesting. He just..sitting there in the wreckage, grieving 😦 Dear of him.. I find it sweet how Chen Lin tries so hard for him, and helps him as much as she can 😦 Yet, so much is revolving around Pi Zi and it gets more confusing as the storyline thickens. The Army is getting involved O.O that’s kind of scary.. What’s weird is Xiao Ma..helps him to his home? and then makes it difficult for other people to contact him? When Chen Lin goes to his home, I wonder who those two people are watching down on her?

Ugh, I get the creeps with Xiao Ma..:/ They both go to his, to see if he’s okay thats well nice of them πŸ™‚
I think Hero realises, Chen Lin will only care for Pi Zi , which hurts him a lot, and then Xiao Ma
drops his gun, oh god and sees the picture of that girl…:( I always get the feeling something bad will happen.
I feel so sorry for Pi Zi 😦 those memories must be so harsh on him, it actually made me cry…The thing that really makes me curious now is his past..That girl means so much to him, but I find it really nice and shows true friendship when Hero and Chen Lin go looking for Pi Zi.