Okay, this is the final installment to the ToGetHer drama starring, Rainie Yang and Jiro Wang. Shame, I actually enjoyed the cute fluff of this movie 😦 So I will miss reviewing it, so the final installments, on we go πŸ™‚

Well, the two final episodes are definately overwhelming and full of loads of mixed emotions, I must say :L Episode 11 is one of the episodes I became bery frustrated over, I cannot believe…Chen Momo’s sister? She had such a big mouth, and Mars did so much for her, she wouldn’t have a roof over her head if it wasn’t for him and Chen Momo wouldn’t have gotten through her situations in previous episodes if it wasn’t for him. She just had to be quiet for 24hrs, Tony Ge is too money hungry, and I just hope he doesn’t do anything and drive a wedge between the two of them 😦 At least Mars is fighting for his love, I find it slightly amusing how fans hate it when their idols find someone to love or to be with as they expect them to stay unattached just for the fans in their career, it’s surprising how selfish fans can actually become.

Aww! Mars and Momo hug, that is so cute and even without kissing there is so much chemistry..in my own opinion it’s really hard to choose between Jiro and Mike He now 😦 but, I own devil beside you on dvd, so it just gives me a greater urge to watch it :L It’s very mature of Mars to forgive Yi Zhi, you can see how he changed through the drama, but also Best Friends do sometimes make you angry, by just going overboard, yet they wouldn’t be our best friends if they couldn’t do the opposite, and make you happy and if they didn’t care for us. Hmm I wonder what the TV was saying that had Chu Chu so worked up? OH it’s to do with Mars’ disappearance, and internet sites with information about Momo and how the fans feel cheated – fans irritate me sometimes >.<

OMG Jia Sen’s english just left me amazed (I may just have to recalculate haha). I thought it sweet of Jia Sen to greet Momo on Valentines day, it makes you understand how torn Momo is between the two as in her life they’re both precious with great memories between the two, but it’s obvious who the winner is clearly. I love the jump he made too! Typical, fans writing hate mail >.> After many replay of that scene with the ferris wheel, I noticed Devil Beside You, Love or Bread, It started with a Kiss and Why Why Love – maybe even more, were shot in that place :o!

Okay, I’m ABSOLUTELY devastated about the hit and run, but it was inevitable as a romance drama, yet the hospital scene was so CUTE between Rainie and Jiro, but there was definately needed humour thanks to Yi Zhi he performed πŸ™‚ Tony Ge and Yi Zhi, just made me laugh, it was rather amusing :L Okay then Tony Ge just made any shred of respect I had for him evaporate, how could he do that to the two?! It’s obviously fate between these two, Jia Sen’s mum if I had a handbag I’d have whacked her :L and the way she wanted to talk to his fans but she couldn’t 😦 Go Mars, own them on that stage πŸ˜‰ I love how Yi Zhi tries to comfort Momo in the car, that’s really cute at least he’s encouraging her.

YAY Mars is on the mend with his recuperation, and just shows how determined he is to get to where he wants to be, it’s so cute of her to tell him the Casaba story, I love his imagination, and Rainie’s pink hair, the bankground is a bit weird, since shouldn’t they be on Earth? Jia Sen’s mum, I still just don’t understand why she has to push Momo into so much, just because it’s her son, she should think as you can’t force love or liking onto anyone. Momo tries so hard for Jia Sen, after she declines going to England, him being the kid he is tries to ignore her, that’s really harsh :/ When Jia Sen gave her that lollipop, I expected him to at least be grown up about it, but you know thats not true when Mars tries it and it’s spicy >.>


Omg, it is so cute when Momo sees him walk, and he jumps, seriously but that part to me didn’t seem like acting, there was so much meaning and chemistry and the hug looked so cute as if they truly were a real couple, there didn’t seem to be any effort at all, I actually cried 😦 Since now he can do the concert, I find it nice of, Tony Ge to actually say something nice to him and Momo for that matter, I think I’ll slowly give him back a shred of respect. As Momo watches his recuperation, I felt really sad, as Momo became a shadow and all she could do was watch from the outside like before, the way she drained that coffee or whatever was in that flask as she thought of the memories to get her the shred of happiness with Mars, to her seemed to be wasting away and I wanted to cry with her when she cried, because she didn’t feel needed anymore 😦 When she kissed him as if to say goodbye, and he was none the wiser to it.

Her sister, as bouncy as always like a nut in the chair, his voice was really nice, he has definately improved a lot, and Tony Ge dancing LOLOLOLOL. Then outcomes Mars’ speech of Momo, and the memories of them together, I’m getting excited for the finale! πŸ˜€ Omg he says he loves her to everyone, and Tony faints LMFAO! Omg that’s the best thing Tony has done for the whole drama LOLOLOL. Aww the way he’s standing there when she opens the door, and he picked a great song to sing to her tbh, aww such a cute way to announce your feelings, I actually cried with happiness. How he takes her and sings to her on the way to the stage, seriously that is like any girls dream 😦 Wow they actually accept her, they finally see the love. That’s too cute 😦 Lol, Momo gives him the house rules :L Okay…paparazzi girls clutching the fence nice way to end the drama.

Final thoughts, okay quite honestly, I was kind of wondering if I really wanted to watch this drama or not as at first glance it wasn’t something I really wanted to watch, then I put my mind to it and watched, and quite honestly, you should never judge a book by it’s cover because I found it a joy to watch. It made me laugh, smile and cry. It really was a heart warming drama to watch, and I do recommend it if you like cute and very cliche romance dramas. The acting was nice to watch, they got a bit getting used to, but they did well as they went through the episodes. Rainie’s acting was on form and Jiro’s was really good, as it was the first drama I had seen him in. Thankyou all for bearing with me during this drama, I got there in the end. Sorry for the wait, but I hope you enjoy my finale review.