September 2009

I’m really sorry you guys, but I am afraid Easy Fortune, Happy Life must be put on hold currently because there is a technical difficulty between youtube and viikii so I will have to wait until further notice.


I’m really sorry that recently I have been unable to upload reviews, as for one I’ve been feeling ill lately and I’ve had to do a lot of essays and coursework as it’s my final year and mock exams are getting closer and closer :O Anyway, here is the second installment of Sound of Colours.

I really love how kind hearted Jing Jing is but she lets people walk all over her. Just because she is blind its like she can’t decide anything for herself, according to other people. Also, due to the fact of her part over not having her operations, it shows her privacy and space being invaded, I actually begin to realize how strong willed Jing Jing really is. I feel sorry for Fan Yang trying to deal with his unrequited love for Ming Ming, as she does get too rash with her words and is really oblivious. Her memory from the accident actually made me cry (Referring Ep 8). I do really admire their sisterly bond.

I really think that Yun Xiang’s feelings for Jing Jing are exceptionally fast, but it really is cute how he tunes into her radio station, also the director working with Ming Ming is really slimey :/ I still cannot warm to Tan Li Na she still has something about her I don’t like. Awww, Jing Jing waits there to meet Xiao Chen, but it’s a bit creepy how she follows her?

I feel really sorry for Ming Ming, she has to contend with so much. Aww Fan Yang saves the day (referring ep 8) I don’t get why she’s hiding though. Maybe she’s slowly beginning to get a change of feelings? I do love the emotional tension in the storyline and the acting! Crying, laughing; it all looks so real and none of the actors seem at a push and they make it all so natural to me. I still don’t understand why Fan Yang just doesn’t confess tbh ¬¬. It’s a shame she can’t face Fan Yang 😦 (referring ep 9)

I think Xiao Chen is very immature, all for the love of Yun Xiang, who doesn’t even see her like that. To say that Jing Jing doesn’t know her place is really selfish and she’s completely oblivious to the fact it’s her who doesn’t know her own place (referring ep 8). I love their dog; Baby! 😀

I don’t understand in some ways, why Jing Jing should be wiped out of the scheme of things, just because Tan Li Na likes Cheng Gao. I personally, would find it strange if Jing Jing did choose Cheng Gao :/ Aww Yun Xiang has a present for Jing Jing! I have to admit Xin Hua is trying really hard to become a good manga artist, on that note, I’m still wondering what happened to Yun Xiang’s manga he was producing about Jing Jing at the beginning of the drama?

I hate how Xiao Chen lied, that’s really bratty, I really wish I could just hit her around the head, she’s the irritating actress that you find in dramas..that you can’t resist an urge just to mute her whining voice and hate the character that is portrayed :L!

Even if the relationship between Jing Jing and Yun Xiang was fast but the feelings are so sincere, oh my days he said I Love You – aww my heart just skipped a beat, that is so cute! I love the little drawing rather that it costing any money it was sincere and from the heart. It really is cute. Well, atleast that blip with Xiao Chen has been resolved, and Jing Jing accepts him! That is so cute!

One thing I hate is gossips ¬¬ and Director Li, what an ass! Who the hell does he think he is? (referring ep 10) Tan Li Na, I must admit is good with Dan Dan tbh, it’s even cuter how Jing Jing is helping people with their love problems….and whatever Yun Xiang is making it looks like a clay portrait of Jing Jing? (referring ep 10) I still find it cruel how they are delving into Jing Jing’s private life. I still think Yun Xiang is really kind hearted to Jing Jing, but I hate how the people stare at her in the supermarket (referring ep 10). Aww those two on the ferris wheel! Yet, If I remember correctly what happened about him going with his father? Unless thats further forward.

Aww poor Fan Yang, he’s only trying to do what’s right, and it’s nice how Ming Ming wants to help Fan Yang. I reckon it’s going to be a difficult and rocky love relationship beginning for Fan Yang and Ming Ming. I love how she returns the favour to Fan Yang with the food and a coffee. How cute! In concern to Xiao Chen, I agree with Xin Hua when he said she can’t express her feelings properly. I can’t believe how prejudiced people are to blind people, but it’s still cute how Dan Dan rang Jing Jing, and Dan Dan doesn’t like Tan Li Na LOL! It’s cute how Jing Jing goes to see Dan Dan, and Yun Xiang gave Tan Li Na…yet another owning 😛

So, in conclusion things are actually being thrown left right and centre as the story is beginning and lots of things are happening in order to make it a good storyline. To get things to be wrapped up and understandable I’ll have to continue watching so please, await the part 3 of my Sound of Colours review!

Shamefully, during this drama I can still notice the voice overs.

Okay, sorry guys this review is only small, but I’ve tried to only briefly review as much as I can for you. I’m trying to get to a level episode in Easy Fortune, Happy Life; in order for me to find it easier to cope with all the other reviews I’m putting off to catch up to speed. Black & White next review will be posted up soon and the next part of Sound of Colours.

Anyway… I love the fact they made the special party for Da Feng, in order to say thankyou; but Da Feng didn’t need to be that harsh to them, just because he thinks he’s all high and mighty, but the good thing was he stayed with them and was touched slightly by their kindness. Dong Jie and Da Feng have a mutual feeling of distrust and dislike between each other and it seems as though they already know each other.


I found it very amusing, when they finally realised it was the wrong photo of ‘Hu Lan’ (referring Ep 4). The wish he makes is quite amusing; as the girl he’s looking for is right in front of him, but he doesn’t seem to be able to piece these things together, when realization hits him near the beginning of the 4th episode, his expression is unbeatable. I feel sorry for Dong Jie as Fu An is the girl they need to get rid of and who he said he’d help. Ah Bao, is one of the most irritating characters in this show along with Wang Cai’s daughter and son-in-law. Fair enough he might be needed further on into the drama, but he I don’t seems to make me grit my teeth and cringe at his acting too, I thought it was dreadful and to be quite honest, he’s not the best of lookers in show business. He also shows lack of independence as what is character obviously must show, he follows Dong Jie…how pathetic. What I do find funny is how Ah Bao dresses in white; sort of like and Elvis Presley wannabe haha! Yet I admire Dong Jie for actually trying to help them 🙂 Anthony is such a cool dog, chasing after the car; why can’t my dog be that clever 😦 Hooray for Anthony, Da Feng notices him and follows him, so Da Feng actually does something remotely good…for once. One thing I did notice, is how Dong Jie’s skills never cease to amaze me, he has many hidden skills.

I love how Dong Jie warns Da Feng of hurting Fu An (Referring Ep 4). Yet, Pi Dan hugs Da Feng, which is kind of cute, since little children are so naive. As Da Feng takes Fu An with him, and it hits the news – the look on his girlfriends face when she saw that footage, seriously she got what she deserved right there. I just realized as they turned up at that HUGE house, Anthony has a back pack! That’s just so cute. Da Feng got praised by Wang Cai (grandpa) for actually saving them, I like how Wang Cai (grandpa) remembers the past, he really is repenting his sins. He is really sincere about caring for Fu An and Pi Dan in memory of Chun Xiang (Referring Ep 4). I really I do think about it that, that ‘house’ of theirs is actually filmed in a hotel…since that is just ridiculous for a normal home to put the roof over five peoples heads. The stuff in the house is really nice too; too nice for a normal house because it’d cost stupid amounts of money to have singular tiles at such ridiculous prices for a bathroom. I do respect, in a sense how Wang Cai raised his family, he taught them that sometimes you need to be successful by yourself and no one can actually help you since the world can be cruel…but they just take it to the ridiculous steps. Except, for Yan Yang he actually tries to be nice and cares less for the 80 billion and more for his family which is why I respect him. I find the way Da Feng and his auntie are head to head in competition over the inheritance, and Da Feng talks about Yan Yangs sexual orientation more than on one occasion (Referring Ep 4).

blue smiling

I can’t believe Ah Bao’s dad disowns him, and gives his business to Dong Jie. I also like how modest Dong Jie is it’s really cute, also how he decides to change the method that the gang works, to make the best of the business and to make it thrive is really good 🙂

I love the country stereotype in this drama; hand washing clothes! Yet, it is quite a true stereotype too, as if you are poor you can’t afford things like washing machines in the more rural and remote areas so therefore all of your washing is done by hand.

I’m afraid, this is all I can do so far of the next section because the websites I am getting my videos from are currently unable to show the videos as there is a connection dis-function with youtube, but I will get a much bigger chunk up once this error has been resolved. Sorry about the wait, it’s because I’m in my final year and I have so much work to be doing and final exams this year. Please bare with me I haven’t forgotten my reviews! Please be patient, Black and White #6 and Sound of Colours #2 will be up very soon!!