Hey guys, it looks like the connection between Viikii and Youtube is momentarily mended, so I’ve started to work on Easy Fortune, Happy Life again 😀 So I hope you enjoy! I may not be able to update everything as much as in my school it is my last and very important year for me, but bare with me I will upload as frequently as possible.

Xie Fu An has a makeover, and a wardrobe change! I really think Chen Qiao En was a great lead actress choice (referring Ep 5) She’s very hardworking and she can pull off all of the different emotions intended for the drama, she also seems to be able to get into her characters shoes. It’s really amusing, how the auntie tries to fit into Fu An’s price range, and trying to win her over, due to Fu An being from a poor background she is clearly very careful with her income and her money so she is looking for a bargain and cheap clothes, she isn’t used to being able to having expensive gifts. Fu An also seems very shy when she has to show off her outfit, because she is clearly self conscious.

I find it annoying though, how both Da Feng and his aunt are so blinded by greed. She tries to go for Fu An and win her over, but Da Feng goes for the subtle approach and uses Pi Dan, and gets him into the school but I like how he’s thinking of his education, yet when he sees Fu An, you can see a reaction and a bit of chemistry beginning to boil between the two, but just to hide his amazement he gives her criticism, which shows he’s clearly not used to the kind of emotions he is beginning to feel. Pi Dan’s uniform is so cute, the whole curly hair and glasses look just adds to his cute little face.


I find Dong Jie really sweet, and he’s too nice to be a gangster, but I like how he has changed the way it all works, he taught the restaurant owner how to cook in order to pay off his debt, and also tries to teach his gang to understand the way it all works as they just want to trash the places to get them to hand over the money. Still, Dong Jie is too shy to call Fu An (referring Ep 5). Aww she sees Dong Jie in the library, but his gang are so funny and their way of interpreting things are just entertaining for anyone to see (Referring Ep 5). It’s sweet how she wants to make sure Dong Jie’s health is in check, but Fu An is clearly naive, she sees no wrong in anyone she meets.

Da Feng lies through his teeth! It’d be very nice to see how Fu An ends up changing them all, the relationship between Pi Dan and Fu An is clearly very strong, and you can see the bond both the young actor and the actress has away from the cameras, so it’s built up so they are obviously comfortable in acting with one another. When they go to view Pi Dan’s school, I noticed the teacher quoting Shakespeare (Referring Ep 5). Yet, I think Pi Dan has a lot of catching up to do, because Pi Dan is from on the mountain and comes from a poor background and hasn’t had the higher education compared to the city. I actually found it entertaining how Fu An’s seemingly high spirits of the school slowly dwindles as she views it. Haha, Da Feng bribes the headmaster to let Pi Dan into the school by buying top of the range pianos! Hahahahaha! I notice that Da Feng is actually beginning to loosen up and change for the better, because he tries in a way to get Pi Dan into that school showing he is caring even though he’d never admit it.

I notice that the relationship between Da Feng and his grandfather is so tense, and he does try for his grandfather just he won’t admit it when he feels hurt by his grandfathers criticism. I find it sweet how Fu An sticks up for Da Feng so that his grandfather doesn’t get a bad impression of Da Feng, and you notice how slowly Da Feng is warming to Fu An because he clearly has never had someone do that for him in a very long time, he won’t admit to this so he tries to put Fu An down. He actually smiles at her, for doing what she did!!! (Referring Ep 5). Yet, she is clearly trying her hardest even after what she has been through recently. You can tell Da Feng is slightly intrigued by Fu An as time goes on. Fu An now clearly has a job, and has a lot of expectation resting on her, you can tell how Da Feng is fighting against it, but Fu An is so modest! The woman Fu An criticized is a spy for another company in competition with Ba Bao Tang. I still cannot warm to that little gold digger of Da Feng’s that clings to him like a slug it is downgrading for her and she’s just so irritating but for that effect the actress must be doing a great job!

Guys, the connection between Viikii and Youtube has dwindled yet again so I was only able to complete episode 5, but barely. I will try again and the next review I will post up quite a large review. It seems that the connection doesn’t like Easy Fortune Happy Life. I will try again, please bare with me!!