Okay luckily, I’ve found a website that allows me to watch Easy Fortune, Happy Life. I will review as much as possible tonight, as it is my holidays and I’m up to date with all of my assignments. So I hope you enjoy!! This is a review of episodes 6, 7 and 8. I reviewed this large chunk so that the review can be done faster as the drama has been completed over the time that the connection between Viikii and Youtube declined.

I find it sweet when Da Feng offers his help to Fu An when she tries so hard to show him what she can do (those socks in the sauna haha). She gets drunk on chocolates filled with alcohol – lightweight! His sneaky kiss (referring ep 5) I forgot to mention these parts in my previous review.

First things first, I would definitely not be the one screaming if I woke up next to him. She’s so naive and pure hearted that he just seems to lie to her through his teeth. She is just taken in by it, and he uses it to wind her up and tease her along with having his other agenda behind the inheritance. I really hope she is able to change his dreadful attitude, she’s such a pure person, how could you lie to someone like that? Also Kai Li = total malicious bitch!

I find it nice how her hard work paid off by her research and product both being successful (Referring Ep 6). I don’t like how a lot of people tend to use Fu An, she can’t help being naive she is from the country and in a completely new environment over the next 3 episodes you see how hard it actually is for her to deal with as it’s all new for her to digest. I find it really nice to watch as Da Feng’s barrier is gradually crumbling; even if it is a slow process. You can tell he cares as he joins in with Fu An to play volleyball with the school children, and how he assures her that she is not alone. You can tell that the chemistry between the two main characters is very intense, and building up. I love their eye contact, it is very natural to me. It can be seen that these two main characters can really pull off the romantic parts. This is why I approve of these two main characters, I like hw the two become all shy if they touch or their eyes meet because both of them vowed in a sense not to have intimate feelings for one another. It is definitely a cliche hate turn to love romance drama but for me it is both light and simple as a drama but the chemistry there is astounding, that is why it is worthwhile to watch.


Da Feng really tries to push her away but the more he attempts to do so, she only gets closer to his heart. In a way due to how bad his childhood was, it effects the things he does even more so now in his adult life. This is why I detest Zhen Zhen, she provokes his inner evil that he then inflicts on everyone else. (Referring Ep 8) When Fu An is slowly making progress and Da Feng debates whether he is falling in love with Fu An. Zhen Zhen just wipes all of Fu An’s hard work on the floor and provokes Da Feng back to his original goal. The 80 billion, she also has the trick of being able to blackmail and bribe Da Feng ¬¬ Malicious person.

Da Feng, is really starting to try hard for both Fu An and Ba Bao Tang. I find it sweet when Fu An does her speech (Referring Ep 6) but when her new product and all the hard work is snatched out from underneath her feet she apologizes to her Grandma and goes to find Dong Jie because that is who she can really trust to cry on. Da Feng is worried about her and he actually spends his time looking for her, so the care for her and all the changes to his once rich and arrogant life is being watered down. In my opinion, Da Feng may be able to lie but he is definitely the sharpest tool in the toolbox, when he does the speech to Si Wu Tang (Referring Ep 6) he seems to be speaking about Fu An from the heart, and that really effects Fu An, I like her character a lot simply because she is such a modest, kind, shy and caring person. Yet, Da Feng for now will not stop being the sly and evil person he has become, until Fu An does something that really hits his heart. Fu An really wants to see his other expressions, not just his stern and serious ones that he always seems to have. The way Fu An gives the fire truck to Da Feng, trying to show him his childhood wasn’t all horrific memories, but there were good ones in there to.

If I were in Kai Li’s situation, I would have started to feel guilty by now because the thing is Fu An put trust in her, and to be trusted by someone is better that to not be trusted at all. She is a good liar, but to be fair she has the oppurtunity to have a job back again but instead she decides to stay the enemy, Si Wu Tang is really a coward who uses underhanded methods because he can’t admit defeat to Wang Cai. Idiot. In all fairness, it’s Kai Li’s loss for siding with a horrible man. Yang Yang? Well what can I say I absolutely adore him, I think he is definitely the ‘dark horse’ of this drama and knows a lot more that you would think. He really knows how to hit the heart when others need to understand something that could be important to them in the future. Pi Dan, although he is a supporting role of this drama, he is always an entertainment to watch. He is young and doesn’t understand a lot of his surroundings. Like any kid who is brought into a family like that would definitely lap it up. Him and Wang Cai are getting close and their bond is growing. Pi Dan high fives him in the car on the way to Family Day (Referring Ep 8) xD!!

Dong Jie is so kind hearted beneath his tough exterior, he appreciates and is growing very fond of Fu An. He has always been her shoulder to cry on since their first meeting. Thus, the love triangle begins but it is only very subtle. Which in my opinion is good because if it happens all at once it’s too much for an audience to understand and to take in and then it becomes boring and corny. Gradually, you can see the jealousy in Da Feng due to Dong Jie and Fu An’s relationship making him take action. The love triange gradually becomes more pronounced as you see how Fu An is changing Da Feng, the impact she has on him in different ways but also how she is being pulled in by his slow softening of his own heart. Not just these two are progressing, Fu An has always had an influence on Dong Jie since their first encounter, but Fu An clearly has a soft spot for Dong Jie. I fear the more Da Feng keeps being torn two ways she will always run back to Dong Jie. What I like about Blue Lan the actor portraying Da Feng is that he has an ability to swap his personalities with speed and accuracy at the same time being convincing. As an actor this is important and for Blue it is a raw and special talent to have, so I enjoy watching his acting.


In episode 7/8 you begin to notice the changes in the family altogether. Their communication amongst eachother is changing even if the progress is small there is much less bitterness in their tone of voice. Fu An is definitely bringing them together and gradually warming their hearts. Little by little the more time they spend with Fu An individually and see the way she works and says things to them, they are changing by choice and not by being forced. Wang Cai is clearly making up for how wrongly he brought up his children in the past 60 years. I also notice all the family want is to be acknowledged by Wang Cai and receive his approvals yet he is too hard faced to give that. Wang Cai is really trying to repent; the actor portraying Wang Cai; you can see is clearly wise and does not lack in portraying the emotions needed for the part very accurately.

So,I think that slowly the family are learning how to come together and act like a proper family does, to care and love on another but most of all Da Feng is learning how to love and be loved which is actually very important in any persons life because if you were alive and all you thought to life was dying. You would be very lonely, love is something that keeps you alive and is the main purpose to life. That is my opinion anyway, others may see things differently.