I watched this drama, around a year ago, and I was looking through the collection of Taiwanese dramas in specific I have watched and a found multiple ones that I couldn’t quite remember what had happened, so I selected a few to just re-watch and review and this was the first one on my list, I also found an old drama with Rainie Yang in and Shawn Yue, in a drama called Tomorrow I will review that after too, but these reviews won’t be for ever 2 episodes or in halves it will be a review over the whole drama at the end.


I like the opening song of the drama, it’s very mysterious and romantic just like the drama, and fits well into the whole scheme of things, I also enjoy listening to the background songs too, it also syncs in well with the rest of the dramas storyline and the acting. The pictures of the two man characters that go along side the opening song are really beautiful and the editing is really well done.

I don’t understand the very start of the drama, it was strange with the girl actually watching herself from behind a wall of glass. First drama I saw Ariel Lin in and also one of the first dramas I ever watched. In this drama, I felt a bit sorry for the two sisters and the lack of a father figure in their lives and their mum has a serious emotional problem. I never understood before why she wore a wig and it was partly to conceal herself because inside she is infact shy and fragile but she never wanted to show it.

I never knew that the main lead was Mike He at the time, but I did notice how attractive he was 😛 Kendo and swimming, I actually love the fact they both take part in a sport rather than just the guy in most dramas cases. I find that both of the sports are skillful and tedious, but in Kendo you have more potential of getting battered and bruised than in swimming. I love how Ken is an artist, but without realizing it he draws Xiao Feng as an angel which is absolutely adorable.

Her friends are quite amusing from what I’ve noticed, their acting seems very natural but there is room for improvement. I have noticed the majority of her friends I haven’t seen in any other dramas, so they are supporting roles. For once, in this drama Mike He can actually cook! Surprisingly, the guy has a poor background and lives in a poorer situation that the girl. I feel sorry for the owner of the bar; Doris (Referring Ep 1) but she seems to get awfully agitated.

The whole computer thing with her and Mu Tou is really odd he is typing by computer and so is she obviously but this is represented as her sitting in front of some screen and speaking her replies to his questions. Mu Tou remains anonymous going by the name Shui at the start of the drama, which I found very interesting. May I add, that the classroom seating looks pretty cool, we never get that in our schools, I’m envious, our colleges have huge halls and seats like in assembly halls.

I like the fact the guy earns the money instead of being some rich pompous guy as in most romantic dramas. Xiao Feng seems pretty middle class in her living situation, but I’m surprised that she is scared by quite a lot of things; fire, water – well vast amounts of it, like swimming pools. A BBQ on the beach at night; is something I’d love to try along with my friends. They all wish on the shooting star, I liked Xiao Feng’s wish it was very cute. I also, definitely think she is prettier with long hair. It’s nice oh he saves her, but because she is so self conscious she slaps him? Xiao Feng is clearly very temperamental.

I still find the computer relationship between Xiao Feng and Mu Tou, really weird, it’s obvious he has feelings for Xiao Feng , but hiding his identity in order to get close to her…just creeps me out a litte, and sets me out of my comfort zone and I’m only reviewing the drama. Imagine actually being in that situation? I also like her character; head strong, stubborn and very dense. Like she’s too dense to realize Mu Tou likes her to such a deep extent. I do like how very gently they ease the identity of the ‘mysterious computer friend’ into the drama throughout the episodes and also how significant it actually is. Xiao Feng undoubtedly trusts this ‘Shui’ person which is a key plot in the drama.  Xiao Bai and Kai are the two who make up the love contract, it’s nice how they try to make her wish come true. So, Ken gets a swimming team only as long as he courts Xiao Feng. I love how decorated they made the Love Contract xD!! The Love Contract looks all jumbled to me when I look at it. Both Ken and Xiao Feng are complete opposites, but they always say opposites attract.

Now rather than Xiao Feng sitting on her own, it shows Xiao Feng sitting next to Mu Tou in person and talking, this is added effect it represents the MSN conversations between the two. Mu Tou is the only one that knows he is ‘Shui’ but to see Xiao Feng everyday and not feel the slightest bit guilty is beyond me.


So far I have established that Ken, is in fact half japanese?! He also tends to mouth behind her back a lot, and other people do for that matter. Ariel Lin, in my opinion is plain but very pretty; but to be honest girls are prettier that way. I find it funny how on their first ‘outing’ together, her friend is following Ken with the Love Contract. I discover that Ken has a phobia towards blood or just feels ill after it being taken. I find it cute when she plays with his face, whilst he rests and then steals his toy and plays with his and her toy. She’s definitely a child at heart, but she is a very demanding and high maintenance girl. Xiao Feng is also very private about the scars from her past.

I like when Doris, begins to teach Xiao Feng a little bit on the keyboard, and Ken’s uncle acts a bit perverse to be honest, but he is definitely an amusement to me 😀 In all honesty, I think Xiao Feng is brilliant, a pioneer for females! She gave him 5 boxes of popcorn xD!! Yet, not everything is funny or worth laughing over in this drama. There are very serious and touching scenes. Xiao Yuen, obviously was having an affair with her boss, who is married. She loses her child she had with him after falling down the stairs, I feel a lot of pity towards the characters that is Xiao Yuen.

The fact Xiao Feng knows Ken’s mum is a bit strange for me to be honest, but it’s nice how his mum takes her to an amusement place to let her forget her troubles. I feel sorry for Xiao Feng as her parents hate eachother and her own past isn’t all that great. At first, I didn’t quite understand her past, but gradually you grow to understand why she is the way she is. Yet, when she is drunk and he helps her, their attraction and chemistry with one another is more pronounced, I find it sweet how he tries to comfort her even though they try so hard and deny that they really don’t like eachother.

I don’t understand why he takes on the contract again, they were fine before when he canceled the contract, but I think it’s because he wants the easiest way for swimming members to join. He actually does care about Xiao Feng so that may be why he agreed to the contract, but her friends obviously don’t see that.

The sisters have a very close relationship with one another, and Ken seems to have a very close relationship with his uncle and it is indeed a very amusing relationship too! I love how Xiao Yuen transforms Xiao Feng, she was absolutely stunning when she does the catwalk. Mu Tou on the other hand, I really can’t like him. Also, the whole mumbo jumbo reciting those ancient poems just annoys me a little bit. I actually can’t stand Mu Tou, he’s blatantly jealous of Ken and has a huge unrequited love with Xiao Feng, but to destroy their happiness is a bit harsh really, and he even gets a smug look on his face knowing what he did.  Throughout the episodes, I also notice Ken always draws on the same portrait of the fallen angel, which in some way shows me that this portrait is very significant to the drama.

I feel sorry for Xiao Yuen, as she is put on a love rollercoaster just for one man. His wife also accepts what he does; but it breaks the family down and that in my opinion is wrong for someone to do that. I know if I was in her situation I would definitely not handle it in the way she does.

I love how the drama gradually progresses with the care and love that Ken and Xiao Feng feel towards eachother, and slowly but surely she reveals parts of her personality and past to him and he does the same. He reveals his true feelings to her through the puppet show he performs for her, it is cute but also very different from the other dramas I’ve seen. I love their first kiss! I like how she realizes her feelings but she doesn’t seem too fazed by it at all :L! Even after their kiss they are still so hesitant to get together.

I don’t get why they have a bath in their house though, but she is a proper zombie when she wakes up in the mornings. I find it quite cool how they mixed the japanese culture into the drama, and how Ken’s uncle and Ken’s mum converse in japanese, but I do feel sorry for his mum. Yet, Mu Tou speaking in another language, definitely isn’t cool in order to hide how he truly feels. Xin Lei!? Oh my days, she’s definitely a nag and she’s only a support actress!!

The training with the collaboration of the swimming and kendo team, actually looks really fun. I also like how Ken is always two steps ahead of Mu Tou in everything. Yet, for god sake how many people are falling in love with Xiao Feng?

This is, the first installment of my halved reviews on Love Contract. Keep checking, there should be a new review up very soon!!