I have decided to review Autumn’s Concerto, as I was looking for a new drama to watch and going through lists. I have so far reviewed all 5 of the first few episodes. So Enjoy!

I found this drama, a deeply emotional drama, and it is only just the beginning, so I wonder what the rest of the drama has in store for us viewers.

Autumn's Concerto 1

It is a very cliche and predictable drama; the sweet and innocent girl attracts the deeply scarred man by his past but he applies the hard faced man. A hate towards eachother on their first meeting which turns to love, which always happens in the majority of asian dramas whether it be a chinese, japanese or korean drama.

I noticed the relationship between the two main characters fast forwarded. The male role changes due to her influence in just 2 episodes. I’m usually not very keen towards dramas that take this route but the acting was terrific and the sped up emotions between the two main characters seemed to fit really well. I will learn not to be so skeptical next time I’m browsing for dramas.


The acting was amazing, Vanness Wu can portray; cocky, vulnerable, sad, anger – all of these different emotions spectacularly as Ren Guang Xi hi character. Ady An is an actress I have not seen, as I have not watched any dramas wih her in which I regret now because her acting is superb along side Vanness Wu, and they both create a realistic feeling to the drama and as a drama reviewer I look for these qualities in the selected cast.

The storyline is the first thing that attracted me to the drama, I like the twists and turns in it, they have simple answers to each problem they are faced yet the each take complicated paths.

The pasts of the main roles is very deep and emotional, one taking it far better than the other, but in a way Mu Cheng (Ady An) helps him out of the darkness he has surrounded himself in.


The chemistry between them keeps bubbling and bubbling. This is why I love it, and I’m sure many reviewers like myself love these types of drama because it gives us something great to watch and a joy to write about. Ady An is great as Mu Cheng; quiet, preserved, but with a strong heart to keep moving on and to hole Ren Guang Xi out of the misery he wallowed himself in when he first met her.

I hope to see a spectacular drama as it continues to unfold.