I have decided I want to review a light and care free drama, a very romantic drama because I need something to relax with, I have therefore picked to review Momo Love, I will also review the new drama with Rainie Yang and Alan Luo in which is Hi, My Sweetheart. I will gradually finish the Easy Fortune, Happy Life reviews and get back to reviewing Black & White and Sound of Colours soon! I hope you enjoy!

Momo Love

Okay, since there are many characters in this drama, first I wrote down which characters there were also for my review readers to know who the characters drama names are and the actors names, if you don’t know already. Chen Tao Hua is played by Cyndi Wang, she is a popular girl and many boys obviously like her by the look of the start of the drama when the boy confesses to her. Yet, she is also protected by her FIVE brothers she has, what a house full!

Chen Qi is the first and eldest brother who is played by Ken Zhu, and by the looks of it he is a weatherman! Haha! He is protective of his sister. Chen Cheng is the second eldest brother who is played by Lan Jun Tian, I have not seen him in any dramas I don’t think, so I shall see his performance. In the drama he looks like a fashion designer to me but he is also very protective of his sister. Chen Zhuan is the third eldest, but he is also one of a twin, this character is played by Ding Chun Cheng, I have not seen him in any dramas either, but in this drama he is extremely clever and very protective of his sister. The fourth brother is Chen He, the twin of Chen Zhuan. He is played by Godfrey Gao, he is a sportsman the complete opposite to his twin. Like his four other brothers he is protective like the rest of them. They try to take down any men in pursuit of Chen Tao Hua, which I think is a bit childish really. The final and last brother is Yu Yi (Jing Wong) and his brothers don’t really take much notice of him, but Chen Tao Hua tries to involve him in a lot and sticks up for him as well so he doesn’t feel as invisible.


To me this drama is obviously, going to turn into a love triangle, and it’s obvious who is going to win and who is going to win the girls heart, and who is going to lose it. Jiro Wang is starring as Shi Lang, to be honest I really love Jiro’s acting and I’m quite happy to be watching another drama with him as a main character as I enjoyed watching his performance in ToGetHer and hopefully his acting will be as good if not better than ToGetHer. He has cut his hair!!! Very stylish..and yummy 😛 Cyndi Wang, I have seen before in Smiling Pasta, which is one of my all time favorite dramas and I do think her acting is very cute and shy, so hopefully this collaboration of Cyndi and Jiro will make some good chemistry!

Their first meeting by the bus stop did leave some kind of impression on me (ref ep 1) as they look straight at eachother with a meaningful gaze, so that shows me these two main characters will definitely have chemistry in the future, which is a very good start. Their awkward silences between eachother (ref ep 1 & 3) shows there is some underlying feelings between them which also gives the drama a very good starting advantage.

I feel sorry for Yu Yi as the ‘odd one’ who sort of got pushed out, is made to sacrifice, in the first episode his room and then he has to do all sorts of things to try and please his brothers, which he seems to never be able to do. He gets forced into a lot of things he really doesn’t want to do, and because the older four brothers seem to pair up he is the only one left out, but he shares a much closer relationship with Tao Hua by the looks of things, yet what he does in order to stop Tao Hua liking Shi Lang, and editing the photo (ref ep 2) is a bit far. The fact Tao Hua beats Shi Lang at judo is quite funny but it deja vu…how they kiss..it reminds me very much of Smiling Pasta (ref ep 2). I also find Chen Qi’s remark hilarious “It’s okay if you lose, big brother will help you get even.”

You can tell Tao Hua, begins to like Shi Lang, as over a series of scenes, she gets ever more curious about this mysterious Shi Lang, that in the drama we have much yet to learn. She starts to, see him in daydreams and sees his face everywhere which is a clear sign she’s starting to like him (ref ep 2) but we don’t get to see much of Shi Lang’s reaction except from when he isn’t angered by the accidental kiss instead he feels all ‘odd’ about it and around her. Tao Hua is so sheltered from love, but Cyndi makes it pure and cute. It’s sweet how all her brothers decide to help her out in love!


The brothers I don’t understand, they can obtain…photos, videos and information on all these people, and on Shi Lang and Tao Hua in seconds..which makes me think they’re like a brother mafia; its kind of over obsessive to how protective they are of Tao Hua. For example; the video of Shi Lang helping Tao Hua after she runs out into the traffic (ref ep 2) and he saves her; which is so cute may I add! I have also come to notice, that the family all have very vivid imaginations on things and jump too fast to conclusions which tends to land them all in silly situations. The acting from all of these brothers is very good, and I really enjoy watching the comedy that they put together, they all seem very close in general which helps the drama along as they are comfortable in eachothers presence.

The parents return (ref ep 3) and by the looks of it they seriously favor Tao Hua over the five boys. In a way I understand why her mum wanted a girl; at the time of having all those five boys she felt it impossible to have a girl and therefore she’d be lonely as the only female with no one to have a special daughter/mother bond with, unlike the father who has the opportunity to  bond with all the five boys differently to the mother.

I look forward to the next episode; but I will be uploading reviews in chunks as always!