I notice that the drama is slowly turning romantic, as we are finally getting under way in this drama. The love triangle isn’t as obvious as I thought it would be at around this time of this drama; but it is still there, I’m just wondering when it is decided to come into play.


The pressure from Zhen Zhen on the other hand is beginning to kick in, slowly you notice her jealousy seeping through as Pi Dan tells her how the relationship between Da Feng and Fu An is progressing, but Da Feng on the other hand seems to have let her slip and only remembers her when he wants to, or when she is seen or when she interferes. Da Feng has self realization (rep ep 9) and how he wants to go back, he realizes that Fu An really does care for him and that he is having second thoughts on how he should be living his second chance at life.

Yang Yang surprises me with how much he actually knows and just how wise he really is (rep ep 9). He actually decides to play Zhen Zhen at her own game and can also read her like a book. The grandfather as well knows a lot; well more than I thought about Da Feng and Zhen Zhen’s complicated relationship they both have…and he definitely is a scheming old man (ref ep 10).


I like how even though Da Feng is meant to be lulling her into a false sense of security he is falling in love with her in the process, without realizing it himself; he gets jealous which then makes him follow Dong Jie and Fu An on their date. On their date he somehow by fluke I would say ends up protecting her and stops Fu An and Dong Jie from getting hurt. The letter he leaves her along with the gift he gives to her; gives me the feeling that it comes from the heart rather than just the lie he is trying to create.

I have noticed that the family aren’t so greedy for the money, and they are thinking less of the money and more of the people; unfortunately they still have more progress to make because small opportunities or chances make them revert back the money power hungry people they were when they first met Fu An and Pi Dan. Zhen Zhen on the other hand is definitely in a different situation now that she’s ‘together’ with Yang Yang as they are both playing the same game and we all know that Zhen Zhen is playing with fire but then again they could really fall for eachother.


It was too easy for Da Feng to get Fu An’s acceptance to his proposal after such a short amount of time but also after what he has done to her, but luckily Zhen Zhen’s true colours are being shown bit by bit because of this and Da Feng is clearly prolonging the plans they had to spend the time with Fu An; as he has either completely changed how he feels or he is confused by his feelings.

I have noticed that Grandpa Wang Cai is definitely up to something…by the smirk on his face when Da Feng fainted after drinking his drink and also his hospital results seem strange (rep ep 10). I think Grandpa Wang Cai is doing it for two reasons; 1) to mess the family up and this will cause their true colours to be forced to the surface but also create enough time to see who is to blame before their plans are changed and 2) to see Da Feng’s true feelings towards Fu An.


Sadly, he tries to push Fu An away so she won’t be lonely when he ‘goes’. I think that’s really pure and in a sense has already clarified how he feels for Xie Fu An, but there are still many obstacles to pass for these two loved ones.

I will do the last 7 episodes in one huge chunk, I will detail it and do it to the best of my ability because I am sure many of my review readers are impatient with waiting for what I have to say. Not only that but I also have many other dramas to review so I had better get my skates on!

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