Over the past 13 episodes Ruby and Wallace’s acting has not faltered at all, which I think is spectacular. They don’t only act as though their feelings are genuine; their emotions and acting are realistic. They show all of this to their friends and family in the drama as well. Which I think is and importance and key to a brilliant drama. I have also begun to get used to their over dubbed voices; this I don’t find such a burden to the drama anymore, the actions and the way the drama is set up completely overwrites that minor problem.


Jing Jing’s feelings and emotions really are deep with concern to her past (ref ep 12). Yun Xiang also holds deep feelings and concerns regarding the past and everything that happened.

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo’s chemistry isn’t just convincing it is very natural; their body language together I think is superb! To me they look like a real couple, even after she finds out his identity, you can see it as though it is being played out before your very eyes. I think it’s wonderful to finally find another drama like this as I don’t always enjoy watching fake feelings. You can feel their emotions in this drama even if they are only a character.


Ming Ming is getting a change of heart towards Fan Yang after what he did for her, it’s cute how her cold demeanor is becoming warmer, and she also seems very happy around him and enjoys the praise he gives her. I like the gradual feelings that Ming Ming and Fan Yang build for eachother. They are beginning to show curiousity about eachother and caring more for one another. They try to help eachother in work and their conversations between one another is less tense (ref ep 13).

Ming Ming unexpectedly meets Yun Xiang; as the drama progresses the fact Yun Xiang keeps getting light headed, dizzy or even ends up fainting clearly indicates that this will subtly build up and create some kind of problem or climax to the drama in the future (ref ep 13). I also now understand why Fan Yang, was so startled after seeing Yun Xiang on the floor, I can see their connection to one another now.


Li Na, still irritates me. Her pursuits of Cheng Gao are successful but she still holds a grudge against Jing Jing? She also seems to interfere with her personal matters ¬¬. Dan Dan still prefers Jing Jing over Li Na. I can see Li Na is targeting Cheng Gao’s heart through Dan Dan’s acceptance of her. Which even though it’s nice she is trying it is confusing Dan Dan because she is only young but she isn’t doing it with complete honesty and not by herself she is using Dan Dan as a booster and starting point.

So, very subtly things are beginning to change and take form in the drama. I look forward to seeing these changes unfold as I continue to watch and review this drama! Keep checking for more updates!