Okay, this is the second chunk of Momo Love, that I will be reviewing. I am taking a long time with my reviews because as you all know Christmas is getting very close and everyone and everything is very hectic, I still have presents to buy! I took some time out though to review this for you guys! So, enjoy..

As this drama carries on, you begin to notice just how sweet this drama is. Cyndi Wang (Momo/ Tao Hua) and Jiro Wang (Shi Lang) are actually working together very well. When Tao Hua really tries to contact Shi Lang (Ref Ep 4) through her MP3 player, I thought that was really heartwarming, but also how naive and just besotted she was when she stumbled with her words. Their conversations over the phone, they immediately lit up when they received a text from one another. They’re so funny when they’re together, they have the same personalities as eachother, the way they talk included. They’re both naive and cute characters, I can’t wait to see how this drama pans out.

The brothers, and the sister, are each way too over protective of eachother, they believe that their sibling is not fit for eachother, which I think is a bit cruel considering it should be those two who decide on that, as it is their life. Both younger siblings’ are being smothered with kindness. After just meeting Shi Lang’s older sister I can already notice she is a feminist and that she is just as over protective of her little brother as the brothers to Tao Hua are. A bit ironic really. Tao Hua’s brothers though, to follow her around, to prevent her from being happy is a bit ridiculous, but funny at the same time (Ref Ep 4). I do love how Chen Cheng and Xiao Xue are just like Shi Lang and Tao Hua; inexperienced in love. For Shi Lang and Tao Hua to get them together is actually really sweet. Though I forgot Yu Yi likes her, dear of him.  Oh God, Chen Cheng and Xiao Xue are so funny like a bickering couple LOL (Ref Ep5). Why on earth do they have hairdryers in the toilets? Can someone please tell me? (Ref Ep 5).

I find the day that they spend together, really sweet. As they’re both inexperienced with love and have no idea about loves sincerity etc, and they are in a way teaching eachother. I think that their older siblings’ should respect this, rather than to follow them around, because Shi Lang and Tao Hua have to hide from the older siblings’ and even cheat them to even spend a day together. I’m amazed that when Chen Cheng is on his own he actually is quite honest and blunt with the truth, I have new found respect for him.

I hate obstacles like siblings’ because it makes it harder on the two because of their over protection. The sibling characters play these parts really well, yet I am actually beginning to get irritated by them. I hope that the siblings’ begin to realize the extent of their over protection. Finally! Qi Ge, is thinking about Tao Hua, and giving her some leverage! Hahaha, Shi Lang behind Xiao Xue and Cheng Ge, with bread and drink; nothing like a live show eyyy? (Ref Ep 5).

Wow, the brothers are actually trying to help the two, and maybe not in the most efficient way, but it’s a start. I think Yu Yi, has found someone he likes; Dong Hui Qi!  Yet, I think his imagination scares me. I can’t stop laughing at the dance in the toilets; LOLOL (Ref Ep 5). I do feel kind of sorry for Tao Hua though, she really tries and that girl just steps on her feelings. Omg…Calvin enters, after five episodes! Yet, what an awkward moment (Ref Ep 5). I like how Cheng Ge straightens Shi Lang out though. If he’s never given out that photo before, how come she has one? I love her brothers though LOLOL. Oh dear, you can see the problem already between all the characters. Yu Yi’s daydreaming, is really beginning to freak me out. All the brothers are so easy and troublesome at the same time, and it’s so funny.

I don’t like the new girl, she’s really hurting Tao Hua, which I think is really cruel, considering Tao Hua and Shi Lang were really getting into some kind of relationship. I don’t think Shi Lang knows anything about Dong Hui Qi’s feelings, or he’s trying to ignore them, and she is a LIAR. I HATE HER. Poor Tao Hua. I don’t think Shi Lang knows anything about this so called ‘engagement’. Yeah, she really is a liar using really horrible tricks on everyone, and deceiving people. I really hate her and her ways, but being honest and blunt I must admire her for. Hui Qi, is definitely the spoilt brat in this drama. I think on the other hand, I’m going to like Calvin in this drama, which is the first time I’ve liked the other guy in a love competition 😀

I just realized, if Hui Qi is trying to copy Tao Hua, because she has the fear of losing and ends up joining the judo club, Hui Qi is going to be having her ass kicked. Okay, Tao Hua kicks ass at judo, I think Hui Qi should start getting scared (Ref Ep 6). Oh I think I love Calvin! Though, you can tell he has a secret crush on Tao Hua already and is jealous of Shi Lang. Ahahaha, she owned him (Ref Ep 6). I think he will be capable, of buttering up the four brothers. I don’t understand, how is crush can develop to love in a matter of days? Then again this is a drama xD. Umm, I’ m beginning to wonder about Zhi Qiang’s sexuality. He pretends to be gay for help off the brothers?! Okay, this guy is definitely smart.

I’m getting more excited as I see the plot unravel before me, and I really hope that Tao Hua and Shi Lang can fight through it, no matter how much I may like Zhi Qiang, I love Tao Hua and Shi Lang!