Okay, Christmas and New Year are over, I decided to welcome in this New Year with the next review of Momo Love! Autumn’s Concerto and Hi, My Sweetheart won’t be far behind, just sit tight. So, enjoy the following review!

During, the beginning of episode 7, even if this is a romantic comedy, there is a plot to the story, even if the story is far fetched and much more over the top; it is still the storyline. A love square; Shi Lang, Tao Hua, Hui Qi and Zhi Qiang. Yet, only two of these four will triumph (Shi Lang and Tao Hua).

Their characters, are really strange, as I haven’t seen Calvin Chen in any other drama except Romantic Princess neither have I seen Li Jia Ying who plays Hui Qi. In this drama; quite honestly, I like neither of them. Their acting isn’t exactly great as they are both seemingly in characters that don’t suit them. Even if Calvin Chen is quite good looking I don’t like his character in this drama, and he cannot fake cry even if this drama is an over the top, and blatant in your face drama, the least he could do is learn to cry properly. Yet, I guess that comes with practice in acting. I think that Zhi Qiang’s role is actually quite creepy, but I have to hand it to him; he plays the brothers at their own games.

Cyndi Wang; hasn’t actually had that much in experience in the acting field, I have seen a lot of her previous dramas, but she has become a successful actor as she has progressed during her dramas, her intimacy scenes with romance like kissing, needs some more work to produce a proper kiss! Personally I cannot enjoy a good romance drama if the intimate scenes between the two love birds aren’t efficient. I know that Tao Hua’s personality is pure, sheltered and naive but seriously she cannot be that naive as to what Zhi Qiang is actually trying, nor can she notice the change in her brothers when Zhi Qiang comes to get her, compared to how they treat Shi Lang. She is both naive and dense ( Ref Ep 7).

I am beginning to get irritated by the brothers, yes they are meant to be loving and caring, but the way they treat Tao Hua is just so annoying, because let’s be serious she’s a big enough girl, to have a life of her own. They really like hurting Shi Lang and Tao Hua; as their relationship isn’t exactly stable yet! So, Zhi Qiang kisses Tao Hua (Ref Ep 7) though it was clearly forced…Shi Lang runs away?! I do, feel really upset for the both of them, Tao Hua did nothing wrong and became misunderstood, and Shi Lang doesn’t understand the whole story 😦

I like how Zhuan Ge and He Ge, actually  begin to do something to help Tao Hua, instead of being a hindrance, and they attempt to help both Tao Hua and Shi Lang (Ref Ep 7). I also never noticed until now how much charm He Ge actually has 😛 Yet Hui Qi, is unbelievably a spoilt child, underneath her cute exterior is an ugly interior. After all that hard work, Tao Hua doesn’t give up on him and she finally manages to say what she has wanted to say after all this time, and Shi Lang kisses her! Qi Ge on the other hand (Ref Ep 8) I lose a lot of respect for him, over Tao Hua’s feelings he’s thinking of his job status, after finding out that the old man is Zhi Qiang’s father.

Zhi Qiang’s father, is actually quite brutal and goes to such petty lengths to get what he wants, I take back what I said about Qi Ge, he really does love his sister, and due to Tao Hua finding out their secret room (Ref Ep 8) she’s obviously going to accept the proposal and sacrifice her love for her brother. I think on the other hand that Shi Lang should stop being blinded by anger and start to actually see the bigger picture, and how Tao Hua is actually feeling! Though, Calvin may not be making the situation for her any better at least he’s not as arrogant and pig headed and can see the tough situation Tao Hua is in.

So that box is her box filled with precious memories of Shi Lang (Ref Ep 8). To be honest, Yu Yi is the only one that can get through to Tao Hua, and he sees and hears everything, he’s like a wise owl.  The brothers really shouldn’t be left to their own devices, they’re dangerous, even if they are trying to help. Zhi Qiang and Shi Lang are fighting over Tao Hua using Judo! Wow, Shi Lang really can’t do anything without Tao Hua (Ref Ep 8).

Zhuan Ge and Yu Yi’s fighting, makes me laugh so much (Ref Ep 9) but at least they are now all trying to do what is best for Tao Hua, rather than seeing her go through something she hates. Those texts, they sent her actually makes me think the brothers are so cute, and that Tao Hua really is what is hold them together. I think Yu Yi is terrific, he found the box and is showing it to Shi Lang (Ref Ep 9). I love how the tables have turned, rather than trying to get rid of Shi Lang, they’re helping Tao Hua, hahahaha.

FINALLY, they get to be together, and everything actually comes together, they kiss and omg…that’s just too cute! I love how Yu Yi tries to comfort Hui Qi as well 🙂 I’d feel just like Tao Hua, if I went over to Shi Lang’s house and met his dad acting like that haha (Ref Ep 9).

Zhi Qiang, makes me laugh, and his imagination you’ve got to hand it to him, in my opinion now that the whole arranged marriage thing has happened, Tao Hua and Shi Lang are so much more happy and the drama is smooth sailing. In Episode 9, everyone has come together, and I actually think it’s cute to watch.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the new drama review, I will upload the next ones when they’re ready. Hope you all had a great Christmas, and wish all of my readers a Happy New Year!