Well, this is my second installment of: Hi, My Sweetheart! Recently, I have realized that I have a lot of reviews to speed up on, I have to complete as many as possible of recent new dramas but also do Black & White (which I have left on hold) Sound of Colours, and Love Contract. I will try to upload them, within my spare time! So enjoy, the next review of Hi, My Sweetheart!

So Episode 6 begins, three years into the future, and it Bao Zhu, still waits for Da Lang who has now taken back his original name Xue Hai. I noticed, that there are still old traits in Xue Hai; randomly falling asleep, jutting out his chin and his sensitivity (Ref Ep 6). He still, dresses in pink; like the Pink Panther and his driving skills match Bao Zhu’s; so both of them have come away from the relationship with different things they have learned and felt from one another. I love that, just by her voice he knows it’s her; and so the rollercoaster jolts into the dramas great storyline…

The flashbacks, I actually really like in this drama, because the memories of this drama between the two are meaningful, the whole idea and the storyline for this drama is different but they effect me as the viewer so much more as it is a change to watch, rather than the normal cliche dramas I have watched.

Xue Hai, is irresistibly Da Lang all over, like his little random thought outbursts, they make me laugh! No matter how hard “Da Lang” hides it, his true personality floods back when he’s with Bao Zhu. I love how many more Da Lang moments, are becoming frequent as the drama goes along. I noticed that now Bao Zhu only wants love; she no longer holds expectations in men, she changed because of Da Lang. Xue Hai, knows exactly how to irritate Bao Zhu, so he does that to bring back her fiery personality (Ref Ep 7). When Xue Hai turns back to Da Lang when he’s drunk it’s so cute (Ref Ep 9). Quite honestly, Episode 9, the kissing scene (spoiler, if you haven’t watched!) one of the best kissing scenes i’ve seen in a long time!

One thing that gets me is that she cannot figure out it’s Da Lang, because Da Lang was always not too good at lying, she just refuses to believe he’s back, and because of the incident that he has the heart to change too. All the clues are flashing her in the face, yet she doesn’t notice. I hate how Bao Zhu agrees to be Yang Feng’s boyfriend when Da Lang, is right in front of her (Ref Ep 8). Even if in his mind, he wants revenge on Bao Zhu, in Xue Hai’s heart, he still loves her and she also loves her Da Lang no matter how much she tries to forget. To me it’s almost as if they are going around in circles, at first she found Da Lang, irritating then warmed up to him.

The two sisters, are exactly the same; always bickering like an old couple haha! Yet, as always the eldest sister is up to her tricks again, being irritating as always, yet she has been like that from the start, you begin to get used to it. The 2nd sister, I didn’t see much of her in the beginning, now she seems to have a bigger role, I can understand that she is trying to help Da Lang, as they both think she hurt him, as they never knew the whole story, behind what happened to Bao Zhu, which aggravates me a little bit, but I’m sure everything will come to the surface in the end. I hated when they were drunk, their memories flooded back and they were more clear headed than they are sober, yet when they are sober they are blinded with some kind of ill feeling towards eachother and they don’t even know why! The fact after all that drama, that she cannot see he is Da Lang…how is it not obvious?! (Ref Ep 10).

As always, his jealousy is still child like and cute, I guess he can’t keep up face for very long at one time, it’d be nice for them both to realize that together the people they want to be is becoming more and more solid, when they are together, rather than being apart. On the other hand, Yang Feng, is a nice guy but he still irritates me, fair enough loving Bao Zhu all this time, I have to hand him that he is persistant and patient but to keep pestering her when ‘Da Lang’ will always be the one in her heart. On that note, I prefer Da Lang’s old room mates, not these new people. Just thought I’d add that in. Mo Li and Ye Qian return…ughh…as expected (Ref Ep 10).

All the way through this, even knowing Rainie Yang and Show Lo, are close friends behind scenes, their chemistry is so enjoyable to watch, whether they are pouting at eachother, being romantic, falling for eachother, angry with one another, turning a scene into a comedy, it’s enjoyable to watch. I love their acting together, they should do dramas more often with one another. They give me that lovely warm feeling, that makes me smile watching the drama, even sometimes in sad moments, because you know in the end everything is going to be okay. When he dresses as Da Lang, for her to see him again, actually made me cry (Ref Ep 10). I know though, she will find out, she will see the truth, and everything will be resolved.

Well, I look forward to the next few episodes, I don’t think there will be aroud 25 episodes, because that’ll drag a bit too long. I feel the episodes will be shorter. I look forward, to the next episodes updates, I hope you enjoyed my review!