This is finally, my next installment for Autumn’s Concerto, just to let you know Momo Love isn’t far behind! The next few episodes seems to be proper heartwrenchers so stay reading my reviews and the ones to come!

Tuo Ye really is too hot headed about Guang Xi setting up the whole village, when he clearly hasn’t got a clue. The way the villagers treat Guang Xi is a bit rude at the start of Episode 11 as they have no proof. The way Mu Cheng looks at Guang Xi when he leaves, it’s as if he’s feeling an emotion he cannot understand. Tuo Ye is blinded by jealousy; it’s about time he let go. I don’t like Chi Xin that much, I feel bad for her when she is rejected by Tuo Ye even if she is simple minded, she still has every right as everyone else to want to be loved. It’s nice that they give Guang Xi a second chance because slowly his old memories and personality is coming back.

In a way I do like Yi Qian for being a nice person but I have personally never liked love triangles that are this complex, and there is soon to be a time when she will begin to lose him, and turn to selfishness. Out of all the characters, she will be the one hurt the most, because she never thought that Mu Cheng would one day reappear, that Xiao Le maybe want to find his dad. It’s a cruel trick of fate, but she in a way wanted him to herself, she was already being selfish without realizing it, and quietly obeyed Guang Xi’s mother.

Even with no memory of before the 6 years, he is still affected by Mu Cheng deeply and Xiao Le, he can feel a connection much deeper for the both of them but doesn’t know why. Ren Guang Xi and Xiao Le really are like father like son, yet without even noticing. Tuo Ye and Guang Xi are having minor competition with no need to be, but it’s just their links from before.

It’s ironic, how they go back to Sheng De University where everything began and the beginning for the two of them, memories. It’s even more ironic, that they are both locked in the same room, where they found the bird and he told her that story; deja vu. He is slowly recollecting his memories through flashbacks. I think without realizing it Mu Cheng wanted Guang Xi the man she loves to come back to her and for him to remember, by going back into that room, but she didn’t realize she had done it until his flashbacks begin. It must be an awkward situation for her, because she must want to tell him she was in that room with him before, but she can’t for the sake of everyone and everything else, including the lies that she has been forced to keep.

He desperately wants to remember. I really feel sorry for him in his situation when he says living his life is like living a life of a complete stranger, and slowly Mu Cheng is revealing to him the truth about him, his childhood and his past. I love how his progress to becoming the old him, is becoming visible. As I watch him slowly remembering, I still feel sadness watching Mu Cheng endure it, since his remembering is taking such a long time. She really is brave.

When Tuo Ye’s mother tells Guang Xi about how Mu Cheng came to be at the village, I really wanted him to remember, and when Xiao Le said Guang Xi smells like his dad, that really wanted to make me cry, yet I really pity Tuo Ye. He knows he can’t win but he still tries so hard. I love how he remembers in the thunder, just like the night they stayed together, that’s the flashback. The conversation they are having (Ref Ep 12) is so awkward, for her since she for one has to talk about herself as another person and him as someone else. Frustrating!

Personally I think Yi Qian and Tu Ye match together better, and also those two are completely unaware of what is about to happen. The reaction on Yi Qian and Mu Cheng’s face; explain everything. Aww the god of bathwater, that’s so cute. They really do, have a relationship that isn’t just of friendship, since I would never ever see a man quite so willingly get in a bath with a child they knew for a month.

She still has that photo of the two of them together, he really is connected, you can see the sorrow, that he feels like he doesn’t want to leave. I also noticed that Yi Qian isn’t all that nice and sweet, I do feel sorry for her but you can sense something bad is coming, and that his mother is a real stick in the mud. Mu Cheng, did never hurt Guang Xi, she did it because she was forced, I feel bad that Mu Cheng gets it aimed at her. I can understand, both of their feelings and arguments, but it was all instigated by Guang Xi’s MOTHER.

It’s cute how Tuo Ye tells her, his feelings…but the problem is even if she reluctantly agrees, she doesn’t love him and cannot reciprocate these feelings. She is trying so much harder than Yi Qian to be strong. She is doing it because she wants him to be happy and she is keeping to what she was told to do. That is far harder, than anything. To keep in those tears of sorrow and mask it with happiness. The moment between Guang Xi and Xiao Le, is so amazing, but with so much sorrow, you just want to scream Xiao Le is his.

Oh dear, Xiao Le goes after Guang Xi, and meets his grandmother without even knowing. Talk about deja vu. He faints oh dear 😦 and then once again everyone meets….like fate giving them all a cruel twist. Xiao Le brings them together, maybe for the best, but to get to the green grass it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

No matter though, how much I hate her, she didn’t know anything about Mu Cheng or Guang Xi and their relationship or what really happen, she does what she did based on what Guang Xi’s mother told her, and looked after him for so long, no wonder she would fall in love with him. How they all race to donate blood, and she denies Guang Xi for the simple reason, he’d find out he’s Xiao Le’s father.

So, Yi Qian discovers the truth, and Guang Xi’s mother really does hate Mu Cheng, yet I really don’t see why, and yet again treats her like rubbish. I hate that woman. I can understand Tuo Ye is trying to do good, but his natural hate before Guang Xi, is just proving there is a past that needs to be covered up, and Guang Xi really cannot answer half the questions Tuo Ye blames Guang Xi for.

Guang Xi, seems as if he is going to regret being with Yi Qiang, he is clearly drawn to Xiao Le by the natural instincts of a father, which pains Yi Qian because she has to lie, but Mu Cheng has had to hide it for much much longer. That professor, I really like him, he actually gives Guang Xi a straight answer, that is neither a lie, nor the truth; but instead an open doorway, to the answer he wants. He finds it, in the bracelet that has always been a link to his past, he really has opened Pandora’s box.

The way he changes instantly, to who he was before he met Mu Cheng, blaming it all on Mu Cheng is a misunderstanding. They are both now in full turmoil, he doesn’t realize the reason Mu Cheng really had to leave, and also she won’t admit because she is too scared, but also now doesn’t want Guang Xi to hate his mum, more than he already does. Now, they’re all going to have to go through another bad battle, to only finally realize the truth.

In a way, I am happy, I know it will all turn out well in the end, even if he only does want to marry Mu Cheng to let them both have Xiao Le, but you know he will find out the truth of what his mother has done in the end, and love will once again reign over the two. I like how Yi Qian and Guang Xi leave on good terms. It’s nice, maybe he is slowly beginning to see that maybe Mu Cheng didn’t do it because she didn’t want to, she had to. He also still doesn’t get the picture about Tuo Ye and her either. Which is REALLY irritating.

Vanness Wu, really has astounded me with his acting, I have never seen him on his own in a drama, apart from Peach Girl, but this is amazing. He really has talent and skill, Ady An can really pack a punch with her acting also. Together the chemistry is just fizzing and really boiling over.

Anyway, this review is extremely long, I’m sorry. I shall upload Momo Love ASAP. I also look forward to the next episodes to come, as you can see Pandora’s box is going to be solved.