February 2010

This is, the beginning of Perfect Girl Revolution reviews. This drama is a very light hearted and humorous drama, by how over the top the actors/actresses are. Sunako, is the unladylike girl, who receives help from four of the most handsome boys, they help in order to get free rent. Sunako, is very gothic and has very different tastes to normal girls, she has 3  plastic dolls who she counts as her best friends, and loves chocolate. Kyohei and Sunako are the two main characters you should watch out for as love blossoms. Kamenashi Kazuya, is Kyohei, and his acting is on form as usual, and manages to make me laugh, I have seen all the dramas that he has been in, and he is progressing well as an actor. Oomasu Aya, is Sunako and I have never seen a drama with her in, I think she suits the part, because her actions are over the top which fits in well with the whole drama. As, each episode goes on, something out of the ordinary happens regarding the four boys and Sunako, which is absolutely hilarious. Takeru is the little boy host, and the son of the owner of the mansion.

So, I find that this drama has potential for a good and cheesy drama, and I haven’t watched one quite as cheesy as this in a long time. I noticed that Kyohei and Sunako always have the limelight in each episode, I can understand they are the main characters but so are the three other boys, but they are merely side stories. I am not complaining I absolutely adore watching Sunako and Kyohei develop in feelings and as people, to slowly come together, yet it’d be nice to see more of the other three boys. Takeru, is touched on a bit more than the three boys ( Yukinojo, Ranmaru and Takenaga). As he has that feeling of being left alone from his mother who is out finding her true love. I do like it when she reappears and tries to arrange a marriage for Sunako (Ref Ep 4). Yet Kyohei, not understanding his feelings and slowly coming to terms with it pulls Sunako out of the situation, as he has done in every other episode since.

I noticed that over the first few episodes, it is trying to show just how different Sunako is from other girls, she doesn’t obsess over the four like other girls do, and she doesn’t treat them like royalty, she actually cares more for her 3 plastic dolls, which is why Kyohei is so attracted, and yet he doesn’t realize it. He won’t admit it no matter how many times the people around him, tell him. I find this drama hilarious, and so heart warming. As normal, Sunako will melt the coldness of Kyohei’s heart, and change everyone else in the mansion on her quest to becoming a lady, and the 4 boys quests in reverting her. Sunako’s cooking is the first things that Kyohei notices about Sunako (Ref Ep1), and slowly gradually as if by instinct he notices all of the other good things about her, as does the people who come into contact with her. Ever since Kyohei picked out her good qualities, he watches over her and protects her by habit and a forceful need to do so.

Everyone in the house with her, absolutely love her because she is so kind hearted, even if her appearance is a bit creepy. She looks after them all, and tries to help even if she finds each one of them too ‘bright’. When she is the target for an accident Kyohei always seems to bring her back to her normal self by calling her ‘Ugly-Sunako’. Since her reason for being how she is, is behind confessing her feelings and suffering from rejection, quite…badly if I say so myself. Kyohei, due to being so good looking gets a ridiculous amount of girls all over him, that is why he hates his appearance, so both of the main characters have something in common. Kyohei, has a lot of pride, he will say he doesn’t care or he won’t do something because he wants to show he can handle himself and no one cares to him, but he always helps in the end no matter who they are that needs the help.

The three boys, are all different, yet with their mixed personalities, they help Kyohei understand and grow, as does Kyohei do the same. Their mixed personalities, make them great friends even if they argue or fallout, yet they don’t seem to realize quite how much they care for eachother. Each of them, have changed from the first episode due to Sunako and what she teaches them, like Sunako’s persistance and care on Valentine’s day made Yukinojo confident to pursue his love. She tries to help them all, but she does have a much deeper bond with Kyohei then the other. Sunako and Takeru have a bond also, as Takeru looks up to Sunako like a mother whilst his real mother is away, he wants security and attention, like every normal kid.

So, that is my first review on Perfect Girl Revolution. I look forward to watching the next episode, though I would like to see a bit more detailed preview, they are so bitty. Well, keep watching out, Autumn’s Concerto Final review will be out soon and also more updates on Perfect Girl Revolution!


As you all know, this is the end of Hi, My Sweetheart and of the Rainie and Show collaboration in their first drama. This drama even with the downs is all in all a very light drama compared to others. It is funny, sad, serious and happy. Rainie and Alan worked exceptionally well together as we all know off screen they are good friends. Their kissing, was probably the best kissing I have seen in a while, they weren’t still like planks. Both idols have improved from the last dramas I had seen, Rainie is more fluent with her acting as she gets stuck in she moves and feels the emotion rather than try too hard to show it, and Show is just getting more funny and delightful to watch as time goes on. Them together was a spectacular choice as the bond and chemistry was there, so those two I would definitely like to see more of in the future!

So, Episode 11 is the kick start of the turn of events, as Hsueh Hai digs himself an even bigger hole of lies to tell Bao Zhu, such as ‘Da Lung’ is married, which obviously devastates Bao Zhu. In a way I can understand how Hsueh Hai feels, he wants the illusion he created 3 years ago to disappear from her heart, so that he can pursue her with his real, original self. Though things like this are never as easy as it may seem. In fact it’s harder, as he knows he has changed quite a lot due to believing that she abandoned him, and when the truth comes out I guess he continues to hide it because he’s ashamed that he can’t match up to who he was, and he can only move forward and once again try to get back the attributes he once had. Bao Zhu, now with this knowledge wants to move forward, if she can. So, she goes back to where it all began to remember and to wipe a clean slate, she wallows in her old memories one last time and attempts to seal them, but she had treasured someone so much that of course the memories would make a return..but hey, this is of course a drama, nothing will ever stay like that.

Mo Li and Hsueh Hai, do not get my started. I do not understand why Da Jie, has an obsession to get them together. It’s completely obvious Hsueh Hai is occupied with his first love, but then again she is a senile and mad older…sister…very older sister. Mo Li, clearly likes him; sort of. She is so nice so I can’t hate her like I should hate the ‘villain’ so to speak. It was obvious that Senior and Mo Li, would figure out who Hsueh Hai WAS. They are outside the box, where as Bao Zhu is in the mix of things, but I don’t understand how she doesn’t figure out who he is when he turns up at the University next to her (Rep Ep 11) or just by his mannerisms.

Out of both the sisters, I prefer Er Jie, she’s so much more happy go lucky, and tries to help as best as she can rather than forcing actions on people, like how she tries to talk to Hsueh Hai through that speaker when Bao Zhu shows up requesting to see Da Lung again (Ref Ep 11). Back to Da Jie, the man that hangs around her is awfully fishy for my liking, you can tell something is going to happen involving him.

Of course, a lie never stays covered. All is revealed (Ref Ep 12). The worst part is, it tears the two apart, due to Hsueh Hai hiding it due to his hatred of being abandoned, and due to his change. It’s sad really, as soon as that happens, the shell around his real personality, the ‘Da Lung’ personality cracks at this moment, and her words tear right through him. I like that Senior actually let him go though, perhaps to explain, so for that I like him, but I wish she’d let him explain. Then I can understand her shock, due to a bombshell like that being dropped on her. It’s so sweet, he’s finally back the ‘Da Lung’ personality, and even still he remembers her habits and everything about her. I think due to her actions of being one tracked minded and so unreasonable, she doesn’t deserve Da Lung. For now (Ref Ep 12). I like Mo Li, as eventually she helps, even if Da Jie tried to push Hsueh Hai and Mo Li together, okay I take that back, what an awful trick saying their fate has ended. She knows how easy Hsueh Hai is to trick, okay now I do not like her. Hsueh Hai, clearly still loves her. So, the drama begins and the fire starts (Ref Ep 12). It reminds me of My Lucky Star, they finally admit everything under the pressure of death and all is clear. That is always the way, of dramas. The special effects are a bit over the top, but at the end of the day, it’s a good drama none the less.

I feel really sorry for Bao Zhu, she has forgiven him, re-opened her heart to Hsueh Hai and Da Lung, but…he remembers nothing of Hsueh Hai, or his family and only know his name is Da Lung. So now, rather than him chasing her, she has to chase him. As normal, a turn of events (Ref Ep 13).  He has disappeared, completely, and he has his mushroom hair back! Senior, once again is pushed back to the sidelines, yet his relaxed nature accepts it. The fishy man, I mentioned early…he definitely has something to do with the new events. To be fair, the Hsueh Hai was much more mature than Da Lung in a sense. Another love triange, with another girl involved?

I find it really nice, how finally she’s trying to bring him back, and taking on the old her as a punk. Though, that man is sly, trying to get money for his own debts. It’s hilarious when Bao Zhu, turns on the Pink Panther theme tune, and automatically the two dance (Ref Ep 13). Kidnapping, haha (Ref Ep 13). Everything, just seems to get worse and worse for them. I just want them to be together 😦 Even though he is back to Da Lung, and lost his memory…he still has in depth feelings for her, that he can’t explain, there is clearly fate and clearly a bond!  FINALLY, after such a traumatic and painful episode to watch, he remembers, but bloody well let’s her go 😦 I swear these dramas confuse me more by the episode. Now onwards to a finale!

It’s nice to see the light heartedness of the drama back again, and once again the old Da Lung who always seems to manage getting himself in trouble. Naive Da Lung 🙂 To be fair, only Show can pull off Ugly Mushroom Head and a good looking rich look to be honest. Haha, I love how they’ve taken up their original parts from in high school. It’s great to have a taster of them before the end! His random outbreaks of talking to himself (Ref Ep 14) LOVE DA LUNG!  Okay, I love how Bao Zhu got the random pause outbreaks for once! Haha! I love how they’re tricking eachother. He sings her Happy Birthday, I actually cried (Ref Ep 14). For once, neither are running away, forgetting or being forced from one another, and now they can finally begin again, and properly with no lies. I still think it funny, that Bao Zhu is an accident magnet, and yet Da Lung tries to prevent it and becomes part of the accident. Such a corny ending, to a light hearted, corny and cliche, yet great drama, they get married. Finally, together, after having come face to face and finally learning so much. I’m actually so happy.

So, I’m sad to say that is the ending to Hi, My Sweetheart. I love the two main idols together, I wish to see them together again in more dramas as they work really well together, and the chemistry is there, they can work well with eachother and get the acting just right with no sense of forced acting or too over the top. Even with a cliche and corny drama their emotions were realistic. The storyline may have been a tad bit random and dragged over episode 12 to 13, it still was a good drama all in all in the end, but most of all, the romance, and the kiss scenes were the best I’ve seen in a long while!

Keep a look out, for the final installment of Autumn’s Concerto and the first installment for Perfect Girl Revolution. All within good time, will be on here! Thankyou for viewing my reviews and using my page as a way to see what I have to say, and my opinions or maybe deciding to watch the dramas. Thankyou.