I live in a wet part of England, and I am female. I live in quite a multicultural environment due to some of my family being from Asia. I love watching anime/drama, reading, singing, drawing and writing…pretty basic stuff.

I love watching asian dramas and this blog should allow me to voice my opinions on the dramas I have seen or currently watching. Anime is something I watched for 2 years when I was young its what first introduced me to asian culture, I still like to watch or rewatch anime. I recently began reading manga, at first I got really confused since I didn’t know which way to read it until my younger sister who also reads manga had to tell me…I know…how down grading 😦

I am a huge bookworm, I read plenty of novels from the likes of Jane Austen…I don’t have a clue why..I like the Twilight Saga πŸ˜€ and any other books that catch my attention…I could live with a house full of books and asian dramas some mangas and animes and I’d be quite set for life.

I’m pretty lazy, I don’t like doing what I’m TOLD to do I prefer to be asked…it’s much nicer that way. When I really put my mind to something I will do it, and get a great sense of satisfaction once I’ve finished..but who doesn’t get that feeling?Β  I’m pretty mature but I obviously get my few funny 5 minutes where I let my hair down, but that happens quite regularly (: I love to laugh, I find almost anything entertaining, if its not then I turn it into something funny. I rarely get upset, since it’s really a waste, even though being angry and crying can really let you vent it out.

Well, I really don’t know what else to write, so I will do regular updates on dramas, anime, manga and movies since that is what this blog is for. To be honest these types of things are actually really clever (:

So keep checking for my updates! Thanks to anyone who does read or check my blogs πŸ˜€


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