Black & White

Sorry guys but currently, this drama I have to put on hold for the time being in order to catch up with a few reviews on Easy Fortune, Happy Life, but also simply because I don’t have the urge to watch something psychological at the moment, I really just need to watch light and simple dramas for the time being, as with school I am going under a lot of stress in preparation for end of year final exams. I hope you understand.


Okay this is the next part of Black & White, episodes…9 and 10, sorry about taking ages away as I have been literally busy and now it’s summer I have all the time in the world but I am also working, so just bare with me and also I’m trying to list all of the new drama’s I want to watch, and as I have seen most of Takuya Kimura’s works, I feel the need to watch his new drama, and also there are many others, thanks to DramaWiki I can keep up with them.

Anyway,Β quite honestly everything seems to always go wrong for the two, but Pi Zi makes a stupid joke out of it, so i just can’t not laugh! LOL the man with just a coat on, I couldn’t stop laughing at the start of an episode and it’s already funny. I really like how Pi Zi does that for Hero so that everything is okay again between the two, kind of pushing the girl I suppose he kind of likes away so that she can be happy. Ooft, there is definately chemistry between these two characters, they really pull off their parts well, but I am really confused STILL by the plot of this story, they definately blatently like eachother BUT there is little tiny plots of the whole main story that is really confusing, but I still hate how its kind of forbidden for the two 😦 (by the looks of it). Omg when Pi Zi sees that girl by that table my heart almost stopped and its that girl from last time! but kind of depressing and yet I feel sorry for him that she doesn’t realise that she is actually quite special to him 😦 That was kind of scary, but it also shows that his memories are coming back slowly, and he’ll finally understand who he is and what actually happened to him, even myself as the viewer understands what happened but I still can’t work out why and the link between him and the Company. The plot of the story is definately heating up, as I find little by little they are slowly unravelling the threads for the answer to the whole storyline, and I like it as I don’t have a chance to guess the outcome as things are always changing.

I love the song for the drama, ‘perfect stranger’ the song is great and actually fits with the drama storyline πŸ™‚ I also was yelling at the screen when Pi Zi says to Chen Lin, ‘your start is not with me’. He’s such a good frend to have said that, however, her start may not be with him yet the ending maybe πŸ˜€ So I shall wait until that moment when I can smile and grin like a cheshire cat πŸ™‚ One thing that irritated me beyond belief in episode 9 was those three girls that Pi Zi had to interview, well ‘Tian Mi Mi’ was the only one, her voice seriously annoyed me, and I don’t understand, maybe I missed the joke or what was happening, but WHY is it that their facial expressions change and its funny when they check her ID? Is she a man or something? Anyway, I still love how Pi Zi and Hero were shoved together, yet the way they act and do things is on either side of the scale. I still smile at it now.

What I found was cute was how he really wants to improve things with the girl, from his past, that he keeps her in it as she is so important to him and his life and trying so persistently to catch her attention, or make her realise. Personally, I think the ‘investigation department’ is a little fishy and it doesn’t fit right, and odd how they blame Xi Ying. I love his persistence (back to the girl again) as he finall succeeds and spends time with the girl from his past, but he just seems to want to hurl on that ride LOL and his expressions was priceless when he saw the other ride. I think it is rather adorable, and I think it sweet how he gives her the credit for his life changes and the promise they make about being family and not leaving eachother πŸ™‚

Chen Lin is so utterly drunk and she loses her shoes LOL and runs into the fountain?! She’s crazy when she’s cold. Okay it’s cute that Hero comforts her, but, I want her with Pi Zi! Okay, Hero is a little irritating, I want him with Xi Ying not Chen Lin. she’s meant to end up with Pi Zi! Though it’s good he apologised, and very mature of her to accept in those terms. I know it’s biased but I want Chen Lin with Pi Zi…hooded figure, so basically he’s the assasin? OMG :O


Holy, she dies O.O and Pi Zi was just getting a grasp, and could finally understand something.
Pi Zi, just breaks down 😦 I wonder if they killed Ke Le and Xiao mei, because they are emotionally connected to Pi Zi, if it’s true this story is definately going to get much more interesting. He just..sitting there in the wreckage, grieving 😦 Dear of him.. I find it sweet how Chen Lin tries so hard for him, and helps him as much as she can 😦 Yet, so much is revolving around Pi Zi and it gets more confusing as the storyline thickens. The Army is getting involved O.O that’s kind of scary.. What’s weird is Xiao Ma..helps him to his home? and then makes it difficult for other people to contact him? When Chen Lin goes to his home, I wonder who those two people are watching down on her?

Ugh, I get the creeps with Xiao Ma..:/ They both go to his, to see if he’s okay thats well nice of them πŸ™‚
I think Hero realises, Chen Lin will only care for Pi Zi , which hurts him a lot, and then Xiao Ma
drops his gun, oh god and sees the picture of that girl…:( I always get the feeling something bad will happen.
I feel so sorry for Pi Zi 😦 those memories must be so harsh on him, it actually made me cry…The thing that really makes me curious now is his past..That girl means so much to him, but I find it really nice and shows true friendship when Hero and Chen Lin go looking for Pi Zi.

Oh My Days, I couldn’t wait to review this, I was on the edge of my chair writing my notes and watching! So, I have now got time to review a full account. Due to my last review being really mismatched and completely random, due to my notes being fully skew whiff, I made a detailed account so I could remember. So, here goes..

As I watched this drama, I noticed that the other characters are very acceptable for their supporting roles, they gave me a really eery feeling, which fit really well with the drama’s plotline. In the previous review, I forgot to mention about Chief Cheng (I think)..he is so suspicious, from the previous episode. I’m beginning to dislike him, and I feel a bit sorry for the duo as they are trying so hard in their case.

The comedy and the way Vic (Pi Zi) portrays it is so funny (his car boot with a bag full of guns) he is so dense and naive, it makes it all the more funny, even though the jokes are cracked at the wrong moment, it just seems to fit in with the personalities of the characters. On from that note, Pi Zi, is becoming more and more into his status of a policeman, and he actually does something on his own for once, in a way it shows that he can be independant if needs be..but I wouldn’t put any money on him, he’s as clumsy as anything..but it’s cute (unfortunately as always it goes wrong, as usual..but oh my god, Hero knows how to sweet talk when he wants ;)!)

I still found it absolutely hilarious between the two, when they try and do something together and be a team and they go about them in the strangest of ways (putting Chen Lin’s phone in the bin?!). Their personalities completely compliment eachother really well, as sometimes opposites do attract (but by god, Pi Zi has huge erratic mood changes, he can turn them on and off at his will, he just broke out crying for the information off the..’supposed’ murderer of Lin Ke Le). I also.. like the logic in the drama, as usually I don’t watch these types of dramas but I find that this drama is making me think whereas usually the plot of a drama, to obvious when I’ve watched the first 2 episodes. The action goes really well and it’s not at all over the top like some dramas, the special effects seem quite minimal which is good for the viewer as it isn’t at all tacky in my personal opinion, as some dramas I have seen has been like that.

Okay, so Chen Lin likes Hero AND Pi Zi? Oh My God!@!. I still find the relationship square so compliated and I can’t even work it out, the assumption I made last time seems feasable, but jeez it’s getting even more out of hand. Ughh and it’s actually frustrating me a bit.

vic zhou

BUT! The plot is thickening , and I still can’t figure out where Chief Lin and Chief Cheng? comes into this storyline as it is obvious that San Lian Organization has a huge link to the story plt, but Chief Lin and Chief Cheng are really suspicious but I can’t find a link. I loved actually finding out who the Chairman of San Lian was but he was in the kitching? Feeding Pi Zi and Hero? I thought he was a mega nice gentleman to be honest, but first impressions can sometimes be decieving (but LOL at Pi Zi’s smug face when leaving the Chairman’s kitchen). For obvious reasons, I feel like Vic’s past is definately related to the Chairman and that organization..and OMG..the man at the hotdog stand was Da Ya in Mars! I can’t belive that hotdog man :L has something to do with this, like killing Lin Ke Le, he had that tattoo on his arm!

So, I am still suspicious ofΒ  the two Chiefs’ as they seem scared by what Pi Zi and Hero are digging up, and their expressions are hiding something, as I have now reviewed this I’m beginning to watch ToGetHer, so to catch up on those reviews as the drama is finished now! Oh dear! Better get my skates on, watch out for the new review of Black & White episodes coming in the next few days and ToGetHer!

Well, I am fully up to date with Black & White, to be honest my eyes were glued to it and I could hardly write any notes at all! Well here’s the recent review of episodes 5-6!

Pi Zi definately does have a past, just he can’t fully remember what he actually got himself into, he just remembers that one girl that helped him, the occasional flashback is the only lead he has on knowing exactly who he is, but what I can’t get over is he got a new face?! Hero Wu, is slowly becoming accustomed to his new partner and they are beginning to understand eachother, but the little arguments they get into still make me laugh, due to being complete and utter opposites. The plot that involves both policeman is thickening and making things much more mysterious and exciting, and the start blew me away as it started with a bang and it isn’t giving me any disappointment at all. Chen Lin’s character is becoming more and more obvious as to her background; a good girl in a family with a bad reputation, is what it is coming across as. The action in the film, is quite awesome and along side a humour that fits it in the most awkward of times makes it all the better. To be honest, the actors fully take the characters and make it their own. I am still amazed at how well Mark is acting for his first drama, he isn’t wooden at all in his acting but flows perfectly into character, and Vic takes it as he goes and it just makes the show fully click into place.

The love triangle, has become a love SQUARE?! It is so muddled though, as each person sees it differently and gets the wrong impression, funnily enough Pi Zi is completely oblivious as always as to what is going on while the others can feel the acute emotions. What I don’t understand is, why Hero Wu lied to Chen Lin about the piggyback ride? That makes the love square even more confusing for me. I love the chemistry between Pi Zi and Chen Lin, it is definately something for me to keep my eye on, as it develops, they are both attracted to eachother, like magnets. The relationship between Hero and Chen Lin is going to create annoyance problems for me, but the one between him and Lan Xi Ying, I’m not as sure on as Pi Zi and Chen Lin, but it seems to be moving somewhere. Pi Zi and Lan Xi Ying? It better not happen >.<!



Basically, I think… Hero likes Lan Xi Ying, but he thinks she likes Pi Zi, but she doesn’t she actually does like Hero, Pi Zi is slowly being drawn into liking Chen Lin, but he thinks Chen Lin likes Hero but she doesn’t she is slowly being attracted to Pi Zi. Lan Xi Ying also thinks Chen Lin likes Hero, and Chen Lin also thinks Lan Xi Ying likes Pi Zi. See how confusing this love square is?! AND Chen Lin likes Hero a bit too, oh and Pi Zi does like Lan Xi Ying a bit. OMG I’m totally confused.


So far, I am up to date with all of the Black & White episodes, which is episode 4.Β  First of all I have to say Vic Zhou has fit right into his character and looking hotter than ever (: Mark, also caught my eye and he surprised me with his acting, because being his first drama he astounded me and gave me a very good impression of him as an actor. I love the action scenes, they look realistic and not over the top in my opinion as some scenes that involves special effects can be so obvious it can be irritating and they toned these just right (like Mark jumping on the train..) I was actually on the edge watching some scenes and its only episode 4! The two personalities of Pi Zi and Hero Wu are absolutely hilarious (when Pi Zi gets shot in the chest and luckily had a protective vest on but Hero Wu just made him stand up by himself) its obvious the two clash but at the end of the day they come together to make respectable police officers as well as really close friends (I’m in the same boat, my best friend is completely the opposite to me) and being opposites gives the two people really good oppurtunities to see different ideas and viewpoints, and you can learn from eachother. They are both intriguing and funny characters to watch, so far I already have the impression that Pi Zi has a past he is trying to forget (or seems to not remember) from what Gao Yi says to him in the recent episode. Mark Chao looks like he has a chip on his shoulder (an attitude with a tendancy to get angry quickly) due to being paired up with Pi Zi; the laid back, slow moving and a bit of a wuss type. Hero is much more of a worrier, workaholic type that wants to be the best he can be. So you can see the clash of the characters between the two pretty early on. Through the episodes 3 & 4, Pi Zi begins to astound Mark with the fact he is willing to do things and with his photographic memory (the hot chicks car, he says he remembers due to her being good looking LOL) and that he is infact very clever but acts stupid, Mark soon finds himself thankful and forming a friendship with Pi Zi also as he is finding leads to a case everyone thought impossible (finding Dreamer- a type of drug and stopping the criminals involved with distributing it amongst society). Chen Lin (Ivy Chen) is a very feisty character, who I can’t quite seem to work out yet apart from her being the daughter of a rich family (which I also can’t seem to find out about yet). Chen Lin gives Hero and Pi Zi a run for their money, she seems like the bad girl type from a rich/bad type family but yet has a really good heart. She holds information by the looks of it that Pi Zi and Hero need to know and she knows more than what she lets on. Then there is the other female character Lan Xi Ying (Janine Chang) who is very quiet and reserved. I don’t quite know where she comes in, but I feel the startings of a love triangle in the midst…


Okay guys, as well as currently reviewing ToGetHer which I will do (Just I need time as I will review it a bit slower and not so fast). I will also review Black & White, starring Vic Zhou (Pi Zi) and Mark Chao (Hero Wu). I saw this while I was browsing through other wordpress blogs and spotted a trailer of Black & White and was really intrigued it seems much more adult and less warm and bubbly with a darker side. I also love the fact…Vic Zhou is back and taking on a very emotional role, which I haven’t seen him like this since Mars in 2004. So time to watch the first aired episode, including the little side trailers tehe.