Easy Fortune, Happy Life

Okay, I never knew just how behind I was on my reviews so I am going to catch up as much as possible. I’m afraid, this is the end of the road for the lovely Easy Fortune, Happy Life. I am actually doing the last review on the last 7 episodes. I hope you enjoy, and excuse my bad timing!

Episode 11

So, Da Feng threw the ring into the pond, and she jumps in after it to find it (Ref Ep 10). During episode 11, I noticed just how much patience Fu An has with Da Feng, (searching for the ‘sincerity’ he throws away (Ref Ep 11)). You can see just how besotted she is with Da Feng, due to what he finds out in the previous episode of having 3 months left to live Da Feng is doing some repenting, but Jiang Zhen Zhen is clearly worried about her 80 billion which has now been flushed down the drain. Even if Zhen Zhen, won’t just kneel down to her feelings she has started to have for Yan Yang, you can tell there is a feeling there, but a leopard can never change his spots, unless he wants to. During this drama, I noticed how close Grandpa Wang Cai and Yan Yang actually are. Yet, Yan Yang is still falling for Jiang Zhen Zhen, but she has a hope and an attachment for Da Feng.

The whole family, are becoming more like a family. They are trying to get Fu An and Da Feng together (Ref Ep 11). They even go to such lengths of holding a surprise wedding for them, but he is not only scared of himself but for the future. You can tell that Wang Cai, is doing this to Da Feng to coax out his true feelings and the better side of him. “What will you do all alone after I die? Who will take care of you when you’re sick? Who will protect you if you get bullied by others? Who will hold your umbrella when it rains?” I think Da Feng’s feelings are confirmed, just by those words, and he finally opens his heart to everyone but he is still scared of what will happen to Xie Fu An.

Even with this knowledge, Fu An fights on for their love, which is very cute but cliche, but for this drama…who cares? Also, he finally says those three special words “Wo Ai Ni”. She climbs to the third floor, and whacks him over the head with the bottle?! (Ref Ep 11). Da Feng, has clearly changed for the better and he has told her 1/2 the truth, about what happened, I just wonder when the pasts bites him back in the ass. I like how Fu An uses Da Feng’s weakness against him, which makes me laugh. The village people on Fu Man Hill makes me smile, they bring a sense of warmth to the drama, even when the audience know at some point the drama has to turn sour to reach the climax.

The dresses; when Fu An and Zhen Zhen tries them on, I notice that the simple and less extravagant of the two, Fu An decides to wear is more attractive, because she is pure hearted, no matter how pretty Zhen Zhen’s dress is because she is sour the dress doesn’t look nice. I think even if Yan Yang knows what is really going on, he wants to teach Zhen Zhen that there is a value to a person even if they have money or if they haven’t.

Things are beginning to get complicated from here on out.

Episode 12

Da Feng’s character has completely changed, thus when I see Fu An and Da Feng together you can see their acting skills really show off to the audience. They look so relaxed and happy together, which then shows in the characters which is an added bonus.

I think the Village Chiefs gesture to Fu An for her wedding is really touching, but it puts Wang Cai and Da Feng on a guilt trip because they know more to the other story. I feel more pity for Wang Cai than any other character because he started the hate that his family developed, but also because he cheated Chun Xiang.

Even at this stage, Dong Jie and Da Feng are still competing, even though it is clear who has won. It’s still quite cute how courageous Dong Jie is (Ref Ep 12). When Fu An says about his parents and Da Feng, goes out to try and help her, in the place where he is showed the tape, his attitude just completely changed. It’s as if, he has to make everything perfect for Fu An, no matter what the consequence.

You can tell by the way Fu An and Da Feng act together, that their feelings are mutual, but they always say where a love is so pure, it is easy to be tainted. There is a fine line between love and hate, it is also not to hard to break love either. The family are changing and becoming more like a proper family, thanks to Fu An, not only that but Wang Cai has achieved his hope and dream, of them being together again and saving him and his family.

The photos of Da Feng and Fu An, is like a timeline of their love, which is so cute, each photo represented a happy memory for him. You can see how much happier he is, in love. Sadly, good things come to a head and Zhen Zhen rears her ugly head again, by blackmailing him on his wedding day. Nice way to spoil the day, she has turned into a complete and utter wreck and gone off the rails. I think she only said she wanted the 80 billion to Da Fengs face, but over time she actually fell in love with the man. Clearly she is suffering unrequited love, thus drowning her sorrows.

She wants him, but goes in the complete wrong way about it, she should have thought about pushing Da Feng into another womans arms before then she’d be in much less pain.

The past is about to come back and bite each and everyone of them in the ass. Oh Dear.

Episode 13

Zhen Zhen, I feel should admit defeat, and start thinking about her feelings for Yan Yang, to atleast let them prosper. I feel that with her attitude and sour personality it won’t get her anywhere. It’s as if, she will get what she wants but it will take a nose dive and her true colours will be shown. I really don’t like Zhen Zhen, and how she can string Yan Yang along. I hate how, Fu An is so lovely to her yet she is just cold and feels pure jealousy towards her, Zhen Zhen should be grateful Da Feng changed. Tackling Pi Dan, is actually a really shallow thing to do (Ref Ep 13).

I do really love Dong Jie’s character it’s just such a shame, his feelings are put to waste and that no one else attracts his attention. He’s so generous he gives up his chase for love and lets her be happy with Da Feng even though he doesn’t like him. He is like Fu An’s guardian angel, always looking out for her, the only sad thing is he has no one by his side and the only girl he truly likes has already had her heart counted for. Aww, he gets ill 😦 and Fu An helps him (Ref Ep 13). It must be horrible having the turmoil of unrequited love. I also feel sorry for what happened to his family 😦 I love his tattoo though, and the story behind it is so sweet, and how Fu An makes him see the optimism over the pessimistic side.

Fu An’s wedding dress, in my opinion is really stunning but that head piece they could have at least used a tiara or something (Ref Ep 13). Da Feng looks even more handsome now with his changed personality, Fu An really did bring the family together in the most weird way. During the ceremony, I really liked the wedding photo in the background. They really suit eachother. I just don’t understand why they had to ride a bicycle together? (Ref Ep 13). “The sky and the human world, is bridged by the rainbow”. When the Village Chief says about it being her grandma, I actually found that so sweet. I really like their theories and ideas for different things in this e.g. the Tung Flowers.

I feel sorry for Wang Cai, the most because I actually just want him to have what he has always wanted; a good and loving family. It just seems to keep slipping through his fingers, and the one he has to save the most is Da Feng since he is the most sensitive one out of the whole family unbelievably.

So, the climax is about to commence!

Episode 14

All the way through this episode, I noticed how much the chemistry has developed between Fu An and Da Feng. They honestly, look absolutely great together. Da Feng really only has eyes for Fu An, his nasty exterior and his attitude has taken a turn for the better. You feel really kind of anxious, because you know that Zhen Zhen wants to jam a spanner in the works. Haha, she made him those Kiwi faces again, seriously I don’t know who doesn’t love Xie Fu An (Ref Ep 14).

The whole family, absolutely adore Fu An, they enjoy watching Da Feng and Fu An’s love prosper, and find them as a sort of warmth to the family. They are like an old married couple 🙂 I feel like Wang Cai, is starting to get ill again (Ref Ep 14). He goes funny at the breakfast table, I actually think the next few episodes are going to be full of upset 😦 You can tell, on the other hand, the whole family care for one another so much more and none of them feel any anger or jealousy because Da Feng won the inheritance, they are more worried for Grandpa Wang Cai, not only that Wang Cai seems to be fearing something, e.g the past, zhen zhen. Sadly, Wang Cai gets ill and De Feng is once again falling into his black hole, he can’t hold on to the nicer person he is because the person he loves has walked away from him 😦

After years, they begin to dig up Dong Jie’s roots, that is a bit harsh and also will put him into a sense of shock. I think that Dong Jie, turns out to be the grandson of the company’s leader whom is an enemy of Ba Bao Tang. So therefore it is no wonder that Da Feng and Dong Jie are always rivals with each other, like love, career etc.

So, the climax begins, first of all I absolutely hate Zhen Zhen with a passion, she really cannot let things lie. Fair enough it wouldn’t be a drama without it. I feel really sorry for Fu An, but as they say, what goes around comes around. I do think it isn’t fair how they keep calling the family murderers, because they didn’t physically murder her grandma, it was a matter of coincidence. I know that Zhen Zhen, used Pi Dan to her advantage which I think is cruel, but it just makes me irritated by Pi Dan.

I really hope Da Feng can prove his love and sincerity to Fu An, because you can tell that he absolutely adores Fu An, and I really hope he can pick himself up and that he doesn’t completely fall back into his dark hole of hate that he once had, with no light to get out of. I know, this sounds strange but fair enough (Ref Ep 14) Dong Jie and Fu An had a cute scene together, I still prefer them better as friends because to me Dong Jie really is just like a guardian angel that can’t see the fine line between love like a sibling and love of another league.

Lets all wait and see to how Da Feng and his family redeems themselves. There were the definite good times where he did prove his love. She just needs to think about it and stop being so stubborn. Like I said, he never knew it would lead to her grandma’s death! They did, admittedly deceive her in the beginning, but at the end of the day due to her the whole family changed, and Da Feng was the one that changed the most for her and because of her. Luckily, even if Dong Jie for a brief period of time gets to be with Fu An. We all know that love conquers all.

Episode 15

I think Zhen Zhen is really shallow considering, she does all of this thinking she is getting what she wants, turns out she is the one that is the most vulnerable and will lose everything. It’s kind of scary just how far you’ll go for love and for money, for Zhen Zhen they were both there in the palm of her hand until Fu An came along and changed everything. Zhen Zhen is prone to jealousy, but I still think she started it by allowing Da Feng to get pushed into the arms of the ‘enemy’ when Da Feng hadn’t changed. I feel really sorry for Yan Yang, he actually gave Zhen Zhen the opportunity to change and tried to show her, that she had a value without money that she wasn’t a ‘loser’. All he got was the short end of the stick 😦

I feel sorry for Dong Jie, because the more he finds out about his past, the more painful it is and yet he takes on Fu An’s pain and his own and still pushes on with a straight and doesn’t show his hurt inside. He finds out his grandfather is the enemy of Ba Bao Tang, yet I find it really harsh, even if he has never gotten to know the old man, the old man regrets his past, but Dong Jie just can’t let go. That photo he sees is so…sad 😦 (Ref Ep 15).

In a way, I do feel really sorry for Da Feng, because he is falling faster and faster back to who he was, and he is just embracing it. He in a sense holds the responsibility because of his attitude problems; and they shouldn’t have kept something like that from Fu An, because her grandma was really special and important to her. She, in a sense deserved to know the truth. I think Da Feng, is plotting revenge against Zhen Zhen, because of all of this. Maybe he is trying to set things straight to prove his sincerity and that he really is a changed person, he is trying to do that by going back to the beginning and righting all his wrongs.

I think Da Feng, is being really nice to Zhen Zhen, builds up her hopes and then to leave her with nothing, to show her how she felt. I know that she has rights and feelings too but she really did bring this whole escapade onto herself. You can tell just how lonely he really is, he’s practically lost everything. I’m so glad, Yan Yang actually takes the initiative and talks to Fu An, because she seems to listen to Yan Yang (Ref Ep 15). You can tell, she clearly still loves Da Feng, I just think she doesn’t know what to do, or where to go now. She hasn’t got a clear head at all or any clue with which direction to turn, she wants some kind of sign.

Lets hope things begin to take a turn for a change, in the next episode.

Episode 16

Zhen Zhen, really is shallow, but I think Da Feng is definitely up to something. I don’t know what Da Feng is up to, I think he doesn’t know what to do just as much as Fu An. He has revenge on his mind but seems to be taking it out on everyone else, including Fu An (Ref Ep 16) and it’s hurting her a lot. When he see’s Fu An though (Ref Ep 15) looks so tortured and mortified, it actually sort of gives a look in to what he’s really thinking. I think he’ll manage to do the good thing in the end. As you can see, both Fu An and Da Feng are having a hard time keeping everything together. Da Feng, cannot reveal anything or else his plan of revenge takes a nose dive, and Fu An doesn’t know what Da Feng is up to so she can’t trust him.

I notice, that Da Feng isn’t as handsome as he was with Fu An. His facial expressions are now just frowns and his eyes look evil, he looks more tortured than happy to be in his situation. When he was with Fu An, he was happy, his facial expressions were light and so much brighter. He’s being mean, to make push her away, he feels he is no longer worthy of her love, he’d prefer to live without her if he can’t have what he had before 😦 Even when they are not together, their chemistry is so real, whereas even now I still think that the chemistry between Fu An and Dong Jie, is only friend like.

I think Dong Jie, is beginning to realize that there is no other space in Fu An’s heart, apart from the hole that only Da Feng can refill, so all he can do is be her guardian angel, let her make her mistakes even with the advice he gives her and then stand by to pick up the pieces.

I also notice, that the Yan family, are so much more caring after Fu An left. They actually care more for Grandpa Wang Cai, than for the 80 billion. Their family warmth now connects them together, they care for one another like a family warmth should be. I really hope that they can do something to help Fu An and Da Feng, be together and start a fresh once again.

All the way through this episode, you get that feeling that something is about to happen, and fortunately it really did. Zhen Zhen got what she deserved. I hate her smug face (Ref Ep 16). Even if, she’s going to lose it all, she started it and maybe, just maybe she’ll think about her attitude and personality and change in the future. And…Da Feng resigns! Zhen Zhen, loses everything, Da Feng comes clean about his feelings. I actually cried for him 😦 Well, Zhen Zhen got what she deserves, at least. Wow, I love the twist to the drama. Auntie and Uncle get to run Ba Bao Tang! I love those two!!! (Ref Ep 16). I must admit, I love Yan Yang, even now he is persistent and so caring towards her, even now he is trying 😦 Even if she doesn’t deserve it.

Omg, that house! He builds it for her, he rebuilds her grandmas old house, now if that’s not sincerity I don’t know what is, maybe now Fu An can see clearly Da Feng’s feelings shine through. Wow, Da Feng really has done well, he remembered everything about Fu An’s house, he has now fully wiped the slate clean, and now to start again, he’s going after Fu An’s grandmas killers. He’s really trying to do what Fu An wants.

Even now, Dong Jie is starting to change around his grandpa, and also come to terms with his past. I like how he’s piecing things back together again and start to take everything bit by bit. I hope Dong Jie, can finally start to live a smooth and peaceful life.

Well, I cannot wait until the final episode, that brings Da Feng and Fu An back together again!

Episode 17

The final episode begins. I actually have to say, I’m proud of Da Feng, for stopping himself from falling into his pit of darkness whilst he had the chance. He actually did everything to start again, and wipe the slate clean. He succeeded in getting the killers of Chun Xiang. I bet it came as a shock to both of them when they saw eachother (Ref Ep 17) with Fu An in the back of the van. Da Feng got shot 😦 but Fu An obviously takes care of him. It must be so hard for the both of them to be together like that after all that was said and done.

The family, have completely changed, they actually enjoy one anothers company. They clearly adore Fu An and Pi Dan for bringing the happiness into their lives and saving them from being cruel people. I like their little reunion they had together, and all the family try so hard to get them back together, Fu An wants it just as much as Da Feng. When he goes after her on crutches to ask her to come back (Ref Ep 17) is so cute and touching. Yet, once again Dong Jie gets the heartbreak. This always happens in romance dramas, the nicer one doesn’t get the girl.

And, then it moves on into the future. Haha, personally I think Auntie and Uncle Yan are great at running Ba Bao Tang, and they still have the knack to make me laugh. Grandpa Wang Cai is off gallivanting enjoying his retirement with all sorts of activities, but the most touching scene was when he went to finally visit Chun Xiang to commemorate her. That was so sweet, I really have a new found respect for Wang Cai.

Yan Yang, goes to see Zhen Zhen, I truly think that Zhen Zhen has changed. She’s re-evaluated everything, and maybe for once realizes that there was something or a connection between her and Yan Yang, and maybe they can solve it and come together, without lies and deceit this time around just like Da Feng and Fu An.

I find it cute how Dong Jie, has also taken over his grandfathers business and learning medicine, he and Fu An are now clearly just like brother and sister and he is also living a peaceful and content life, which makes me happy for him because he no longer has to live in turmoil. Also, it looks like love is prospering for him, which I am happy. Maybe it’s his turn to find love.

And the greatest news of all, Fu An and Da Feng, are happy together, they are a family. The best news is about the scan he reveals to her, so now they really can start building their own family together. It really is a happy ever after, but I love how it comes back to the Tung Flower and they plant their own…

Overall, I find the acting superb! Blue Lan as Da Feng was able to switch his personalities for his character role, from a cold and tormented young man at heart from his past experiences and then into a loving and caring person who found love and learns how to treasure it with great care. He also experiences jealousy, hate, guilt, remorse and other feelings that he seemed to have forgotten when he is around Fu An, this changes him as a person. Chen Qiao En who played Fu An, was terrific, she really could pull off the emotional feelings in the serious scenes and also create a happy atmosphere where it was needed. Both of these main characters meshed well perfectly, and they were a joy to watch.

The whole Yan family, were just an extra bonus. I enjoyed watching their childish, immature ways eventually mature into level headed thinking adults, with thanks to Fu An. Zhen Zhen, of course the good always conquers evil and she got her comeuppance. Of course, a very happy ending, as per usual for a romance/comedy taiwanese drama. The love triangles were very cliche, as I would expect, but the happy moments gave off a warm fuzzy feeling. Which the drama should do for it’s audience.

I don’t know how I did this final review, and how you guys take to it, because I decided to seperate the episodes so the viewers could see my notes for each episode without getting confused. I have finally finished this and sorry about the time it took me. I will continue to review Autumn’s Concerto, Momo Love, Sound of Colours. I will be reviewing a new one though with Rainie Yang and Alan Luo in which is: Hi, My Sweetheart. Please wait around. Black & White is currently on hold as you all know, but I will get back to it soon.


I notice that the drama is slowly turning romantic, as we are finally getting under way in this drama. The love triangle isn’t as obvious as I thought it would be at around this time of this drama; but it is still there, I’m just wondering when it is decided to come into play.


The pressure from Zhen Zhen on the other hand is beginning to kick in, slowly you notice her jealousy seeping through as Pi Dan tells her how the relationship between Da Feng and Fu An is progressing, but Da Feng on the other hand seems to have let her slip and only remembers her when he wants to, or when she is seen or when she interferes. Da Feng has self realization (rep ep 9) and how he wants to go back, he realizes that Fu An really does care for him and that he is having second thoughts on how he should be living his second chance at life.

Yang Yang surprises me with how much he actually knows and just how wise he really is (rep ep 9). He actually decides to play Zhen Zhen at her own game and can also read her like a book. The grandfather as well knows a lot; well more than I thought about Da Feng and Zhen Zhen’s complicated relationship they both have…and he definitely is a scheming old man (ref ep 10).


I like how even though Da Feng is meant to be lulling her into a false sense of security he is falling in love with her in the process, without realizing it himself; he gets jealous which then makes him follow Dong Jie and Fu An on their date. On their date he somehow by fluke I would say ends up protecting her and stops Fu An and Dong Jie from getting hurt. The letter he leaves her along with the gift he gives to her; gives me the feeling that it comes from the heart rather than just the lie he is trying to create.

I have noticed that the family aren’t so greedy for the money, and they are thinking less of the money and more of the people; unfortunately they still have more progress to make because small opportunities or chances make them revert back the money power hungry people they were when they first met Fu An and Pi Dan. Zhen Zhen on the other hand is definitely in a different situation now that she’s ‘together’ with Yang Yang as they are both playing the same game and we all know that Zhen Zhen is playing with fire but then again they could really fall for eachother.


It was too easy for Da Feng to get Fu An’s acceptance to his proposal after such a short amount of time but also after what he has done to her, but luckily Zhen Zhen’s true colours are being shown bit by bit because of this and Da Feng is clearly prolonging the plans they had to spend the time with Fu An; as he has either completely changed how he feels or he is confused by his feelings.

I have noticed that Grandpa Wang Cai is definitely up to something…by the smirk on his face when Da Feng fainted after drinking his drink and also his hospital results seem strange (rep ep 10). I think Grandpa Wang Cai is doing it for two reasons; 1) to mess the family up and this will cause their true colours to be forced to the surface but also create enough time to see who is to blame before their plans are changed and 2) to see Da Feng’s true feelings towards Fu An.


Sadly, he tries to push Fu An away so she won’t be lonely when he ‘goes’. I think that’s really pure and in a sense has already clarified how he feels for Xie Fu An, but there are still many obstacles to pass for these two loved ones.

I will do the last 7 episodes in one huge chunk, I will detail it and do it to the best of my ability because I am sure many of my review readers are impatient with waiting for what I have to say. Not only that but I also have many other dramas to review so I had better get my skates on!

Please, keep checking this site as there will be new reviews on; Hi, My Sweetheart, Momo Love #2, Black & White #6, Sound of Colours #3, Autumn’s Concerto #2, Love Contract Finale and Easy Fortune Happy Life Finale!

Okay luckily, I’ve found a website that allows me to watch Easy Fortune, Happy Life. I will review as much as possible tonight, as it is my holidays and I’m up to date with all of my assignments. So I hope you enjoy!! This is a review of episodes 6, 7 and 8. I reviewed this large chunk so that the review can be done faster as the drama has been completed over the time that the connection between Viikii and Youtube declined.

I find it sweet when Da Feng offers his help to Fu An when she tries so hard to show him what she can do (those socks in the sauna haha). She gets drunk on chocolates filled with alcohol – lightweight! His sneaky kiss (referring ep 5) I forgot to mention these parts in my previous review.

First things first, I would definitely not be the one screaming if I woke up next to him. She’s so naive and pure hearted that he just seems to lie to her through his teeth. She is just taken in by it, and he uses it to wind her up and tease her along with having his other agenda behind the inheritance. I really hope she is able to change his dreadful attitude, she’s such a pure person, how could you lie to someone like that? Also Kai Li = total malicious bitch!

I find it nice how her hard work paid off by her research and product both being successful (Referring Ep 6). I don’t like how a lot of people tend to use Fu An, she can’t help being naive she is from the country and in a completely new environment over the next 3 episodes you see how hard it actually is for her to deal with as it’s all new for her to digest. I find it really nice to watch as Da Feng’s barrier is gradually crumbling; even if it is a slow process. You can tell he cares as he joins in with Fu An to play volleyball with the school children, and how he assures her that she is not alone. You can tell that the chemistry between the two main characters is very intense, and building up. I love their eye contact, it is very natural to me. It can be seen that these two main characters can really pull off the romantic parts. This is why I approve of these two main characters, I like hw the two become all shy if they touch or their eyes meet because both of them vowed in a sense not to have intimate feelings for one another. It is definitely a cliche hate turn to love romance drama but for me it is both light and simple as a drama but the chemistry there is astounding, that is why it is worthwhile to watch.


Da Feng really tries to push her away but the more he attempts to do so, she only gets closer to his heart. In a way due to how bad his childhood was, it effects the things he does even more so now in his adult life. This is why I detest Zhen Zhen, she provokes his inner evil that he then inflicts on everyone else. (Referring Ep 8) When Fu An is slowly making progress and Da Feng debates whether he is falling in love with Fu An. Zhen Zhen just wipes all of Fu An’s hard work on the floor and provokes Da Feng back to his original goal. The 80 billion, she also has the trick of being able to blackmail and bribe Da Feng ¬¬ Malicious person.

Da Feng, is really starting to try hard for both Fu An and Ba Bao Tang. I find it sweet when Fu An does her speech (Referring Ep 6) but when her new product and all the hard work is snatched out from underneath her feet she apologizes to her Grandma and goes to find Dong Jie because that is who she can really trust to cry on. Da Feng is worried about her and he actually spends his time looking for her, so the care for her and all the changes to his once rich and arrogant life is being watered down. In my opinion, Da Feng may be able to lie but he is definitely the sharpest tool in the toolbox, when he does the speech to Si Wu Tang (Referring Ep 6) he seems to be speaking about Fu An from the heart, and that really effects Fu An, I like her character a lot simply because she is such a modest, kind, shy and caring person. Yet, Da Feng for now will not stop being the sly and evil person he has become, until Fu An does something that really hits his heart. Fu An really wants to see his other expressions, not just his stern and serious ones that he always seems to have. The way Fu An gives the fire truck to Da Feng, trying to show him his childhood wasn’t all horrific memories, but there were good ones in there to.

If I were in Kai Li’s situation, I would have started to feel guilty by now because the thing is Fu An put trust in her, and to be trusted by someone is better that to not be trusted at all. She is a good liar, but to be fair she has the oppurtunity to have a job back again but instead she decides to stay the enemy, Si Wu Tang is really a coward who uses underhanded methods because he can’t admit defeat to Wang Cai. Idiot. In all fairness, it’s Kai Li’s loss for siding with a horrible man. Yang Yang? Well what can I say I absolutely adore him, I think he is definitely the ‘dark horse’ of this drama and knows a lot more that you would think. He really knows how to hit the heart when others need to understand something that could be important to them in the future. Pi Dan, although he is a supporting role of this drama, he is always an entertainment to watch. He is young and doesn’t understand a lot of his surroundings. Like any kid who is brought into a family like that would definitely lap it up. Him and Wang Cai are getting close and their bond is growing. Pi Dan high fives him in the car on the way to Family Day (Referring Ep 8) xD!!

Dong Jie is so kind hearted beneath his tough exterior, he appreciates and is growing very fond of Fu An. He has always been her shoulder to cry on since their first meeting. Thus, the love triangle begins but it is only very subtle. Which in my opinion is good because if it happens all at once it’s too much for an audience to understand and to take in and then it becomes boring and corny. Gradually, you can see the jealousy in Da Feng due to Dong Jie and Fu An’s relationship making him take action. The love triange gradually becomes more pronounced as you see how Fu An is changing Da Feng, the impact she has on him in different ways but also how she is being pulled in by his slow softening of his own heart. Not just these two are progressing, Fu An has always had an influence on Dong Jie since their first encounter, but Fu An clearly has a soft spot for Dong Jie. I fear the more Da Feng keeps being torn two ways she will always run back to Dong Jie. What I like about Blue Lan the actor portraying Da Feng is that he has an ability to swap his personalities with speed and accuracy at the same time being convincing. As an actor this is important and for Blue it is a raw and special talent to have, so I enjoy watching his acting.


In episode 7/8 you begin to notice the changes in the family altogether. Their communication amongst eachother is changing even if the progress is small there is much less bitterness in their tone of voice. Fu An is definitely bringing them together and gradually warming their hearts. Little by little the more time they spend with Fu An individually and see the way she works and says things to them, they are changing by choice and not by being forced. Wang Cai is clearly making up for how wrongly he brought up his children in the past 60 years. I also notice all the family want is to be acknowledged by Wang Cai and receive his approvals yet he is too hard faced to give that. Wang Cai is really trying to repent; the actor portraying Wang Cai; you can see is clearly wise and does not lack in portraying the emotions needed for the part very accurately.

So,I think that slowly the family are learning how to come together and act like a proper family does, to care and love on another but most of all Da Feng is learning how to love and be loved which is actually very important in any persons life because if you were alive and all you thought to life was dying. You would be very lonely, love is something that keeps you alive and is the main purpose to life. That is my opinion anyway, others may see things differently.

Hey guys, it looks like the connection between Viikii and Youtube is momentarily mended, so I’ve started to work on Easy Fortune, Happy Life again 😀 So I hope you enjoy! I may not be able to update everything as much as in my school it is my last and very important year for me, but bare with me I will upload as frequently as possible.

Xie Fu An has a makeover, and a wardrobe change! I really think Chen Qiao En was a great lead actress choice (referring Ep 5) She’s very hardworking and she can pull off all of the different emotions intended for the drama, she also seems to be able to get into her characters shoes. It’s really amusing, how the auntie tries to fit into Fu An’s price range, and trying to win her over, due to Fu An being from a poor background she is clearly very careful with her income and her money so she is looking for a bargain and cheap clothes, she isn’t used to being able to having expensive gifts. Fu An also seems very shy when she has to show off her outfit, because she is clearly self conscious.

I find it annoying though, how both Da Feng and his aunt are so blinded by greed. She tries to go for Fu An and win her over, but Da Feng goes for the subtle approach and uses Pi Dan, and gets him into the school but I like how he’s thinking of his education, yet when he sees Fu An, you can see a reaction and a bit of chemistry beginning to boil between the two, but just to hide his amazement he gives her criticism, which shows he’s clearly not used to the kind of emotions he is beginning to feel. Pi Dan’s uniform is so cute, the whole curly hair and glasses look just adds to his cute little face.


I find Dong Jie really sweet, and he’s too nice to be a gangster, but I like how he has changed the way it all works, he taught the restaurant owner how to cook in order to pay off his debt, and also tries to teach his gang to understand the way it all works as they just want to trash the places to get them to hand over the money. Still, Dong Jie is too shy to call Fu An (referring Ep 5). Aww she sees Dong Jie in the library, but his gang are so funny and their way of interpreting things are just entertaining for anyone to see (Referring Ep 5). It’s sweet how she wants to make sure Dong Jie’s health is in check, but Fu An is clearly naive, she sees no wrong in anyone she meets.

Da Feng lies through his teeth! It’d be very nice to see how Fu An ends up changing them all, the relationship between Pi Dan and Fu An is clearly very strong, and you can see the bond both the young actor and the actress has away from the cameras, so it’s built up so they are obviously comfortable in acting with one another. When they go to view Pi Dan’s school, I noticed the teacher quoting Shakespeare (Referring Ep 5). Yet, I think Pi Dan has a lot of catching up to do, because Pi Dan is from on the mountain and comes from a poor background and hasn’t had the higher education compared to the city. I actually found it entertaining how Fu An’s seemingly high spirits of the school slowly dwindles as she views it. Haha, Da Feng bribes the headmaster to let Pi Dan into the school by buying top of the range pianos! Hahahahaha! I notice that Da Feng is actually beginning to loosen up and change for the better, because he tries in a way to get Pi Dan into that school showing he is caring even though he’d never admit it.

I notice that the relationship between Da Feng and his grandfather is so tense, and he does try for his grandfather just he won’t admit it when he feels hurt by his grandfathers criticism. I find it sweet how Fu An sticks up for Da Feng so that his grandfather doesn’t get a bad impression of Da Feng, and you notice how slowly Da Feng is warming to Fu An because he clearly has never had someone do that for him in a very long time, he won’t admit to this so he tries to put Fu An down. He actually smiles at her, for doing what she did!!! (Referring Ep 5). Yet, she is clearly trying her hardest even after what she has been through recently. You can tell Da Feng is slightly intrigued by Fu An as time goes on. Fu An now clearly has a job, and has a lot of expectation resting on her, you can tell how Da Feng is fighting against it, but Fu An is so modest! The woman Fu An criticized is a spy for another company in competition with Ba Bao Tang. I still cannot warm to that little gold digger of Da Feng’s that clings to him like a slug it is downgrading for her and she’s just so irritating but for that effect the actress must be doing a great job!

Guys, the connection between Viikii and Youtube has dwindled yet again so I was only able to complete episode 5, but barely. I will try again and the next review I will post up quite a large review. It seems that the connection doesn’t like Easy Fortune Happy Life. I will try again, please bare with me!!

I’m really sorry you guys, but I am afraid Easy Fortune, Happy Life must be put on hold currently because there is a technical difficulty between youtube and viikii so I will have to wait until further notice.

Okay, sorry guys this review is only small, but I’ve tried to only briefly review as much as I can for you. I’m trying to get to a level episode in Easy Fortune, Happy Life; in order for me to find it easier to cope with all the other reviews I’m putting off to catch up to speed. Black & White next review will be posted up soon and the next part of Sound of Colours.

Anyway… I love the fact they made the special party for Da Feng, in order to say thankyou; but Da Feng didn’t need to be that harsh to them, just because he thinks he’s all high and mighty, but the good thing was he stayed with them and was touched slightly by their kindness. Dong Jie and Da Feng have a mutual feeling of distrust and dislike between each other and it seems as though they already know each other.


I found it very amusing, when they finally realised it was the wrong photo of ‘Hu Lan’ (referring Ep 4). The wish he makes is quite amusing; as the girl he’s looking for is right in front of him, but he doesn’t seem to be able to piece these things together, when realization hits him near the beginning of the 4th episode, his expression is unbeatable. I feel sorry for Dong Jie as Fu An is the girl they need to get rid of and who he said he’d help. Ah Bao, is one of the most irritating characters in this show along with Wang Cai’s daughter and son-in-law. Fair enough he might be needed further on into the drama, but he I don’t seems to make me grit my teeth and cringe at his acting too, I thought it was dreadful and to be quite honest, he’s not the best of lookers in show business. He also shows lack of independence as what is character obviously must show, he follows Dong Jie…how pathetic. What I do find funny is how Ah Bao dresses in white; sort of like and Elvis Presley wannabe haha! Yet I admire Dong Jie for actually trying to help them 🙂 Anthony is such a cool dog, chasing after the car; why can’t my dog be that clever 😦 Hooray for Anthony, Da Feng notices him and follows him, so Da Feng actually does something remotely good…for once. One thing I did notice, is how Dong Jie’s skills never cease to amaze me, he has many hidden skills.

I love how Dong Jie warns Da Feng of hurting Fu An (Referring Ep 4). Yet, Pi Dan hugs Da Feng, which is kind of cute, since little children are so naive. As Da Feng takes Fu An with him, and it hits the news – the look on his girlfriends face when she saw that footage, seriously she got what she deserved right there. I just realized as they turned up at that HUGE house, Anthony has a back pack! That’s just so cute. Da Feng got praised by Wang Cai (grandpa) for actually saving them, I like how Wang Cai (grandpa) remembers the past, he really is repenting his sins. He is really sincere about caring for Fu An and Pi Dan in memory of Chun Xiang (Referring Ep 4). I really think..now I do think about it that, that ‘house’ of theirs is actually filmed in a hotel…since that is just ridiculous for a normal home to put the roof over five peoples heads. The stuff in the house is really nice too; too nice for a normal house because it’d cost stupid amounts of money to have singular tiles at such ridiculous prices for a bathroom. I do respect, in a sense how Wang Cai raised his family, he taught them that sometimes you need to be successful by yourself and no one can actually help you since the world can be cruel…but they just take it to the ridiculous steps. Except, for Yan Yang he actually tries to be nice and cares less for the 80 billion and more for his family which is why I respect him. I find the way Da Feng and his auntie are head to head in competition over the inheritance, and Da Feng talks about Yan Yangs sexual orientation more than on one occasion (Referring Ep 4).

blue smiling

I can’t believe Ah Bao’s dad disowns him, and gives his business to Dong Jie. I also like how modest Dong Jie is it’s really cute, also how he decides to change the method that the gang works, to make the best of the business and to make it thrive is really good 🙂

I love the country stereotype in this drama; hand washing clothes! Yet, it is quite a true stereotype too, as if you are poor you can’t afford things like washing machines in the more rural and remote areas so therefore all of your washing is done by hand.

I’m afraid, this is all I can do so far of the next section because the websites I am getting my videos from are currently unable to show the videos as there is a connection dis-function with youtube, but I will get a much bigger chunk up once this error has been resolved. Sorry about the wait, it’s because I’m in my final year and I have so much work to be doing and final exams this year. Please bare with me I haven’t forgotten my reviews! Please be patient, Black and White #6 and Sound of Colours #2 will be up very soon!!

Okay, what I’m planning on doing with this drama is splitting it into two sections, not two by two episodes, but bigger chunks. I have so far completed three episodes of reviews on this drama, and I will do another five or more in the next chunk, rather than go into detail I will give in brackets references on the episodes I talk about and briefly talk on it so that you don’t have too many spoilers as I can indeed get carried away with myself and so then you also know what episodes I’m speaking of and in sense look forward to that certain episode and that scene, without too much knowing. So, on we go…

The beginning of this drama was a bit confusing, as it jumped straight in without a kind of background behind anything as before some dramas actually do have the first part of the starting episode with actually getting to know each character individually THEN they stumble into eachother, where as this one started off with both of them clashing in the first part of the drama I’d say. I’d grasped that the 80 year old grandad was taken to hospital after an accident and the rest of the family are so greedy and heartless after their way of upbringing, which can only really..be blamed upon himself. Now they want the inheritance of a huge company and either of the sons being the successor of this huge company.

The dramas opening, I liked – Chen Qiao En (Joe Chen) has got a lot prettier I think and Blue Lan…is just yummy. The acting is satisfying so far it’s just they need to get into the shoes of their characters a little bit more to really hit it off, Blue’s acting sets off really well, the cold demeanor, his appearance and how he presents himself is very convincing and how he acts and plays his part very well for a newish actor. The parents of Yan Yang (the characters) I find are already irritating me, their movements, their lines and the ways they present themselves are so blatantly over the top that it looks as though their acting is forced, but it is amusing in that respect.


I can’t believe whilst at the hospital (referring to Ep 1) the grandfather is in there almost on his death bed, and can hear the family outside, being so greedy and wanted his inheritance over caring for a family member that is so close to death, I think that’s really shameful. I think it’s really nice and caring of Fu An, to go in there and help the grandfather with her herbal medicines as she thinks it’s cold hearted and that no one deserves to die. In the beginning there is also a vague link between the older generation of characters, which seems quite interesting, as whilst she is helping him (referring to Ep 1) the memory of Chun Xiang is a spitting image of Fu An, which is Pi Dan and Fu An’s grandmother. I find the past between the two interesting in a way. I love how courageous she is for standing up to the family, not caring about the social status of the family. At least there is an intriguing story with a base to work with. I think it’s nice of the old man, he seems rather cheerful towards Fu An, and how he’s bent on repaying a debt to Chun Xiang, I understand the link between the two a little better now, just ironic how they’re both splitting images of the two main characters, probably to make it seem as though the past is repeating itself. Anthony (the dog) is so cute, and Fu An’s brother Pi Dan awww chubby and cute :L Chun Xiang the grandmother is also the grandmother from Fated to Love You. Aww she has cancer 😦 I think thats really harsh for such a poor family, though in a way it’s kind of predictable, yet very intriguing.

I find it so lovely of Fu An, to be keeping the bell that Wang Cai gave to Chun Xiang, to preserve his memory for her grandma. The kiss in the memory is cute I think 🙂 and I love the backing song :O I can’t believe that one of the memories of Wang Cai; the watch she wants to pawn, but I think Chun Xiang realizes it’s as though the watch is part of her so it’d be too hard to sell, and Fu An is so optimistic, I had hoped they’d meet each other before she was overcome by the cancer. They way she had raised Fu An and Pi Dan, I thought was really good, I loved her teachings and with nothing she raised them to realize they had everything; a family and love. The link between the two grandparents becomes a lot clearer when you understand the grandpas side, and I can’t believe what he did to Chun Xiang, how he used her for his own personal gain, what an ass to play with a young females emotions. At least he’s beginning to repent for the wrong he did by her, but I can’t get over that his own daughter wants to see the back of him, and her husband too – he’s also the uncle from My Lucky Star!


Eugh, Da Feng’s girlfriend is such a cow, and a total gold digger, what’s even weirder is he knows it just as much as she does. What an odd but evil pair, but he can definitely kiss. Oh god, I can’t believe his girlfriend told that poor lottery man, that she’s going to have that money…seriously she thinks so much of herself.Da Feng’s girlfriend, really just loves making everything worse, she’s a conniving cow and obsessed with money. She seems like she just can’t let go of something but she’s the sort that full of evil, deceit and revenge. Haha, it’s funny when Fu An and Da Feng notice each other and I love the fact he’s completely clueless about her. Both of the actors can play their characters really well and I’ve become interested by the chemistry and the acting itself is of good quality, yet a bit more heart into it and it will be a superb drama. Haha I do love the prank she pulls though (referring to Ep 1) just ironic how they both end up in the mud pool. The humor in this drama has definitely kept me amused though, I find it funny how she babbles about everything because she’s embarrassed. I can’t believe Da Feng is such a spoil sport, whilst watching this though I still wondered how they’d get themselves out of that mud pool. Haha, he swears and gets some kind of gunge in his mouth eughhh. This is one reason why I love Romantic/Comedy dramas with the love/hate relationship between the two main characters. :O He kisses her! Oh my days 😉 Now that is what I call a kiss.


Omg, for that stupid ginseng they literally break in and cause a ruckus, I find it so sweet when Pi Dan and Anthony try to stop it, but the fire…I can’t believe it that is so cruel and that family definitely don’t deserve that. Fu An finally gets pulled out of that mud pool and then gets the bad news that fully changes her lifes direction. I was amazed that Da Feng actually ran after her, and holds her back to prevent her hurting herself, I must admit that Qiao En could really act, she has got real potential. I actually felt sorry for Da Feng because it was giving him recurring memories from his own past. He was so kind hearted but was turned sour 😦 I actually cried for her grandma, dear of her 😦 It looks like, Da Feng actually doesn’t want to leave her, and he realizes it is all his fault, but in all honesty I blame his bitch of a girlfriend. He actually goes over to her, but it’s still again ironic; both like grandfather like grandson give away their watches just under different circumstances.

She actually whilst in the hospital, realizes her grandmother had cancer, that must be horrible and an awful shock, poor Fu An and Pi Dan 😦 I do love the grandma’s letter though and it made me cry again 😦 It’s so sad and bittersweet. This episode is such a sad one 😦 At least the grandpa can think for his actions and Da Feng for that matter, all of that money and someones life in exchange for some bark. At least he realizes it was his doing and that he was in some part responsible; all for inheritance and succession of the company. One thing, from the past of the two grandparents I do like, is the story behind the tung flowers, it’s so lovely and romantic. In a way I do feel sorry for the grandpa, yet he’s not very loving or caring towards his grandchildren using the word ‘wolves’ to describe them.  Oo, the bike repair guy :L is the butler from Romantic Princess, and GINO is the Lawyer?!

The grandpa’s family are such pretenders, I actually have a pet hate for fakers, Yan Yang though actually seems to care. yet the company’s inheritor was a huge bombshell to drop on the family and on recorded by press :L such priceless expressions! I love the fact the name is wrong; it’s Xie Fu An not Xie Hu Lan, and it’s right under their noses as to who it is, well more Da Feng’s because he’s already met her and become acquainted to her and still it doesn’t click to him. The fact they gave the fake photo (referring to Ep 2) is just so funny.

Roy Qiu finally appears (referring to Ep 3) and he plays Han Dong Jie. I can’t believe Da Feng would actually go to all of those lengths for that 80 billion not caring who he stands on in order to get it. The first appearance of Dong Jie, is when being ganged up on by a mob, what a cool way to make your entrance. I still love how the arrogant and mean guy is the lead guy and this personality wins over the lead female that is kind hearted and wouldn’t hurt a fly and the real good guys of the drama who are always there for the lead female to cry on and to help her through the hard times don’t even get the chance with her, that’s why I love these dramas, no matter how predictable it’s fun to watch in what weird and wonderful way they make the same basic storyline into something completely it’s own. I love Dong Jie’s strong will and his blunt, direct personality (he is the guy from Invincible Shan Bao Mei). I like how their friendship develops straight away, I love when she treats his cut he yells with such emphasis I couldn’t stop laughing (referring to Ep 3) even with his personality he has a very kind and pure heart as does she so it’s a sure fire friendship. I find it ironic how she ‘accidentally’ leaves the posters and the tin box there. omg… I love his tattoo too!


I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw Ah Bao with that mark slap bang between his eyes, I do like though how there are two stories in this drama involving inheritance on two different scales, and…a seppuku..is a bit drastic? Also, a bit harsh calling your own child a mistake; referring to Ah Bao and how he favorites Dong Jie over Ah Bao…to be honest no wonder Ah Bao is like he is.It’s sweet that Dong Jie holds his own burdens, but going through her private belongings is a bit strange and rude as well in order to find her to return a debt due to the rules of the company. Haha, I love how he tries so hard to be able to do something in return for Fu An, and he can cook, Fu An watches him like an amazed child (referring Ep 3)  and he’s a proper dabb hand at the most random things ever, and (referring Ep 3) he says Ah Jie Shi…isn’t that like a korean?

Xie Pi Dan gets a fever 😦 and the only person she knows she can try to contact is none other that Da Feng. I don’t get Da Feng and his girlfriend because they hardly even love eachother and he even knows exactly why she is with him, it’s just such a weird relationship, but she has a past of her own but she is so immature about it as she can’t let it go and move on in her life instead she became a heartless and money driven fool.

One thing I do notice is that Da Feng is very hard skinned but the truth is he has a soft heart that he holds huge walls up to because of how his grandfather treated him. Even at a push, in the end he does help Fu An, because the taxi guy frames him ahhahaha, but at least he’s honest about himself. All for the sakes of reputation he helps her, which I guess isn’t all bad, to be honest basically, he’s one difficult person to get along with, but he does do something good as he stays when she rushes out to get the tin box and tries to help Pi Dan . One thing I thought funny though is the theory about Fu An and Hu Lan being..the same hit him, and the fact that it’s true and all for the sake of a photo he had as proof from two people he doesn’t even know stops him from realizing. I think it’s sweet of Fu An to want to try and be some kind of family for Da Feng, for such a mean guy that’s a proper kind thing to do towards him. I guess this is where he begins to change, by the looks of the preview he gets touched by their sincerity and kindness which is a different feeling from his family’s coldness.

Sorry, this was late and also very long. This is the start of my review, they will be a lot shorter in the next lot as I packed way too much information in here but due to it being the start of a new drama it always does have a lot of information in to set the scene, so the next reviews won’t be as jam packed and have better layouts. Watch out for the next review of Easy Fortune, Happy Life!

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