Just to let everyone know, I am back! I can finally settle down and watch a bulk of dramas, but I am also in the midst of my exams, but I have got plenty of times to quench my drama need, and yours! So, I have decided to review Personal Preferance, simply because it has Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho the male lead! Along with Son Ye Jin as Park Kae In the female lead! I love Lee Min Ho, yet I have not seen any dramas with Son Ye Jin, so I will enjoy and wait to see how she acts and also the chemistry between the two main characters, and with mixed chemistry with everyone else!


Just as I promised, Autumn’s Concerto finale! I will do as much as I can before I have to have my final exams coming up. Perfect Girl Evolution is not going to be far behind and I will be reviewing Personal Preferance just to let you all know, I will post a category for it, so keep your eyes pealed, I’ll be letting you know actors etc. Which you probably all know! So, let’s get started!

Just watching the run down of the previous episode, makes me feel so pitiful to Tuo Ye, and the fact no matter how hard he tries he can’t have Mu Cheng. I’m glad he gets out of jail th0ugh (Ref Ep 16). What’s worse is the hurt he has to go through when Mu Cheng admits herself and Guang Xi got married. Tuo Ye really doesn’t have any luck with Mu Cheng, or his feelings for her either. I n a way, I can understand Mu Cheng’s feelings, she wants a family and she has Xiao Le as a priority and she has to put him first, so she has to think of his needs and wants but not her own. Though you can tell, that what she really wants is for Guang Xi to know what really happened. Guang Xi is in his own mess at the moment, and he’s confused as he doesn’t know most of the story from 6 years ago, and he is planning and making plans to what he thinks he knows. The way he looks at her even 6 years on, it’s obvious he still loves her, but he won’t let himself get hurt again, so he is rude, hostile and cold to her. Only in the precense of Xiao Le is he even remotely nice to Mu Cheng.

I don’t like how Grandma Zhang is so heartless, just because she thought she had been playing safe all this time, and keeping the past from Guang Xi, now he remembers she knows that she has done wrong and made trouble so takes it out on Mu Cheng and Xiao Le, the two who were the most unfortunate in the whole experience. All she wanted was the perfect life, well all I can say is karma definitely comes back. I think she should definitely regret every action she took, because she did most of it out of selfishness.

As the series continues, she finally warms to Xiao Le because I think she realizes that she needs a family around her and that she can have happiness even with the things she regrets and the mistakes she makes. I love how Xiao Le budges up to her on the park bench (Ref Ep 17). I think she has found a little piece of happiness after so long. Like when she cares for him and they go to the beach to do Xiao Le’s school assignment (Ref Ep 18) you can see her good and happy side.

It looks like Tuo Ye is in a way moving on, but into a very sticky situation, since he is trying to save Chi Xin. I actuyally see a potential love relationship for Chi Xin and Tuo Ye. I really feel for Chi Xin, she always seems to get the bad luck. She got traded for a hen and she guarded the man she loves without him even knowing, and she quietly hid her feelings. He actually gets injured (Ref Ep 17). I really feel sorry for Chi Xin and Tuo Ye 😦 Oh dear Guang Xi, entered the room at the wrong time, so now he feels jealous of Tuo Ye, I think he should have asked what was going on, but it wouldn’t be a drama without some…well drama!

Wow, I can’t believe the situation Tuo Ye gets himself into, he helps to save Chi Xin, but she obviously in such a distraught state that she wants to stop the shouting and screaming so she murders Fang Ge (Rep Ep 19). Which leaves the both of them in a very dangerous state because obviously unless they can get themselves and alibi, they have to go to prison for committing a crime. I’m so glad that Guang Xi is going to help defend Tuo Ye. I can’t believe he put himself forward willingly, but it shows that there is hope for Chi Xin and Tuo Ye!

I love how Mu Cheng and Guang Xi are trying so hard to show that they don’t care for eachother and that they no longer have feelings for one another, yet it is so blatent to everyone else around them except themselves that they still love and cherish eachother. Mu Cheng is more clear in her feelings because she won’t deny it and she still tries to help and care for Guang Xi but he tries to save face a lot of the time.

I like how Mu Cheng goes and visits the suicidal girl, because she is so caring to everyone she actually helps the suicidal girl move forward (Ref Ep 17). She’s doing this to try and help Guang Xi, and to try and make the girl see that Guang Xi had lost his way and that he is still the same person she once knew and he really was sorry for helping Li Wang Cai win when he was guilty.

Poor Mu Cheng always being misunderstood, she tries so hard for others and tries to do it all by herself, and no one can see that. Since Guang Xi seems bent on revenge he can’t see underneath. I hate it when people try to destroy Guang Xi and Mu Cheng’s little ounce of happiness they rarely get, and they’re always on the rocks as it is. I have never seen Mu Cheng jealous before, and you can tell Guang Xi is happy because it makes him feel wanted and reassures him of how she feels for him. I hate how much Guang Xi misunderstands Mu Cheng, he can’t even relate to or understand her, he is acting like a spoilt and jealous, immature man when he makes her choose again like that (Ref Ep 19). Only his mother can fully understand because she in a way was in that situation, and she’s finally realized that what she did 6 years ago was wrong. I also admire that she says sorry to Mu Cheng, and she is finally building bridges with her, things are finally being patched together (Ref Ep 20).

I actually had to cry for Chi Xin, she finally recovered her memory and even admitted it to the court, so Tuo Ye got let off and Chi Xin didn’t have the court come down hard on her due to her condition. I love the fact Tuo Ye cleared up the last of Guang Xi’s arguments and also his thoughts on him and Mu Cheng, he admits the truth from what happened 6 years ago (Ref Ep 20).  I also like how Guang Xi learns about his father and realizes his mother is not as bad as she thought.

I think that episode 20, is when the truth comes out and things take a drastic turn for the final episode. I think Guang Xi finally realizes his actions to Mu Cheng, without discovering the truth first was horrible but to secure her feelings for him once again he obviously wants to do something. He clearly doesn’t want to let her go, but the thing he realizes is that if she really does not feel anything for him anymore, he cannot force her. I love how much chemistry comes out in the actors throughout the film, they are so well mixed and they act really well as a whole. I am so impressed that they have managed to keep it up the whole way through, in each and every episode. So, everything is coming together for the final episode. I can’t believe Guang Xi (Ref Ep 20). Yet, no drama is ever left on a cliffhanger, neither are most romances such as this a sad ending!

I love the final episode, it is the perfect ending to the perfect drama. Xiao Le is like a little cupid (Ref Ep 21) and is absolutely adorable, he just wants to see his parents together and for him to be in a happy home, a happy family and with a happy ending. I couldn’t help but find it amusing how he played cupid with Guang Xi and Mu Cheng. Yet, I am glad that the drama has a happy ending and something that actually seems like real love, the acting is so enjoyable to watch. Guang Xi and Mu Cheng are finally happy with themselves and eachother, the truth is revealed and no upset, no remorse and no regret. Just like a Taiwanese drama should be!

Even at the start of this finale, I love to watch their acting, they work together so well. Vanness Wu, really has pulled it out of the bag and I must say that this has to be the best drama I have seen him in, and I will watch many more of Ady An’s drama’s that she stars in. I have to recommend this drama to anyone no matter their preferences. It has brilliant acting, atmosphere and the chemistry between each character is just superb! I loved every minute of this drama and would gladly watch it all over again!

Hey guys, I’m so sorry that I haven’t uploaded anything recently, but I just haven’t had the time! I have done a huge chunk of Perfect Girl Revolution, so much so that tomorrow I can upload the finale! The last segment of Autumn’s Concerto can be uploaded tomorrow as well! So keep checking this site!

So far, we have all noticed the hardships of the four boys, the little boy and Sunako. We’ve also established the strong bond and chemistry between Kyohei and Sunako. I love how gradually together each of them in the household has managed to overcome their fears, their sadnesses and hardships. They don’t realize how much  has changed them, but she also doesn’t know how much Kyohei has changed her either. I love the bracelet he gives her (Ref Ep 7).

Slowly, the relationship between Kyohei and Sunako , is becoming apparent, and feelings are beginning to brim to the surface, I’m just wondering whether they’ll actually admit it or the series won’t have any confessions at all, because for me that’d be a shame, as I love their chemistry and their bond with one another. You notice as the series continues, all of the others want Kyohei and Sunako , to be together, they hint it to them and they always chide them both about it.

The two are trying to help eachother with their fears, they try to make one another happy, and they seem to know eachother really really well, over such a short period of time. Please let them be together!

I feel so bad for Kyohei and his position with his parents, all he wants is to be with his family and not shunned. He hates himself, he’s admitted that, he doesn’t want his complex, and yet he tries and it flies back in his face. He finally reaches the edge :(:( and I feel sorry for Ranmaru (Ref Ep 8) as he is a player, by nature…clearly. To be somehow forced into a marriage to a monotone woman must be agony for him. I do find it amusing though how, being the way he is, is now his downfall. He tries to imitate the other to get rid of Tamao! Oh, this is obviously Ranmaru’s turn to have a hardship. I have to admit episode 8 is probably the best and yet the saddest episode, it’s the turning point of the series.

I most enjoy in this drama how not everything is focused on Kyohei and Sunako, but on the other characters as well. Even though mostly people focus on those two because they are just such a comedy to watch but when they have their heart felt moments it’s so cute.

I’m sorry for not uploading since my final exams are loooming. I have just started my Autumn’s Concerto finale review! I will also get Perfect Girl Evolution up shortly. Please bare with me! Thankyou!

This is, the beginning of Perfect Girl Revolution reviews. This drama is a very light hearted and humorous drama, by how over the top the actors/actresses are. Sunako, is the unladylike girl, who receives help from four of the most handsome boys, they help in order to get free rent. Sunako, is very gothic and has very different tastes to normal girls, she has 3  plastic dolls who she counts as her best friends, and loves chocolate. Kyohei and Sunako are the two main characters you should watch out for as love blossoms. Kamenashi Kazuya, is Kyohei, and his acting is on form as usual, and manages to make me laugh, I have seen all the dramas that he has been in, and he is progressing well as an actor. Oomasu Aya, is Sunako and I have never seen a drama with her in, I think she suits the part, because her actions are over the top which fits in well with the whole drama. As, each episode goes on, something out of the ordinary happens regarding the four boys and Sunako, which is absolutely hilarious. Takeru is the little boy host, and the son of the owner of the mansion.

So, I find that this drama has potential for a good and cheesy drama, and I haven’t watched one quite as cheesy as this in a long time. I noticed that Kyohei and Sunako always have the limelight in each episode, I can understand they are the main characters but so are the three other boys, but they are merely side stories. I am not complaining I absolutely adore watching Sunako and Kyohei develop in feelings and as people, to slowly come together, yet it’d be nice to see more of the other three boys. Takeru, is touched on a bit more than the three boys ( Yukinojo, Ranmaru and Takenaga). As he has that feeling of being left alone from his mother who is out finding her true love. I do like it when she reappears and tries to arrange a marriage for Sunako (Ref Ep 4). Yet Kyohei, not understanding his feelings and slowly coming to terms with it pulls Sunako out of the situation, as he has done in every other episode since.

I noticed that over the first few episodes, it is trying to show just how different Sunako is from other girls, she doesn’t obsess over the four like other girls do, and she doesn’t treat them like royalty, she actually cares more for her 3 plastic dolls, which is why Kyohei is so attracted, and yet he doesn’t realize it. He won’t admit it no matter how many times the people around him, tell him. I find this drama hilarious, and so heart warming. As normal, Sunako will melt the coldness of Kyohei’s heart, and change everyone else in the mansion on her quest to becoming a lady, and the 4 boys quests in reverting her. Sunako’s cooking is the first things that Kyohei notices about Sunako (Ref Ep1), and slowly gradually as if by instinct he notices all of the other good things about her, as does the people who come into contact with her. Ever since Kyohei picked out her good qualities, he watches over her and protects her by habit and a forceful need to do so.

Everyone in the house with her, absolutely love her because she is so kind hearted, even if her appearance is a bit creepy. She looks after them all, and tries to help even if she finds each one of them too ‘bright’. When she is the target for an accident Kyohei always seems to bring her back to her normal self by calling her ‘Ugly-Sunako’. Since her reason for being how she is, is behind confessing her feelings and suffering from rejection, quite…badly if I say so myself. Kyohei, due to being so good looking gets a ridiculous amount of girls all over him, that is why he hates his appearance, so both of the main characters have something in common. Kyohei, has a lot of pride, he will say he doesn’t care or he won’t do something because he wants to show he can handle himself and no one cares to him, but he always helps in the end no matter who they are that needs the help.

The three boys, are all different, yet with their mixed personalities, they help Kyohei understand and grow, as does Kyohei do the same. Their mixed personalities, make them great friends even if they argue or fallout, yet they don’t seem to realize quite how much they care for eachother. Each of them, have changed from the first episode due to Sunako and what she teaches them, like Sunako’s persistance and care on Valentine’s day made Yukinojo confident to pursue his love. She tries to help them all, but she does have a much deeper bond with Kyohei then the other. Sunako and Takeru have a bond also, as Takeru looks up to Sunako like a mother whilst his real mother is away, he wants security and attention, like every normal kid.

So, that is my first review on Perfect Girl Revolution. I look forward to watching the next episode, though I would like to see a bit more detailed preview, they are so bitty. Well, keep watching out, Autumn’s Concerto Final review will be out soon and also more updates on Perfect Girl Revolution!

As you all know, this is the end of Hi, My Sweetheart and of the Rainie and Show collaboration in their first drama. This drama even with the downs is all in all a very light drama compared to others. It is funny, sad, serious and happy. Rainie and Alan worked exceptionally well together as we all know off screen they are good friends. Their kissing, was probably the best kissing I have seen in a while, they weren’t still like planks. Both idols have improved from the last dramas I had seen, Rainie is more fluent with her acting as she gets stuck in she moves and feels the emotion rather than try too hard to show it, and Show is just getting more funny and delightful to watch as time goes on. Them together was a spectacular choice as the bond and chemistry was there, so those two I would definitely like to see more of in the future!

So, Episode 11 is the kick start of the turn of events, as Hsueh Hai digs himself an even bigger hole of lies to tell Bao Zhu, such as ‘Da Lung’ is married, which obviously devastates Bao Zhu. In a way I can understand how Hsueh Hai feels, he wants the illusion he created 3 years ago to disappear from her heart, so that he can pursue her with his real, original self. Though things like this are never as easy as it may seem. In fact it’s harder, as he knows he has changed quite a lot due to believing that she abandoned him, and when the truth comes out I guess he continues to hide it because he’s ashamed that he can’t match up to who he was, and he can only move forward and once again try to get back the attributes he once had. Bao Zhu, now with this knowledge wants to move forward, if she can. So, she goes back to where it all began to remember and to wipe a clean slate, she wallows in her old memories one last time and attempts to seal them, but she had treasured someone so much that of course the memories would make a return..but hey, this is of course a drama, nothing will ever stay like that.

Mo Li and Hsueh Hai, do not get my started. I do not understand why Da Jie, has an obsession to get them together. It’s completely obvious Hsueh Hai is occupied with his first love, but then again she is a senile and mad older…sister…very older sister. Mo Li, clearly likes him; sort of. She is so nice so I can’t hate her like I should hate the ‘villain’ so to speak. It was obvious that Senior and Mo Li, would figure out who Hsueh Hai WAS. They are outside the box, where as Bao Zhu is in the mix of things, but I don’t understand how she doesn’t figure out who he is when he turns up at the University next to her (Rep Ep 11) or just by his mannerisms.

Out of both the sisters, I prefer Er Jie, she’s so much more happy go lucky, and tries to help as best as she can rather than forcing actions on people, like how she tries to talk to Hsueh Hai through that speaker when Bao Zhu shows up requesting to see Da Lung again (Ref Ep 11). Back to Da Jie, the man that hangs around her is awfully fishy for my liking, you can tell something is going to happen involving him.

Of course, a lie never stays covered. All is revealed (Ref Ep 12). The worst part is, it tears the two apart, due to Hsueh Hai hiding it due to his hatred of being abandoned, and due to his change. It’s sad really, as soon as that happens, the shell around his real personality, the ‘Da Lung’ personality cracks at this moment, and her words tear right through him. I like that Senior actually let him go though, perhaps to explain, so for that I like him, but I wish she’d let him explain. Then I can understand her shock, due to a bombshell like that being dropped on her. It’s so sweet, he’s finally back the ‘Da Lung’ personality, and even still he remembers her habits and everything about her. I think due to her actions of being one tracked minded and so unreasonable, she doesn’t deserve Da Lung. For now (Ref Ep 12). I like Mo Li, as eventually she helps, even if Da Jie tried to push Hsueh Hai and Mo Li together, okay I take that back, what an awful trick saying their fate has ended. She knows how easy Hsueh Hai is to trick, okay now I do not like her. Hsueh Hai, clearly still loves her. So, the drama begins and the fire starts (Ref Ep 12). It reminds me of My Lucky Star, they finally admit everything under the pressure of death and all is clear. That is always the way, of dramas. The special effects are a bit over the top, but at the end of the day, it’s a good drama none the less.

I feel really sorry for Bao Zhu, she has forgiven him, re-opened her heart to Hsueh Hai and Da Lung, but…he remembers nothing of Hsueh Hai, or his family and only know his name is Da Lung. So now, rather than him chasing her, she has to chase him. As normal, a turn of events (Ref Ep 13).  He has disappeared, completely, and he has his mushroom hair back! Senior, once again is pushed back to the sidelines, yet his relaxed nature accepts it. The fishy man, I mentioned early…he definitely has something to do with the new events. To be fair, the Hsueh Hai was much more mature than Da Lung in a sense. Another love triange, with another girl involved?

I find it really nice, how finally she’s trying to bring him back, and taking on the old her as a punk. Though, that man is sly, trying to get money for his own debts. It’s hilarious when Bao Zhu, turns on the Pink Panther theme tune, and automatically the two dance (Ref Ep 13). Kidnapping, haha (Ref Ep 13). Everything, just seems to get worse and worse for them. I just want them to be together 😦 Even though he is back to Da Lung, and lost his memory…he still has in depth feelings for her, that he can’t explain, there is clearly fate and clearly a bond!  FINALLY, after such a traumatic and painful episode to watch, he remembers, but bloody well let’s her go 😦 I swear these dramas confuse me more by the episode. Now onwards to a finale!

It’s nice to see the light heartedness of the drama back again, and once again the old Da Lung who always seems to manage getting himself in trouble. Naive Da Lung 🙂 To be fair, only Show can pull off Ugly Mushroom Head and a good looking rich look to be honest. Haha, I love how they’ve taken up their original parts from in high school. It’s great to have a taster of them before the end! His random outbreaks of talking to himself (Ref Ep 14) LOVE DA LUNG!  Okay, I love how Bao Zhu got the random pause outbreaks for once! Haha! I love how they’re tricking eachother. He sings her Happy Birthday, I actually cried (Ref Ep 14). For once, neither are running away, forgetting or being forced from one another, and now they can finally begin again, and properly with no lies. I still think it funny, that Bao Zhu is an accident magnet, and yet Da Lung tries to prevent it and becomes part of the accident. Such a corny ending, to a light hearted, corny and cliche, yet great drama, they get married. Finally, together, after having come face to face and finally learning so much. I’m actually so happy.

So, I’m sad to say that is the ending to Hi, My Sweetheart. I love the two main idols together, I wish to see them together again in more dramas as they work really well together, and the chemistry is there, they can work well with eachother and get the acting just right with no sense of forced acting or too over the top. Even with a cliche and corny drama their emotions were realistic. The storyline may have been a tad bit random and dragged over episode 12 to 13, it still was a good drama all in all in the end, but most of all, the romance, and the kiss scenes were the best I’ve seen in a long while!

Keep a look out, for the final installment of Autumn’s Concerto and the first installment for Perfect Girl Revolution. All within good time, will be on here! Thankyou for viewing my reviews and using my page as a way to see what I have to say, and my opinions or maybe deciding to watch the dramas. Thankyou.

Just to let everyone know, I will start reviewing Perfect Girl Revolution when 5 episodes are uploaded. Starring Kamenashi Kazuya as Takano Kyohei and Oomasa Ayo as Nakahara Sunako. So please, keep checking this website for when I have my first review uploaded! I’d also like to thank everyone  who has reviewed my website and uses my website as a place to review dramas. Thankyou again.

Hey guys, as you all know it is the finale of Momo Love! I waited an extra week so I could do this last review in a big chunk! I want to thank everyone for reviewing this drama on my webpage! I will soon after finally finishing Autumn’s Concerto, in a couple of weeks put up Black & White. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about it, Sound of Colours and Love Contract will also be done! Please sit tight, I have to try to get up as many reviews before my revision for exam finals begin!

So, I’ve noticed that the next few episodes also involve, another side story plot, which is quite nice as things are slowly tying in together. I really like Shi Lang and Tao Hua together, as characters in this drama but Cyndi and Jiro, really seem quite good together in the sense they can act, and over the past few episodes their acting has actually become better and they are so much more relaxed around eachother, it’s nice to see.

The guy under the white cloth is creepy (Ref Ep 10). What is that guy trying to do? He takes Yu Yi, Hui Qi, Shi Lang and Tao Hua hostage, all for Lulu?! How…strange, that situation must be so awkward, sitting tied up with nowhere to go.

Yu Yi, really likes Hui Qi, which is really cute; and to admit his feelings that outright is really sweet but he is really so modest, he should be fighting a little harder! Her reply to him is too hasty, she should think before she speaks, she isn’t taking everything into consideration, she’s just wiping it away (Ref Ep 10). I think that Hui Qi, really has to let go, in reality she never had a chance because she is only a little sister to Shi Lang.

Zhi Xiang really makes me laugh (Ref Ep10) but he is being quite stalkerish, and when they leave him there it makes me feel quite happy, he is. His character, I really don’t like. He is too cheesy, and just too…over the top and it is so cringeworthy to watch. I know he likes Tao Hua and everything, but what he does (Ref Ep 12) is a bit too much.

I like how the brothers finally realize, they are really too strict on Tao Hua, considering she is an adult. They aren’t quite so protective though as they simply let her go rather to Shi Lang’s rather than trying to stop her, so in a way without realizing it, they’ve just let it become routine. Though you can tell they miss her presence, and even now they are still at a competition with eachother. During episode 10, I think what they ask of her is, a bit too much, yet they are trying to help her (Ref Ep 12) because they don’t want their mother to take her away, they want her to stay as much as she does.

I do feel really sorry for Tao Hua, she really doesn’t want to leave Shi Lang or her brothers, and she has been trying so hard to meet their requests, and even when luck really isn’t on her side she is still willing to try even if there is a small percentage of success. Shi Lang won’t admit it but he is feeling the pressure and stress but is trying to hide it so it won’t dishearten Tao Hua. She may seem naive and dense, but she clearly knows what is happening and she has matured a lot throughout this drama. In their own ways, as Tao Hua practices they are all trying to help her. Everyone wants to help, even Tao Hua’s dad; to cure her phobia of knives (Ref Ep 11) surely this is sincere enough. Aww, they conquer her fear together! To be fair, those little kids really are monsters (Ref Ep 11).

I like how honest and truthful Tao Hua is but Urgh, the parents are TOO strict, 6 points off? That’s ridiculous, and Zhi Qiang, irritates me completely. I really don’t like him. What right does he have turning up there anyway? Grrr (Ref Ep 11). Yay! He gets thrown out! I take back what I said about the parents being TOO strict :L WOW. Their mum is PREGNANT AGAIN? (Ref Ep 11).

Hui Qi, has her own burdens I guess. So it’s normal for her to feel an outcast in such a loving and happy family. Yu Yi, also feels it, he wants to join in, but he always feels like the spare part, so in loads of ways him and Hui Qi match. I find it funny how the brothers now have nothing to do, because before their lives revolved around Tao Hua and Shi Lang, so they move in on Yu Yi and Hui…that’ll definitely be funny. Yet, at least they’re helping with his happiness rather than hindering. I don’t understand how he can like her, but at least his family are behind him and slowly he is progressing to her heart 🙂 I think Hui Qi should give Yu Yi a chance, since he’s persistent and so sweet to her!

Calvin is still being a creepy stalker (Ref Ep 12) I really think he should give up, but at least Tao Hua is letting him down gently and kindly, and is being nice to him; but it’s quite funny when he asks her for the kiss and it’s obvious Shi Lang isn’t listening to the music. Shi Lang really is quite protective of Tao Hua, which is really cute.

Aw, Yu Yi goes to all that trouble to protect Hui Qi (Ref Ep 12), and when he tells her he doesn’t have to worry about her, you can tell by the look on her face that saddens her, but instead says he wants to protect her. That is really cute, he may not have great qualities like his brothers but he definitely has his own special ones. He jumps in the lake trying to find Hui Qi’s stone, thats so cute!

The old man that Yu Yi meets makes me laugh (Rep Ep 12). He is Hui Qi’s grandfather and the other two must be Hui Qi’s parents! So, she ran away. In a way, I think Hui Qi wanted to break free from her parents not for Shi Lang, he was just a bonus. Yu Yi, knows it’s Hui Qi and keeps hallucinating  about her haha! Oh dear, he goes back, and Hui Qi, actually must have some kind of feeling for him to react like she did but…get’s whacked in the head..poor Yu Yi 😦 Loses his memory too 😦 (Ref Ep 12). He doesn’t lose his sense of humor though, when he starts to differentiate the brothers, I take back losing his memory..he fakes it. Aww, he kisses Hui Qi…FINALLY. Oh dear, another twist for the final episodes, an unstable nurse playing musical chairs with new born babies.

It’d be so sad if they were related, I like them together too much, when he hugs her from behind on the balcony (Ref Ep 13) 😦 They watch the videos together, and watch their memories. I wonder what the brothers are plotting with Hui Qi for Yu Yi O_o. Shi Lang and Tao Hua, go off together, and everyone is really worried, but Hui Qi and Yu Yi build together on a better relationship. Aww, the brothers all need Yu Yi, it’s so cute how they for just a moment have such a brotherly love grouping (Ref Ep 13). Qi Ge, is really having a rough time, now his girlfriend is leaving him as well 😦

That nurse, is seriously off her nut, her hair is amazing though (Ref Ep 13) but I’m really glad to find out they aren’t brother and sister, since it would have been sort of weird, yet it is a common lead to take in the TWDramas’. So jump forward to the future, and they all live on the same street?! I love the family photo. Yet, it’s nice to see that all of them are with people or happy, with children but…I feel sorry for Zhuan Ge, yet maybe he can find his love…soon 🙂

Overall, I really enjoyed this light hearted drama, Jiro and Cyndi’s acting has improved a lot. I look forward to seeing more dramas with them in. It has love of a family, love between two people, it also had lots of different stories to tell, there weren’t too many but there wasn’t too few either. It was really nice to watch. The chemistry and connection between the characters was nice, but I think the drama could have perhaps been a bit less over the top, as it got a bit tedious but I think it was still entertaining and nice to watch.

I hope you guys, enjoyed the drama as much as I did and also enjoyed my reviews. I will re-start Black & White soon, along with any others I seem to have put on hold. Thankyou so much for bearing with me, I hope you continue to read my reviews as I watch new and old dramas that I choose!